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    Tiree woman takes prestigious Argyll & The Islands award

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland Susan Lamont from Tiree is this year’s recipient of the Stalwart award, presented annually by NFU Scotland’s Argyll & the Islands region. The Stalwart award, created in 2016 and awarded for the first time in 2017, recognises those who have given time...
  2. Chasingmytail

    Organic just not paying

    Im struggling to find any organic groups on FB/net. Wondering if there is anything where you can have a chat/moan? With the hike in organic feeds for the inlamb ewes, lick bucket costs etc. Not getting the return on the stock. Lambs go as conventional (only a small flock left) and 35 suckler...
  3. JP1

    Member Gator - coming home to lambing

    Sadly tonight I’ve learnt of the passing of fellow TFFer @Gator after a short illness Whilst I’m no longer a moderator I came to really appreciate Ian’s contributions not least his ever popular thread as a go-to for sheep men “Coming home for lambing “ Always open and fair and a great...
  4. Massey mad

    Kramer kt407 or Bobcat 38.70.

    Got it narrowed down to the 2 above both good machines, about the same price wise. What's peoples thoughts on both of these machines?
  5. Chasingmytail

    value of weaned organic angus calves

    To make a profit on the calves sold at 9 months old. What value do you put on an average steers and heifers? beef cross angus sire named. grass fed. Sold privately not through mart. Avail end of Feb. Havent weighed them yet. Seen a few on Breedr but some are extremely low in price. Got...
  6. 7

    Kelvin's Big Farming Adventure.

    Surprised the TFF armchair critics haven't ripped this to bits. My thoughts............ Looks like a nice place, good house / buildings / land. Not sure if Mr & Mrs Kelvin will make the grade as " proper " farmers, but so what. Neither have I....... They can always rent out the ground, and...
  7. G

    Small pickup

    Does anyone still make a small pickup these days? Like a vw caddy?
  8. W

    What are my cows worth ?

    How long is a piece of string? I have been milking for 45 years + and never bought or sold a milking cow, they’ve all gone as barrens, but I’ve reached an age when it’s time to give up. Easy option is an on farm dispersal sale so I know I am getting the true market value. Arriving at a value...
  9. C

    Selling cows at market

    Hi, i am new to this and I am just after abit of help. I have a small holding and have entered a few Angus steers I have in bakewell market on Monday. I have never taken any before though and I’m wondering how you go on. How do you go about unloading and penning up? What happens to the...
  10. rick_vandal

    Red or White?

    Changes are coming this April for the uses of red diesel in the guise of pollution reduction and it might affect what we put in our tanks. Cherry enjoys a lesser Duty rate of 11.14ppl than DERV at 57.95 pence per litre. My tractor lacks EGR, DPF, Adblue or common rail yet smokes less than a...
  11. V

    What’s in lamb sheep going to be worth

    As title says what do we think there going to be worth ? I’ve a few too many triplet ewes I might part with some again .
  12. A

    Thinking of beef farming

    Hi all, I’m wondering if I could get some advice please, I currently have a herd of 30 cows. I have my own pedigree bull and once calved, I keep calves until they’re ready to come of the cows. I then sell calves in the local mart. That’s the way I’ve been doing it for years but as I also work in...
  13. U

    sheep tags for market

    when doing movement papers for breeding sheep do you just write the uk number and x how many there is or do you have to write the full number out as there’s not many boxes on the sheet just wondering how you go about it
  14. S

    Auction v Deadweight

    Which system does everyone believe is the most trustworthy system?
  15. Rowland

    Ed Sheeran wants to rewild the Country

    Apparently Ed wants to rewild the UK to offset his carbon footprint over the last few years. I just wonder were all of his fans will get there food from...
  16. TFF

    Understanding Phytomicrobiome: A Potential Reservoir for Better Crop Management 2021-12-30

    by Pankaj Bhatt ,†,Amit Verma ,*,†,Shulbhi Verma ,Md. Shahbaz Anwar ,Parteek Prasher ,Harish Mudila and Shaohua Chen* * Authors to whom correspondence should be addressed. † Both authors contributed equally to this manuscript. Abstract Recent crop production studies have aimed at an increase...
  17. Y

    Acklington Mart

    What has happened at Aklington mart? see they are looking for a new manager/ auctioneer!
  18. J

    Trading standards inspections

    So since they're starting up again, and I've obviously never had one I'm assuming I'm likely to be near the top of the list. Do they give any notice as to when they're coming? What do I need to look out for? I didn't sleep much last night so woke up early and pressure washed the dairy, I...
  19. beardface

    Gamic trailer

    Anyone any pics or videos of there gic lifting deck in action? How many sheep can you get in a 14ft one?
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    Dungannon dairy sale: Atrium daughter makes top price

    Written by Brian McDonnell from Agriland Taaffe auctions held its final sale of the year recently, at Dungannon Mart, Co. Tyrone, and had 105 lots on offer. 2021 has been an exceptionally good year for the buying and selling of dairy stock, with a number of sales throughout the year...