1. Green oak

    How far out is your moisture metre out this year.

    Mine went away to martin lishman for calibration. Come back .01% out on barley. Loaded a lorry at 5pm. The barley had been in the shed around a hour. Next day I get claims for 15.2% when everyone is cutting wheat at 14%. So I take my sample to the local store just to check. And they make 13%...
  2. F

    Moisture meter service

    Got a protimeter 900 that needs a check over. Gives me different readings every time for the same sample and I don't think I can trust it any longer. I sent it back to protimeter years ago for a service but I can't find their contact details anywhere now . They must still be going aren't they...
  3. BuskhillFarm

    New Grain store. Pedestals or Underfloor system.

    I am building a new grain store. It will be 80x40 and split with a walls so basically 20x80. I will be loading in and out with tractor and loader or tipping with trailers. I really like the lishman and Evan’s and Pearce underfloor systems but will I be able load in and out with the pedestals...
  4. bobk

    The end for Nichola ...

    Couldn't happen to a nicer person
  5. OGB

    70th Nationals going ahead

    I know a lot of people have mixed views about the SOP, but committing to put on a show when some events post this date are still being cancelled.... Do you think it will excel on previous years?
  6. N

    Dog stealing

    How do we reduce the risk from these utter low lifes , can live with the daily risk of workshop being cleared out , quad bike disappearing, Land Rover not there in the morning, the diesel tank emptied on a windy night , but if my dogs disappear !!!! Time is ticking to when there's going to...
  7. A

    Thank goodness It's about time.
  8. Danllan

    WTF has happened in Scotland?

    Hope we are all familiar with the SNP's ongoing campaign against freedom of speech, best exemplified by the conviction of a man who trained a pug to do a Nazi salute - this was an obvious joke and during the trial the utter f^ckwit of a Judge said that context did not matter if it was...
  9. farmerman

    Simba free-flow direct drill

    Evening so I purchased a 4m freeflow of a fellow forum member (Blair) @B R C I wanted to dip my toe into direct drilling with out spending a fortune and I’m fairly handy with spanners so thought I could perhaps achieve something in the workshop. afters lots of research I decided to build my...
  10. J

    Are Blue heelers any use with sheep?

    Been looking at blue heelers. I know they’re hard to come by in this country but I was just wondering if they are any use with sheep as well as cattle? Not had anything to do with them before
  11. S

    Claydon/Bourgault for destroying cover crop?

    TIA for any help. As an organic farmer I’m playing catch-up with cover crops but think they would be a huge advantage if I can bring them into my system. But no glyphosate...... So I‘m looking into terminating cover crops mechanically, trying to avoid ploughing. See some people are rolling in...
  12. cotswoldcs

    What size grain store can I build for £100k ?

    Assuming all work done by contractors how far will £100,000 go? Only looking at a flat store for dried grain. I understand the cost of concrete is going to be a big part of the bill. Will be phoning this week getting some quotes but this is all new to me havng never put up a building myself...
  13. Danllan

    Just a reminder to EUrophiles...

    You have and will continue to have an absolute right to travel to and to live indefinitely in an EU country, without any need for a visa of any sort. You will still have the right to vote there in elections, the right to receive all benefits and services on the same basis as the nationals do...
  14. Banana Bar

    Dutch or VOS

    We were given a couple of VOS coulters to try this year beside our Dutch coulters. Unfortunately the weather demanded that most of the drilling was done with our Claydon and the Borgault didn’t get tested. The Dutch points on our Sprinter are just about ready to be changed. Is there a benefit...
  15. Wooly

    Brexit Deal

    Appears that the Brexit deal is close .................Only taken four and a half years. Appears that we won't be having tariffs on food, which is excellent news. Watch the lamb price rise now ! Fishing, as expected, will still be permitted for foreign trawlers. Sorry for the English...
  16. R

    Why is it only the english who are racist

    Last night I watched a programme with romesh ranganathan about the scottish isles, it was very interesting, but the guy who took him round who was a crofter mentioned several times that he didnt want too many visitors or new immigrants as it would destroy their way of life. At the end of the...
  17. Rowland


    Swedish policy on controlling the virus has been no more effective than other European countries that have tried a lock down approach.
  18. Farm Xport

    What kind of farm equipment is hard to get in the UK?

    Hi all, Cody from Farm Xport here ( We are an international distributor for Soil-Max plows but would like to expand our catalog. Is there any farm equipment or machinery, worldwide, that is difficult to purchase in the UK due to lack of import or distributors? I imagine most...
  19. S

    Are hunt and followers exempt from all laws?

    Earlier I saw upwards of 30 horses and riders riding through local village followed by at least 15 quad bikes with 2 on each not one wearing crash helmet some had number plates some had boxes carrying terriers also hounds running across fields so it's a case of the upper class can do what they like
  20. Clive

    Agricology ELMS test focus groups - earn £100

    Agricology are running some focus groups in November for an ELMS test about the effectiveness of videos and podcasts as learning tools for farmers. They have asked if any TFF members would like to participate. Places are limited. Each participant (needs to be a farmer, based in England) who...