1. B

    Best activity meters

    which activity meters do people think are best?
  2. J

    Anyone use manure as bedding?

    I recently saw an article on Facebook that was encouraging manure recycled as bedding. This is very interesting and was wondering whether anyone actually does this? I’m guessing getting rid of the moisture would be critical to reduce the amount of bacteria growing, ideally with none at all...
  3. jimmer

    Is teat sealant worth it ?

    After drying off 50 cows on Tuesday all with sealant and/or antibiotics that would have been averaging no more than 10L i am yet again frustrated with the amount of milk leakage Makes me wonder if sealant is actually necessary
  4. Bald Rick

    Vented Liners

    Anyone using them? Thoughts?
  5. steveR

    Bottle feeding a calf ... a tip?

    So Mum calved down with mastitis, but we didn't pick it up immediately, happily she has now responded well to Synulox and Metacam and on the road to recovery... However, I needed to supplement the meage offering from Mum for the nice Hex calf. Hardly worth buying a big bag of dried milk at this...
  6. V

    What’s in lamb sheep going to be worth

    As title says what do we think there going to be worth ? I’ve a few too many triplet ewes I might part with some again .
  7. C

    How many collars/peds for heat detection?

    Considering getting a heat detection system e.g. collars or peds. Don't need them for maiden heifers as easily detected using estrotech patches. In the herd there's always a few barren cows that I don't want to breed, so wouldn't need heat detecting... For a 200 cow unit how many devices do I...
  8. J

    Cut teat on a cow

    Sorry for the slightly graphic photos, let me preface this by saying I'm looking for advice not criticism please, I can usually take criticism on the chin but I'm really upset about this. I've been trying not to post this on here but she reduced me to tears tonight whilst milking (probably not...
  9. SolwayFarmer

    Milk Recording vs Genomic Testing

    I’m thinking of stopping milk recording and pedigree registrations. It’s a bit of a hassle CIS website is terrible to use and their app is rubbish so hard to actually extrapolate information out of it. Parlour system tells me the yields would just miss the butterfat, protein and scc though these...
  10. M

    Getting ewes smaller

    Hoping to cross my Romneys with something else to produce a smaller ewe that can be in wintered and hopefully allow me to carry more ewes to the acre.Currently run three to the acre.These are pretty large girls some over 90 kilos.would like to brink that down to around 65Any thoughts on the...
  11. Agriland RSS

    Dairy farmers enjoy a family Christmas

    Written by Agriland Team from Agriland Before Bernard Heavey and his family invested in Lely Astronaut milking robots, Christmas morning was a busy time, with an early start to milk the cows through the parlour, wash down and then scrape the barn as well. “We’d be under pressure to get out...
  12. SR7

    Easycare sheep experiment

    Currently have 400 indoor lambing mules and texel/mules. I bought 15 sucked hoggets and 25 ewe lambs to try over the next year. Ewe lambs purchased for £105 weighing roughly 45kg in September and sucked hoggets for £150 at around 60-65kg. Tupped half with Charollais and other half to beltex...
  13. L

    new cubicle shed with no roof ventilation

    Building a new cubicle shed which would have covered ridge in shed over cubicles.This will make beds wet other option is spaced sheeting but will make shed dark.Was thinking of normal roof with skylights and yorkshire boarding all round shed is a roof with apex over cubicles.
  14. S

    Teat scrubbing brush

    Is anyone using them? Are they any good? Any thoughts on them? Thanks
  15. Agriland RSS

    Parlour training your in-calf heifers, have you started yet?

    Written by Brian McDonnell from Agriland The milking production season has ended on many spring-calving dairy farms for 2021, and now is a good opportunity for those farms to begin parlour training. As farmers and cows take a well deserved break ahead of 2022, the introduction of the in-calf...
  16. Joeblue

    Cns mastitis

    Getting terrible mastitis which is not curing up have used synulox and terrixine tubes .betamox ,engermcin and tyylosin injections, tylosin cured a few of them, sensitivity test said CNS was problem I am pre and post dipping, really at my wits end tuned 6 cows this morn, any hel greatly appreciated.
  17. J

    Fertility figures comparison

    As athe title says really, how am I doing fertility wise? Days to conception isn't as good as I would like bit think that moving the autumn's to spring will have impacted that, but the rest seems OK? Production figures leave a lot of room for improvement :(
  18. C

    Cutting costs & making more money (short term)

    Now we're into Winter housing, I'm after sharing ideas to cut costs of production short-medium term. Here's a couple of mine to kick off: - Trial hot wash AM only, monitor bactoscans - Reduce cake to over-conditioned cows once confirmed PD+ - Give cows more time in feed yard to up milk from...
  19. Farm Business RSS

    Breaking News peaks among young Holstein sires

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business A new wave of genomic young sires dominates the top of the Profitable Lifetime Index (£PLI) ranking, led by the fittingly named Peak Breaking News. Published today (7 December, 2021) by AHDB Dairy, the top 10 features an unprecedented eight young bulls...
  20. Farm Business RSS

    Anpario awarded UK patent for Orego-Stim, the composition of which reduces antimicrobial resistance in calves

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Anpario, the independent manufacturer of natural, sustainable feed additives for health, nutrition and biosecurity, has successfully been granted a UK patent for their leading phytogenic product Orego-Stim. The composition of which is effective in...