1. L

    Sheep lameness

    So what’s everyone using to keep codd and foot rot at bay in your ewes. I’m regularly foot bathing with provita.
  2. Agriland RSS

    Taking the pressure off by weaning lambs

    Written by Michael Geary As we move further into the season, the task of weaning lambs will most likely be on the to-do list for many sheep farms over the coming weeks. Once lambs get to between 12 and 14 weeks old, farmers should consider weaning them off the ewes. By not doing this, it...
  3. Hilly

    Line one Herefords Interesting artical for anyone wanting to understand and know about line one Hereford cattle .
  4. Electricfencer

    If I employed a shepherd

    If I employed a shepherd and it was his weekend off we would have had a hell of a falling out today, 3 struck ewes, 2 with mastitis, 2 dead ewes, 2 dead lambs and bunch of ewe hoggs out because the electric wasn't working, all before I went off shearing this morning!:oops: No problems all week...
  5. A

    "2nd Calver" not letting calf suckle

    Had a calf born yesterday to a 3 year old 2nd calver and she just won't let it suck. She didn't nurse a calf last year as it was born with a large umbilical hernia which we were unsuccessful at repairing. She seems to love this calf and it could suck her brisket all day but she won't let it...
  6. W

    Fresh calved cow with blood in milk, is there a correct protocol?

    What do you do with fresh calved cows with blood in the milk? A very basic question, but I don’t really have a fixed protocol. Normally just milk lightly, not right out, for a few days , it normally clears by day 4 or 5. It’s a real pain, on the rare occasions the quarter is full of blood...
  7. DickDastardly89

    Cubicles and Beds

    **feelers** Which cubicle and bed would you suggest for a predominantly housed Jersey herd. First company fo get back to me were Wilson Agri quoting post mounted C45 cubicle and pasture mat with 20mm premium pad foam. Waiting to hear from teemore and Wynnstay.
  8. AHDB News

    AHDB: Ruminant health and welfare survey results

    May 21 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am Interested in sheep and cattle health and welfare across the four nations of the UK? This webinar is for you. Ruminant Health & Welfare (RH&W) is the new independent, industry-based body helping those who work with livestock to tackle ruminant disease, and build...
  9. NADIS News Feed

    Webinar - Reducing Mastitis: Teat Care in the Parlour

    Overview • ‘Inflammation of the udder’ White blood cells increase in the udder (known as Somatic Cell Count or SCC); these cause visible clots • Importance: • Welfare: pain, behaviour, public image • Milk quality: bacteria, somatic cells, constituents • Cost: treatment, reduced yield...
  10. NADIS News Feed

    NADIS - Grass Staggers (Hypomagnesaemia)

    Milk Fever (Hypocalcaemia, Parturient Paresis) The average annual incidence of milk fever in UK dairy herds is estimated to be approximately 7-8 per cent but individual farms may have a much higher prevalence when calving at pasture. Milk fever is more common in older dairy cows but can also...
  11. J

    Another easycare thread

    Went back into sheep last year and bought 30 mule ewes and 25 easycares breeding them to a meatlinc ram was pleased with the lambs with my preference leaning towards the easycares. The only problem I seen with them was the easycares seemed to take a lot of bad bags as we had to cull 6 out of the...
  12. J

    Mule Easycare Cross

    Anyone every cross an Easycare ram with mule ewes? If yes, what is your experience with how the lambs turned out? Thanks
  13. R

    Lambing losses

    Has anyone else been experiencing higher than normal, unexplained lambing losses this year?
  14. msheep66

    Treating Mastitis in sheep

    We have had a couple of ewes with Mastitis in one quarter over the last couple of days. Called the vet and she gave me an injection for ewes called Draxxin. Has anyone used this and had any success with this drug? One of the ewes is a hogg can't remember ever having a hogg with mastitis.
  15. F

    Milk recording

    The recording staff are professional, cheerful and helpful, the information gleaned from the recording is in the main useful but.......... I can’t help a sense of foreboding as recording day approaches! Maybe it’s the thought of not being able to be on my own in an antisocial grump during...
  16. C

    Calf not taking enough milk off the cow

    Hello, we've a 2 day old calf and it doesn't seem to have taken anything off the mum's back teats although is getting some from the front. As you can see udder pretty red and taut, esp at back. Am worried about mastitis and the is cow a bit uncomfortable, although eating fine and moving about...
  17. Razor8

    Nasty sheep injury

    Found this ewe caught with foot down an outside slat this evening & she jarred it trying to get out. Can’t get vet on phone. Apart from antibiotics & metacam should I dress it or leave it exposed?
  18. Oneman37

    Rouge or Charollais

    Had my mind set on purchasing a Charollais ram to run with ewe lambs. But from working with some over the winter, put me off somewhat. They are mad and less settled than my other ewes. would a rouge be calmer ?
  19. R

    Milking shift pay?

    Just wondering what the going rate for a self employed milker is? I’ve been doing shifts starting at 4am and about 4.5 - 5 hour shifts. Based in South Wales
  20. F

    Ovivac or heptivac for young lambs?

    My ewes have never been vaccinated but I want to get my baby lambs started on the system ...I understand I can vaccinate them as early as 3/4 weeks one or the other vaccines preferable?