1. L


    we have over the last number of yrs we have only just managed to keep with my buyers payment bands of 250. We found it easy to clear up clots but not the cell count. this yr due having culled( because they were empty) the worst 2. Much better cubicle management during the dry period and a...
  2. CopperBeech


    Does anyone know anything about or have any thoughts / opinions about the innovis shedding composite ?
  3. F

    Ewe Mortality

    Hi there, its been an interesting year so far lambing and wondering what others lambing and survival rates are if you don't mind me asking. Its the first time we lost a ewe at lambing so want to understand if this is common enough or if I'm just unlucky? And what rams do people use, have you...
  4. Chasingmytail

    spreading lime - pluming over houses

    Today weve had contractors here spreading lime. The one field is over by the town. The lime is pluming and it is a tad windy so moving towards the homes. One place is kicking off stating its gone all over their property and its dangerous and corrosive. Phoning environmental health to...
  5. hoyboy

    Sheep udder problem - help!

    In the last 2 years we have been getting problems with ewe's udders being hard with little or in the worst cases no milk. There is no correlation to condition or age of the affected ewes. I've even seen it in gimmers. The hardness in the udder is like a growth under the skin but not attached...
  6. Agriland RSS

    Farmers urged to treat livestock for flies to prevent rapid population explosion

    Written by William Kellett Farmers could face uncontrollable fly populations and costly health issues in their livestock when the weather warms up, if they don’t get ahead and protect their stock now, experts are warning. Recent cold weather has delayed flies from becoming a problem yet this...
  7. C

    Parlour cow flow (how to speed up milking routine)

    Cows are damn slow at walking out of the parlour...! Any tips on improving this? Currently do about 70 cows/hour, with pre-dipping and wiping. 14 point swing over, in-parlour feeders flat rate 2kg/milking, Holstein cows AYR, run as a single group (out of parlour feeders manage feed to yield)...
  8. Oneman37

    Rouge sheep/Ram

    Would love to hear peoples expieriences, of the Rouge Sheep as thinking of buying in a ram soon. Hear they milk better than the Charollais and aren’t as wild or are more docile. Is this true ? Are they as prolific as a Charollais ?
  9. P

    Getting older lambs on to "heatwave"

    I've got a couple of pairs of twins picked up thin in fields. They've had a week or two with their mother and she's got mastitis / not coping. I find that such lambs, coming late to the milk machine, don't do well at all. Anyone got any wisdom on how to get them "hooked"?
  10. D

    Best breed of ewe for lowland/indoor lambing

    So accepting proper sheep farmers lamb outside. What about us part time/arable/dairy types who don't have quad bikes, catching dogs, time to shoot foxes etc. What should we keep? I need a ewe that is docile (so I can catch it when lambing & to reduce fencing costs), reasonably prolific, sells...
  11. S

    Beltex ram??

    I'm in the market for a new ram and have been offered what looks like a lovely beltex ram. I've never had a beltex so wanted to know if they come with any problems. Hes a 3 year old apparently with no health conditions and the owner says he hits 100% giving 185%. Hel be going in with my small...
  12. A

    Indoor lambing set up costs

    I know it’s a pretty expansive question but how many lambs do you think you save lambing a cheviot flock inside v outside. Trying to work out how long it would take to pay off the extra costs for lambing inside (eg gates, hurdles, feeders etc)
  13. J

    Future proofing

    Been thinking about the new elms scheme, restrictions on slurry and increasing number of dry periods and have come up with somewhat of a decent idea in my head and just want to see what other people think! Because I'm spring calving my thinking is that by the time they're housed in the winter...
  14. F

    Ewes, no lambs!

    Just been through the lambing shed to see how many are left to lamb and I’m horrified how many there are with no lambs, either lost them early on on the root field, rotten/bad lambing so left with out a lamb or had no milk. We lamb 550 indoors, Welsh mules to texel Tups and got 25 running...
  15. Farm Business RSS

    New young sire choices for Holstein breeders

    Written by John Swire Brand new Holstein sire choices, UK-bred bulls and the continuity of a long-term leader are all features of the young genomic sire ranking, published this week (6 April) by AHDB Dairy. Ranked on Profitable Lifetime Index (£PLI), it is Genosource Captain who leads the way...
  16. DairyGrazing

    More days/mornings off or shorter easier day

    The question is would you rather have a shorter easier working day and go home earlier or would you have more days/mornings off? Ramble below. We put 320 to 350 cows through a very nice and well equipped parlour but it's in an old building so exit is slow and handling is non existent. It's...
  17. paul&mandy

    What breed for outdoor lambing

    I'm absolutely sick of these Suffolk X mules. We stick a texel over them. All lambs go fat off farm. If I was to choose a breed to not have to continually bash my head against a wall and put so many dead lambs in the bin and knacker myself trying. If they don't lick, pee off or lay on them...
  18. U

    What should I vaccinate sheep for.

    Hi I come from a farming family who don't vaccinate for anything hoping to get animals to build up own immunity apart from bluetongue the 1st year which was a waste of money and I've married into a family that does vaccinate for a lot off things and now I got my own sheep about 15 charlais ewes...
  19. B

    Which Ewes to Cull

    This year I’ve been a lot more brutal with which ewes get the dreaded red cross on their back. Last year I was a bit too soft and it has bit me in the behind, ewe with half a bag, a c-sec, same ewe as last year rejected her lamb. Any ewes that I’ve had bother with this lambing are gone, no...
  20. Farm Business RSS

    Changes will help breed healthier dairy cows

    Written by John Swire AHDB Dairy will introduce three changes to genetic evaluations when dairy bull proofs are published next week (6 April). The major revision is the launch of HealthyCow (HC), which rolls all individual health traits into one figure. Alongside this, a Gestation Length Index...