1. D

    Case maxxum 110 problem

    Hopefully someone can help me, I have a case maxxum 110 and earlier today after going over some very bumpy ground the tractor completely stopped moving and I have lost the display on the dash, it will start fine but just won't move and I can't get the display back. Any ideas?
  2. Jim75

    Repairing fibreglass rear wing

    Can anyone tell me is there a proper way to prepare fibreglass to sort a cracked rear wing. Couple stress fractures have been sorted and held fine but there’s a large crack (3-4”) which hasn’t held and the repair basically fell off.
  3. Juggler

    MF 3080 - Restore or change?

    My 1989 3080 is starting to look a bit tired, I'm only the third owner from new, it's original owner had it for 3 years, its been with me for last 6 years, and everything in between with someone who really looked after it, it was a credit to them when it came here, all still in good original...
  4. Cmoran

    John Deere direct drive gearbox?

    I’m looking at a 2013 R series in my local garage but it a direct drive gearbox what are they like?ive only ever had power quad and they are bullet proof
  5. G

    Someone wants my old Maxxum 5120!

    Hi peeps I need some advice, got a local chap wanting my Maxxum 5120, as I retired earlier this year I probably wont need it any more, so I may aswell let it go but not sure what to ask for it, I've owned it for about ten years It's got 14,000 hours on the clock and still runs like a sewing...
  6. Foregoneconclusion

    Changing my Puma. For 140 hp with Loader recommendations!

    As title says. Its time to change out to fresher machine and would like to get a tractor with a loader. My puma is my front line tractor doing anything from trailer work through to primary and seconday cultivation and grass seeding. So don't want a big lump of a machine but would like to try...
  7. Jsmith2211

    Direct Drilling Vs Alternatives

    We currently plough in the stubble, and then drill with a sulky master 3 with suffolk coulters on the back of a 3M kuhn powerharrow. Works well so long as there isn't any rubbish on the surface to clog in the harrows at the back or between the coulters. We are considering direct drilling or...
  8. Jsmith2211

    580G starter slow and drawing a lot of current

    Brand new starter motor, new battery, connected battery to starter directly with jump wires are does the same thing. Turns over slowly and starter gets quite hot, plus the leads get warm like its drawing a lot of current. Anybody have any ideas? it was working OK before, parked it up in the...
  9. Fragonard

    JD 6130r vs Case Maxxum 135/NH 165

    Any opinions on comparing these tractors? JD6130r vs Case Maxxum135/NH T6.165? Mixed workload. Loader. 3m combination be its hardest workload. Any opinion much appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Y

    Case mx tipping trailer problem

    When tipping a dumptrailer when the ram goes too full stroke it will stick not come down,any where else on stroke it will come back down,goes down very slow by gravity, spool does not pull it down,probably normal that but slow,had it on a new trailer other day and stuck on it too,is there...
  11. F

    Narrow 4.4mm flat on steering joint fitment to steering ram Case to undo?

    Dear All, Cannot believe how an open-ended thin 32mm is capable of holding the ram end whilst the 50mm flats open-ended heaves on the ball joint to remove... Only 4.4mm wide flat open ended 32mm? Others must have had this at some point? Any experiences welcome.Thanks.
  12. H

    High horse power four cylinders can’t sustainably do the same job as a larger six pot of similar HP. Tell me I’m wrong

    If used as a replacement to a larger six cylinder tractor of around 160 HP with the same kit. Increased engine wear, brakes and transmission. Turbos blown? High service costs ? Overall will they take the wear and tear as well as a larger six ? I know a lot are buying these four pots to replace...
  13. A

    New tractor decision

    Good morning everyone, Does anybody own/drive a Case Maxxum 150 CVX? Any reviews would be much appreciate! TIA
  14. Z

    New tractors will anybody listen

    Ok thinking of buying a new tractor I need 50k and front suspension, then a radio air con gear stick and manual spools that are easy in reach next to the gear stick, had 3 tractors on demo need to be a computer wiz kid to operate spools and turn radio up and down more electrics and gizmos than...
  15. Thefarmingpilot

    How much HP do you really need?

    So, today my neighbour took deliver of a new Fendt 1050, and keen to show it off he brought it over for me to have a look. That got me thinking, what benefits does having 500bhp have? My 8330 is tuned up to 350bhp, pulls my 8m Mounted Tine drill comfortably along with my Vaderstad Tempo R. No...
  16. cattow

    Front linkage

    Front linkage for 2017 Case Maxxum 135 Will be the same as Newholland cousin
  17. A

    New Tractor

    Looking to buy a new 150 hp ish (plus boost) tractor. Massey, Deutz, Case or New Holland? Thoughts and experiences please? TIA
  18. G

    New tractor versus used

    What is everyone’s thoughts on buying a new tractor against a used one. Pros and cons with both????
  19. Fragonard

    4cyl vs 6cyl

    What's the thoughts on Case/NH 145 4cyl vs 150hp 6 cylinder. Case 145 vs Case 150 NH T6.175 vs NH T6.180 Mixed work load. Thanks.
  20. F

    MF 7616 Losing all power

    Experiencing an intermittent problem with one of our tractors. Have changed all derv filters yesterday and the problem has occurred today again, probably 6 hrs after filter change. Tractor has had ad blue trouble in the past but dealer has been today and said the module is working correctly...