1. Eden.Agri.AD


    I was always brought up being taught that only real farmers give luck. If I'm buying cattle/machinery.. I expect luck in return, my father has never sold an animal at the mart without crossing the buyers hand with silver. But it really is a thing that is dying out, I wonder will there be a time...
  2. B

    New Tractor and Loader

    Looking at buying a new tractor and loader, 120hp+ 4 cylinder 40k or 50k . The options are, thinking about dealers and service: New Holland or Case Valtra or a secondhand 312 Fendt. What are peoples opinions, will not do massive hours but will be kept a long time and must be comfortable and...
  3. B

    Tractor servicing costs

    Would be interested to know what is being paid for main dealer services on NH and different makes. Still picking myself up of the floor after getting a £2400 bill for 1200hr on NH T6 1.55
  4. GAM

    Case JX90

    Does anyone know what engine was fitted in the JX90 built in Hungary? Was it Iveco or Cummins?
  5. R

    What do you do when you're absolutely exhausted?

    Working every day from 6am until 8pm is taking a toll on me now, I feel exhausted all the time.
  6. L

    Cvx or active drive8

    Looking at case maxxum 150. Most time would be used for mowing with 2x10ft plain mowers, baling, carting 22ft baler trailer and 10t tipper. Dont need no fancy led’s, screens or electro spools. What are the pros and cons of both transmissions? Currently dont use any cvt transmission.
  7. Tim G

    Case Maxxum 135

    What are these tractors like? Local dealer gave me a price yesterday to swap a tractor to a three year old maxxum. Tractor is discribed as excellent, done 1700 hrs of mainly spraying. It's a cvx which I've used before but in bigger tractors, is it a reliable gearbox long term? What sort of value...
  8. mahammad

    Reversible Ploughs

    I have 160 Horse Power New Holland Tractor and want to buy reversible plough, am I buy 4 furrow or 5 furrow ploughs? which one is applicable for my tractor and work without affecting on tractor? Thanks.
  9. A

    Puma fuel gauge

    Got a puma here where the fuel gauge will drop to empty for a few minutes and then back up to where it should be. keeps doing it constantly and I wasnt overly concerned but just put 256lts into it there when the gauge was reading over half which means its not reading correct and could catch me...
  10. hubbahubba

    Case Puma autosteer ready- how do I make it work?

    Recently bought a new to me puma 160 cvx. Auto steer ready, valves steering column, wires with bracket on roof and it has a pro 700 screen. Do i just need the receiver for the roof and a control box that goes behind the passenger seat? Whats the best option, just for fert, dribble bar slurry...
  11. Jsmith2211

    sumo trio 3

    Hello, we have a maxxum 125, and we want to get into doing more of the minimum till stuff, so that we dont need to plough. We would like to have something like a 3M sumo trio, but i dont think the tractor would pull it? What sort of power do the sumos need through clay and through sand? i know...
  12. Phil P

    Are the General public completely oblivious to the dangers of large farm machinery?

    A few of days ago while combining a field with a footpath alone one side I had a very near miss with a member of the public! The footpath was clear as I’d started cutting along it andI was chopping the straw so a lot of dust blowing towards the path. Well, a woman had walked at pace and got...
  13. hubbahubba

    Case Puma 165 50k actual speed?

    Currently have a maxxum 150 multicontroler 50k but will do that but only just and has to be flat road. Just wondering how fast a 50k full powershift puma will go? Think alot of 50k john deeres will go closer to 52-54k.
  14. mixed farm

    Is front suspension needed in a 40k tractor?

    As above. Cab suspension is included but front is an extra. Thoughts
  15. C

    Rowcrop wheels to fit NH T7 Tractor. 460/85R42 & 380/85R30

    does anyone know if these would fit a maxxum 140
  16. F

    Best tractor you owned

    What’s the best tractor you ever owned and reason. For me it’s a challenger 765. Bought by mistake in an online auction. While browsing thru auctions listing one morning at breakfast the wife asked if I was interested in buying it as I was looking over the pictures. My comment was it would be...
  17. Jsmith2211

    What to charge for delivery

    Hello chaps. What do people charge for delivering haylidge? I've got a maxxum 125 and teagle titan with bale extension, get about 18 bales on a load if you cram them on, probably more like 15 with wrapped bales, though ive yet to try it. Trying to work out the best way to charge, per mile or per...
  18. S

    Case Puma cvx transmission

    What are they like? Is it their own or zf or another make ? user opinion, is it user friendly Thanks
  19. I

    16x16 electrocommand problems

    Hi I have a 17x 16 electrocommand t6.175 . It has no drive on all the odd gears 1,3,5,7,9 and so on. I assume it’s a clutch pack but which one and how much surgery is involved? There’s only just 6000 hours on the tractor and wouldn’t be driven carelessly but it does a good amount of loader work. TIA
  20. L

    SG17 5LX to nn6 9bn

    5130 maxxum to be