1. N

    Case Puma 130

    I'm looking for a Case Puma 130, 12 plate or younger. What prices do they go for? Don't want silly hours on it. Anything to watch out for? Any trouble to have with them types? Thanks
  2. D


    Hey i would like to know what tractor you like the most? I like Landini and McCormick because of its reliable and comfort. What is your favorit tractor? If you are interest in of information about Landini and McCormick i know a lot of it. And i don't want to know fans of tractors that does't...
  3. Dan Powell

    Why is modern machinery so flipping unreliable?!

    It gets to about 3000 hours and hey presto, air con failures, ad-blue faults, pipes leaking, going into limp mode for no good reason and all costs a fortune to fix. I'm fed up with it frankly. I want to go back to a John Deere 10 series before the build quality of everything fell off a cliff...