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    Welcome to Corteva Agriscience We are here to help livestock farmers grow the best quality home-grown feed with our leading range of crop protection herbicide solutions to control docks, thistles, nettles as well as other broad-leaved weeds. To discover more about how we can help you farm...
  2. czechmate

    Any BLW herbicide to use on ww after flowering?

    I have a cracking field of ww, (a result in itself) after sunflowers. It is at the stage of just starting to flower (a worry that we have non stop rain after 2012) and now, the volunteer sunflowers are getting to worrying numbers. Is there anything that can be applied this late? Tia Mark
  3. Jack Russell

    Mayweed in winter wheat

    I have a field of winter wheat that didn't receive an Atlantis. It has a scattering of mayweed across it now. It is going into OSR next so wanted to avoid an SU but not sure what would be best. It is reasonably large. What would be my options? I was going to go flurasulam or a dicamba type route...
  4. Corteva Updates

    The first and only UK recommended Clearfield OSR

    The first and only UK recommended Clearfield OSR The UK’s oilseed rape growers have been through a number of significant challenges in recent seasons. Weather, pest and weed pressure have all played their part in frustrating farmers’ ability to grow consistent, profitable crops. But...
  5. Flat 10

    BLW in winter barley

    Which BLW spray (preferably a hormone) will take out groundsel, chickweed and speedwell in WB. Don't say leave it, land is generally weedy but majority of the weeds are the above, a few thistles. WB really struggling. PDM and Liberator didn't take out well established examples as weather...
  6. Corteva Updates

    Spring cereals switch demands herbicide strategy rethink

    Spring cereals switch demands herbicide strategy rethink Farmers abandoning winter cereals and switching to spring wheat and barley will need to pay close attention to broadleaf weed control if they are to prevent significantly reduced yields. For many arable farms, fieldwork taking place...
  7. Flat 10

    Bifenox on OSR

    Realistically, how big Charlock plants can it take out? I wouldn't bother but for the erucic acid contamination issues. I think the odd smaller charlock is feeling sick from the astrokerb but that may be wishful thinking........... And apart from the speedwells on the label what else does it...
  8. steveR

    Very light land game cover options?

    Pondering some options for next year following some changes in the shoot here at home. I have some very light sand so quite drought prone... This years mixes have been a big fail on the sand (been poor all over actually) and I want to put in two new 0.5ha blocks next year. I'll speak with the...
  9. daithi

    Winter Barley Herbicide

    What herbicide do the agronamists on here recommend for w barley followed by forage rape. With products containing flufenacet and dff the label says to plough before establishing a brassica. Looking to control AMG and broad leafed weeds , some fumitory. TIA
  10. Clive

    Bellkar timing

    When did users find best last year ? I think we went a bit late where we used it last year but with kerb and spring herbicide we did end up with a very clean crop really but maybe didn’t more than we could have got away with ? Nothing other than slug pellets applied to our osr yet so bell at...
  11. Corteva Updates

    Blog: Switching herbicide strategies from spring to autumn

    Blog: Switching herbicide strategies from spring to autumn There are very good reasons why most farmers schedule broad-leaved weed control applications for the spring. Warmer weather, more daylight hours and the convenience of tank mixing herbicides are three of them. But there are...
  12. Corteva Updates

    Weed control in autumn sown leys

    Weed control in autumn sown leys Broadleaved weeds emerging in new-sown leys will reduce the amount of grass that can establish. To optimise the investment in reseeding, farmers should get rid of these weeds by spraying herbicide as soon as the grass shows three true leaves, says Dr Nicola...
  13. Farm TV

    Rotam launches new autumn herbicide product

    Rotam UK is set to release its first residual herbicide product for pre- and post-crop emergence use against a range of grass and broad-leaved weeds in winter wheat and barley. Available in 5L containers from 1 September, Golding® is a herbicide product containing a familiar ratio of actives –...
  14. JD6920s


    Thinking of trying a few on a field we need to drain in the autumn after harvest. Which are best, late sown winter or springs sown in spring, as it’ll probably be too wet in between, and which come to harvest first? The field has quite bad Italian rye grass in the 2nd wheat at the moment.
  15. Agriland RSS

    Carrot growers review trials of linuron alternatives

    Written by Rachel Martin Plant disease experts and growers gathered in Yorkshire to review treatments currently being trialled on carrot and parsnip crops following the withdrawal of herbicide linuron. Linuron protected crops against invasive weeds such as fat-hen, fiddleneck, and knotgrass...
  16. R

    Winter beans

    Mine seem to be ripening all over the shop.. Wondered if I should have sprayed them off, but then thinking with this weather and the wheat and oats being fit, they are probably best left to ripen naturally.. Any thoughts.. what do others do ??
  17. T

    Won't be long now to the iresposible use of liquid sunshine .

    Its that time of year again that after a few hot days and the Winter barley is starting to turn that some still have the need to rush it on . Pure golden fields with a little bit of green in tramlines and no patience so have to round up it off . You hear all the reasons why 1 Got to get on as...
  18. Poorbuthappy

    Weed id

    I know I should know, but.... Common enough. And is it poisonous to pigs?
  19. milkloss

    Mayweed herbicides for a ley

    Afternoon All. Have a failed ley we direct drilled with some more grass this spring and the mayweed has bounced back pretty fast. There’s clover in there I’d like to preserve if poss but the mayweed defo needs to go as we’re going to silage it. I have some spruce (24DB) in the shed but I...
  20. GAM

    Dock Survival !

    I have spot sprayed this Dock twice over the last 6 weeks, and then had the field spayed with docstar, and its coming back again!!