1. H

    Mf 390t

    Anybody know if a mf 390t would handle a bale handler or double spike with two silage bales with ease. Mchale silage bales so some weight in them
  2. J

    Wanted Round Baler

    Good evening. Looking for either JD 960, mchale v640 or v660, welger 445 or 160. Sub 20,000 bales. Thanks in advance.
  3. Tim G

    How can I stop our cows wasting silage?

    Our few Jerseys are loose housed through the winter and fed baled silage in a ring feeder which is on an area we scrape clean daily. Previous years we'd noticed how much silage they dragged out of the feeder when eating so when we changed our baler last year we went for one with a chopper in the...
  4. spin cycle

    bargain for some small doer like myself

    rebadged vermeer :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:
  5. Smokey16

    Mchale 991L wrapper

    Hi iv just bought a mchale 991L 3point linkage bale wrapper just wondered if there is away to put infra red control on it or electric control box instead of having a second person wrapping bales with the spools
  6. BFL4437

    Best Round Baler out there for reasonable cost

    Possibly looking at buying a round baler rather than getting contractors in. Would do around 2000-3000 a year mainly silage. Not looking at buying new due to cost but a decent condition second hand one. What seems to be the best balers out there?
  7. le bon paysan


    Of Popcorn in the EU as 400 million + kick back to watch the chaos at the border next week. 🍿
  8. Matthew Britton

    John Deere 635 moco

    I am beginning to contemplate a replacement moco to my McHale, it is only 2018 and has done nothing but it makes me wince every time I lift it up and the tractor leans to the right. I have seen a few of these 630 635 and 530 moco’s about here for sale of the mid 20teen vintage. We only do...
  9. V

    Which of the two front mower

    Okay so narrowed my search down for a front mower conditioner to a new Kuhn or new mchale . Bearing in mind haven’t had or used a front before but needs to float well for my ground. Krone and Claas dealers can’t be arsed chasing up any kind of sale while Kuhn and mchale are keen. Kuhn is £1800...
  10. A

    McHale Bale Wrapper

    looking for a wrapper this year, qustion is do some stop rapping automatic at say 24 ,or do you manually have to watch the revalutions and stop it ?
  11. Agriland RSS

    Further postponement of Agritechnica due to Covid-19 restrictions

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland DLG (German agricultural society) has today (Monday December 13) announced that Agritechnica 2022 will not take place next spring as planned. In a statement it explains that it was a joint decision by the the DLG as organiser, the VDMA Agricultural...
  12. YELROM

    Twose paint work

    We have a 2015 set of Twose Cambridge rollers that we bought new ex stock that were maybe a year old when we got them and the paintwork is just blistering up and falling off all over. Has anyone else had problems with Twose paint. I have told the dealer a couple of times that I am not happy...
  13. Smokey16

    Mchale 991lber 3point linkage wrapper

    Hi just bought a 991lber wrapper but it didnt come with a control box just wondered if anyone knows where I can get on and how much they are
  14. oldsmokey

    Little valtra n103

    Hi, we’ve recently got ourselves a valtra n103 hitech, lovely little thing…two queries really…theres a fairly noticeable clunk going from range c to d..should it be seamless? We’re looking to buy a kuhn ibio baler, which requires load sensing hydraulics..can this be fitted to the tractor without...
  15. Smokey16

    Massey ferguson 399

    I'm thinking of getting a massey ferguson 399 just wondered if it would drive a claas 250 rotorcut round baler.
  16. F

    Probblems with Bale wrap

    This year our haylage looked lovely, got dry wrapped and stacked. Now finding the bales have let in the wet, and there are many areas with fungus growing out. Our neighbors have similar problems. I don't know which wrap was used, as it was done by contractor. We need quality for the equines...
  17. Matt77

    Clamp v big bale silage cost

    Being lazy here, anyone done the rough cost of each, got the kit to do both, clamp tieing up two good barns that could house young stock or straw, have to find an extra set of hands to run trailers for clamp. Use thick side sheet and double top sheet in clamp, use 6 layers of wrap on the 6...
  18. beardface

    Straw blower

    Currently have a teagle telehawk. Thinking of swapping to a trailed blower as now have a small yard tractor. Which would people say is the best value. Have asked rep about trailed teagle. Thinking of maybe trying to get demo of lucas raptor, kuhn primordial and mchale 460.
  19. Albert

    Mchale Fusion wrapper ring drive rollers

    Has anybody had to replace the rubber drive rollers that drive the wrapper ring on a Mchale Fusion? Mine have worn smooth so I think it’s time to replace them. Is there a way of holding the wrapper ring up to take its weight off them to allow them to be removed?
  20. Farm Classifieds

    Mchale F5500

    Mchale F5500 Advert added by: Russell Group and Hallmark Tractors Machinery Details Category: Balers Round baler Price: £16950 Condition: Description McHale F5500, 2015, 2.1m Pick Up, Drop Floor Unblocking, 15 Knife Chopper System, Heavy...