1. Dave W

    Bale wrapper remote control upgrade

    Anyone know a rough price to upgrade a I/R remote control to radio?
  2. Elpresidente

    Kuhn FB 3100

    I’m looking for the opinion of anyone owning or operating a Kuhn FB3100 as I’m looking to possibly change from Claas. Mchale is out of the question as they still haven’t developed an easy system to load net. I’ve driven several different Mchale balers and apart from loading the net I can’t...
  3. V

    Are shear buckets a success ?

    I use a 4ft shear grab on my Massey 5610 which is well suited to it but recently I’ve switched to using bucket as pit face had slipped so just needed scooped up , finding it so much quicker to fill feeder and passages also keeps pit floor cleaner but obviously doesn’t keep a nice face on pit so...
  4. Surgery

    Difference in 4ft to 5 fy rounds in rough weight

    What extra would you get in a round bale if the same bailer did 4ft and 5ft bales , belt baler , thanks
  5. Will 1594

    Which round baler , hay and some straw

    To bale around 2000 bales a year , will be 2 nd hand options are vicon rv2160 nh br 7060 claas variant 260rf
  6. H

    Krone mower

    Anybody out there run a krone 280cv moco? How heavy are they? Are they lighter than a mchale r3100? Neighbour broke cross shaft and left arm on a 6 cylinder 110hp Renault on first season which has seriously put me off mounted. Trailed prices just dont justify unfortunately.Mf 5613 will be...
  7. T

    Round baler

    Hi folks Any advice on second hand round balers. I’m looking for a second hand one that will do silage and straw. McHale gets good reviews I can see. Are the John Deere ones no use in straw?
  8. E

    New Holland round belt balers

    Hi All What sort of reputation do the mid 000 New Holland yellow livery round balers have? Are they reliable and easy to use? I currently have a JD 550. Anything to look out for? If they are set up for chopping can knives be easily removed for hay only? Thanks
  9. Tim G

    Bale trailers

    We are in need of updating our bale trailer. Whilst the one we have has been adequate for use on the farm, its not one I take on the road and we are now in a situation where I will be bringing more bales from away back to the farm. I am currently borrowing a friend's 25' Marshall bale trailer, I...
  10. Smokey16

    New holland 548 round baler

    Hi looking at buying a new holland 548 round baler just looking for people opinions on them
  11. S

    100hp loader

    Hi, we are a sheep and beef hill farm, looking for a second hand 100hp loader tractor, we do about 400hours a year, mostly loader work in yard, but do take round bales out to sheep, some hilly land, light machinery work, single rotor rake, Tedder etc, what would be a good buy?
  12. ih1455xl

    M1 j37 to m1 j15

    Mchale 998 bale wrapper about 22ft long 9ft wide 7ft inside of tyres David 07719697455
  13. Davy 6160

    Building Better Bale Stackers

    I am in the process of designing a heavy duty hydraulic bale stacker/handler. What are some of the problems and/or weaknesses that anyone has found with other stackers?
  14. Dan Attle

    tractor for a straw blower

    hi all just brought a second hand teagle 8080 and we like it and want a cheap 2wd tractor to sit on it as our smallest 125 hp claas is a bit big and has othjer jobs been looking at a david brown 1390 , will this be enough
  15. ih1455xl

    Square wrapped bale handler

    Any thing about have a mchale r5 sell if anyone after one
  16. ih1455xl

    Mchale 998

    Any about for sale
  17. danpwll

    front mowers? what's good bad and down right useless !!!!

    looking to upgrade the old claas front mower, what do you run and whats a good front?? got a kuhn rear 2003 and she 's been a good reliable bus, got fendt driving them, anybody had a fendt mower ? or are they just a fella in disguise ?
  18. A

    Set Up Shop In The EU

    Ah, go on, go on, go on. Even the most devout leavers on here, need to acknowledge the Brexit game is up ....
  19. daveydiesel1

    Claas wagons

    Why is it that theres hardly no claas forage wagons sold? Is there a problem with them compared to strautmann, poettinger or krone or are they just to expensive? Seems odd that they arent more popular as claases grass equipment always sold well as in harvesters mowers and rakes
  20. G

    Rear wheel weight lifter.

    Fed up of struggling to line up bolts and manhandle wheel weights into place. Thinking of trying to design a telehandler mounted gadget to pick up the weights and be able to put them up to the tractor wheel and rotate into place. Has anyone done this already or got any ideas of the best way to...