meat industry

  1. L

    Dissertation questionnaire responses wanted

    Hi all! My name is Lucy and I am in the process of researching and writing my final year dissertation at the University of Birmingham (studying Geography). For my dissertation I am looking into the effects Brexit may (or may not) have on the UK farming industry, for instance, the impacts that...
  2. L

    University Dissertation Research

    Hi all, My name is Lucy and I am currently in my last year at the University of Birmingham studying Geography. For my final year dissertation, I will be looking to research the potential changes within livestock farming practises following Brexit, with particular focus on how animal welfare...
  3. OaksBarnFarm

    British Lamb

    When you help bring lamb into the world, see it take its first breath look after its welfare every day take it to the abattoir, eat it in the knowledge that it had the best life in your care, then you are qualified to make comments on the meat industry.
  4. A

    Abattoirs in South Wales

    I'm hoping you can help me, I'm doing a bit of research on the meat industry in South Wales and wondered if anyone new what the biggest abbattoir in South Wales was? Hoping to find out a bit more information of the production and consumption of meat in South Wales so any information would be...