1. B

    Food processing wastewater >>> irrigation?

    Hello all... We are in the planning stage of building our farm buildings. Our mixed farm will consist of ~40 dairy cows and ~80 pigs. Cows will never be housed (on pasture all-year round) and pigs will be reared in the woodland. The idea is simple... Milk the cows seasonally - around 9 months...
  2. A

    Abattoirs in South Wales

    I'm hoping you can help me, I'm doing a bit of research on the meat industry in South Wales and wondered if anyone new what the biggest abbattoir in South Wales was? Hoping to find out a bit more information of the production and consumption of meat in South Wales so any information would be...
  3. AbiAspen

    Organic ham, turkey or goose

    Hi team, My colleague and I have been asked to cater a christmas lunch for 250 in London, which is really exciting as they have given us a good budget to source well. We are looking for organic pre-roasted goose, turkey or ham and were wondering if anyone reared or knew where best to source...