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  1. L

    Land to metal detecting on in hampshire and surrounding areas

    hi Luke and mike here. We have just started metal detecting as we know there is so much history beneath our feet. we are looking for land, farm, gardens to detect on to find as much history as we can Anything of significance will be taken to museums for more advice On the history aspect...
  2. historySeeker1984

    Small group of 6 metal detecting friends looking for a farm to detect for a weekend, £150 for 2 days digging :)

    No fuss, No stress! 6 mates looking for some farm fields to detect for a weekend metal detecting trip 8am to 4pm, all experienced and insured and members of an Essex metal detecting club wanting a lads camping trip away. We follow any rules set and stick to all boundaries set. We are all good...
  3. C

    Looking for permissions in Buckinghamshire/Hertfordshire

    Hi there, I am currently looking for any permissions within the Buckinghamshire/Hertfordshire area, however I would not turn anything down within an hour or so from Chesham in any direction. Obviously, as is the norm with such matters I would be glad to split any finds 50/50 should they be of...
  4. L

    Land to metal detect in hampshire.

    Hi my names lucas, Im looking for permission to metal detect in some land in hampshire if that’s at all possible. I have just brought my first metal detector and looking to test it out in some more open space then my garden and maybe get a better one if things go well. Its taken a few weeks...
  5. S

    metal detecting near Delamere

    hi there, I am wondering if there are any farmers in the Cheshire region around Frodsham, Alvanley, Delamere and Chester that have land they would be willing to let me metal detect on. I'm a friendly polite chap and would be willing to pay in cash (max £50) or a drink of your choice. I am fully...
  6. D

    Looking for land to detect on

    Hello everyone ? I’m looking for land to detect on around dorset Area and where every I can with permission I’m all insured and get an agreement written up if anyone can help I’m a qualified barber and when covids over willing to hook you up with a free trim thanks for reading ✌️ Dan
  7. MikeyP101

    Free Services in return for Metal Detecting Permission

    Hi everyone, My name is Michael Parsons and I would like to offer you my services of removing unwanted items such as old pieces of junk metal in the ground, any general waste I may come across etc. removed in your fields completely free of charge. Here’s how I do it - I am a respectful, fully...
  8. T

    Land for metal detecting required

    Hi I know it's a long shot but I was wondering if anyone in the south east Kent area has any land that they wouldn't mind me metal detecting on. I am a member of the national council for metal detecting so I am insured and I'm a member of my local metal detecting club and follow the code of...
  9. S

    MD permission bridgend wales

    Newbie here Looking for some land to metal detect on around the bridgend, Maesteg and Llangynwyd areas in South Wales. I will be detecting on my own full insured and also a member of the national council of metal detecting. Any holes will be backfilled and no damage will be made. Honest and...
  10. G

    Metal detecting Dorset.

    Hi folks , So I’m 51 years old and metal detect with either my 8 year old son or my 80 year old father .. there’s some extremes ? We’d really like to gain a permission with a view with sharing all finds fairly but showing all so you can take your pick . It’s great for my old dad to still get...
  11. PoshJosh

    Any farmers willing to let me detect on a field in the Gloucester/Wiltshire/Somerset area? Thank you

    Hi all. I'm new here as you can see, but I came across this forum earlier and thought I should try it out. I've been metal detecting for about a year, and love the bits of history I find. I'm fully insured with the NCMD, and would treat anyone's land respectably and always fill my holes, etc...
  12. D

    Looking for Permissions in Midlands & Wales.

    Hi everyone, Thank you for taking the time to look at my post. I have been searching for permissions for Metal Detecting & came across your forum... I am hoping it may produce some good results :D I live in Wolverhampton, West Midlands and would be happy to travel around the midlands and...
  13. historySeeker1984

    need cash, farmland wanted for metal detecting

    farmland wanted for group metal detecting events, fully insured and up to £500 paid per day depending on size and location. Essex area.
  14. TheRomanRelicHunter

    Not Just another Metal Detector, I could be a real asset in Somerset - Merseyside - North Wales

    Hi, I am not just another Metal Detectorists looking for permission to detect on your land, I am also a hard working highly Experienced Groundworker and have over 15 years experience working in the construction industry, and also an Army Veteran, and I would be happy to do odd jobs around the...
  15. R

    Looking for a Metal Detector Permission in Edinburgh, West Lothian, Midlothian and East Lothian

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for permission to metal detect on farm land in Edinburgh, West Lothian, Midlothian and East Lothian, stocks field areas please. I am writting here because I totally understand that farmers are people who are most of the time occupied, for that I would not bother you...
  16. J

    Looking for land

    Hi all I'm looking for land to metal detect on in the Suffolk area, I've been detecting for about 1 year now mainly beaches and old gardens and find it a very interesting hobby aswell as keeping active it is exciting and interesting to find out more about the history of areas and objects.I have...
  17. N

    Permissions for metal detecting in South Wales area .

    Hi Guys I've been metal detecting for some time now but have had no joy in finding permissions for it on private/Farmers Land. I'm wondering if anyone in the south wales area would consider allowing me a small section of their land to detect on? I have public liability insurance and am a member...
  18. D

    "another request" dorset metal detecting permission

    hi all, just joined up and thought i would have a giggle and read through all the previous (well most) posts in regards to metal detecting! i can honestly say i never actually thought farmers thought this way about metal detecting! then it dawned on me, if a farmer has an available email...
  19. R

    Whisky from Metal Detecting

    Hello! I'm 31 guy who looking from permission to metal detecting in Heywood, Middleton,Rochdal,bury, ect aera .I'm member of National Council for metal detecting (NCMD) and as a member I got insurance. If I find something with very high value I will share 50-50. Any holes which I dig will...
  20. B

    Metal detecting

    Good evening, I have looked over a few posts and can see that metal detectorists do not seem to be in favour with quite a lot of farmers. I did come here to try and find permissions myself in north Hampshire (I took up the hobby a few weeks ago), However as it doesn’t seem the best way for...

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