metal detecting

  1. R

    Whisky from Metal Detecting

    Hello! I'm 31 guy who looking from permission to metal detecting in Heywood, Middleton,Rochdal,bury, ect aera .I'm member of National Council for metal detecting (NCMD) and as a member I got insurance. If I find something with very high value I will share 50-50. Any holes which I dig will...
  2. B

    Metal detecting

    Good evening, I have looked over a few posts and can see that metal detectorists do not seem to be in favour with quite a lot of farmers. I did come here to try and find permissions myself in north Hampshire (I took up the hobby a few weeks ago), However as it doesn’t seem the best way for...
  3. M

    Looking for permission to metal detect in northeastern/North Yorkshire area

    Hi, My names mike I’m 33 and I’m looking for some land to metal detect on.I’m from the Durham area and have been metal detecting for about 3 years now,I have a valid ncmd insurance card and would respect and leave your land the way it was,I do have a couple of permissions and the landowners say...
  4. WelshLee

    Metal Detecting: Looking for land in Wales :)

    Hi, I am in Cardiff and I am looking for permissions to metal detect on land in South/Mid Wales. I've only been doing it for a few months, only on beaches and to be honest I am a bit fed up of spending ages digging up crap! I do the detecting with my father and my 8 year old daughter. We...
  5. Newfoundland

    Metal Detecting In Northern UK

    I am a disabled Army Veteran of 20 years service but was unfortunately disabled out with both physical and mental disabilities (CPTSD). My physical injuries have now healed after many operations and have taken up the hobby as a means to help with my mental health as recommended by the Help For...
  6. T

    Permission to Metal Detect

    I would love the opportunity to come and detect any land you might have. I've been metal detecting for only a year but I've been Mudlarking (searching the Thames foreshore, with a licence) for about 3 years now. I use a metal detector held together by cable ties and often cycle to sites but it...
  7. millsy

    MD permission wanted

    Hi there community my names heath I’m from cannock in Staffordshire and I’m looking for permission to metal detect on land in the cannock and Staffordshire area. I’m ncmd insured and also a member of a club too. I report all my good finds to the portable antiques scheme, I leave the land free of...
  8. T

    Metal detecting - WILL PAY! Yorkshire/Lancashire but not essential

    This will probably get shot down as I know some of you might not like metal detectorists... but I am looking for any field that I can metal detect in, preferably around the Yorkshire/Lancashire area. Let me just say my Mums side of the family are farmers and I respect the land and animals. I am...
  9. D

    Wanted Suffolk&Norfolk (landowners please take the time to read this post)

    Good morning everyone I am a thirty two year old gentleman from Carlton Colville in Suffolk and I have lived in the area all of my life. I have been engaged in the hobby of metal detecting for the last few Years and find it a healthful, enjoyable pastime that allows me to meet many interesting...
  10. eyezwideopen


    Hello Gents (and ladies), lets not be sexist or do I have to be non gender specific by saying people? I am looking at semi retirement and wish to pursue my hobbies. That aside, I am looking for permission to do some pest control (only me "Billy no mates" as friends cost money). I am looking...
  11. R

    Hi from Grantham

    Hi all I've recently moved to the Grantham Area and I'm hoping to find all get permission from some of the local farmers for me to be able to do some metal detecting on some land here the land is obviously precious to you and great care is taken the land here is rife with history and I would...
  12. G

    Charity Weekend help needed

    Dear all We are looking for land in the Caister area to hold a small Metal detecting Event, All proceeds will Go to "Air Ambulance" aprox 20-30 people per day, with option of camping area (all funds from camping will go to the kind land owner) , We currently Detect North Norfolk (one of our...
  13. S

    Metal dectoring land wanted

    I'm only 16 I don't do it for the money I enjoy hunting for coins and things like that if anyone has any land they would let me dectect on I would pay a little money! And would fill in all holes etcand ofc if I found something worth money I would share money outthankslocal to fakenham of Possible
  14. salopaccountant

    Metal detecting in Shropshire please?

    I'm hoping that someone will be kind enough to allow me to Metal Detect on their land in Shropshire or a neighbouring county? I'm an Accountant with 30 years' experience so perhaps I could help out with the odd tax or accounts question in return? Thank you, Graham
  15. dpr1989

    wanted land too metal detect

    Hi all my name is David I live in Mablethorpe Lincolnshire I have currently been metal detecting for 8 years and my buddy 30 plus years and made some significant finds in our time we are very professional in our hobby and are looking too expand our horizons we are both insured with the n.c.m.d...
  16. R

    Earn £500/day for access to your arable land - a serious proposal

    Now that the referendum is over, does anyone want to earn some cash? I’m looking for friendly farmer/landowners who wants to earn up to £3,000 per year for a few days limited access to their land each year. We’re a small, friendly, members-only metal detecting club based in north-west London...
  17. Paul Baron

    Kind permissions sought for MD in Berks, Hants, Wilts, Sussex, Surrey, Bucks

    Good evening Sir's / Ma'ams, Enthusiastic and friendly detectorist seeking kind permission to detect on any arable, pasture (any land actually). Am ex-military (25 years) who has now transferred a long interest into a recent hobby and need some kind permissions to detect on. Am not one for...
  18. Paul Baron

    Berkshire Metal Detectorist - Land to detect on, kindly requested.

    Good evening Sir's / Ma'am's, I have recently left the forces after a 25yr career and gained an interest in metal detecting whilst training soldiers to use them to locate IEDs. I have now settled in Berkshire and I am hoping to make contact with any kind farmers around the south of England who...
  19. T

    Metal Detecting on Farmland

    I have recently taken up the hobby of metal detecting and decided to approach some local Hertfordshire farmers to ask their permission to use their land to see what I could find. I was quite shocked at the aggressive responses I got from all but one farmer (who still said no, but in a polite...
  20. M

    Land to detect in or around Hampshire

    Hello, my name is matthew I'm 37 and from Southampton, I have a keen interest in history and I'm looking to gain permission to metal detect farmland in or around Hampshire, I follow the country code and have fid metal detecting insurance. I would donate a fee to your chosen charity or willing to...