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    Farmers urged to watch for slug attacks after wet weather

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland Farmers are being urged to watch out for a resurgence of slugs in farm crops over coming weeks after the recent wet weather. This is according to James Collingwood, commercial business manager for agronomy firm ProCam. “Be aware also that successful...
  2. l'ordinary bonville

    Autumn manure banned

    I,ve heard down the grapevine that the EA are banning autumn slurry and solid muck applications as AHDB have told them there is no crop justification for applications of N or manur containing N apart from on osr This effectively means all and any livestock manures or digestate cannot be...
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    MSG urges growers to follow metaldehyde guidelines

    Written by William Kellett Growers applying metaldehyde slug pellets to cereals or potatoes this spring must continue to follow best practice stewardship guidelines, despite the upcoming withdrawal of the active, urges the Metaldehyde Stewardship Group (MSG). The call comes in reaction to...
  4. S


    I had an email today, informing me how many points I need to get in the next 12 months. Considering we’ve been in the pandemic since March, and some of us have also been shielding, with no events, field trials or even close contact with agronomists . Don’t you think they would’ve rolled things...
  5. B'o'B

    FT get leaked speech...

    Link to a Finacial Times article about the government plans for subs over the next few years 😢 Apparently they have been leaked the speech George Eustice is going to give on Monday Click here -
  6. N

    Private payments for Public Goods......

    Just been reading up on future farm support payments and it looks like government is keen for private investment in farm based environment schemes. Creating markets where private companies buy environmental goods eg. carbon sequestered, from farmers and land managers. I'm starting to think that...
  7. Clive

    Where have the slugs gone ?

    It's been wet and mild, other than barley nothing got rolled here ............................. yet no a single pellet used? not a sign of even the slightest bit of grazing Just me ? or is this just what farming without OSR is like ?
  8. S

    Slug pellets availability

    Can anyone buy any other brand of metaldehyde slug pellets other than gusto, are these the only ones available?
  9. Chris F

    New Crop Protection products

    As part of Farm Compare, it has a basic lookup for crop protection products to allow you to lookup products and find equivalents. We get this data from the HSE. What I didn't realise is how fast this data changes. over the past 17 months we have been monitoring the list, there have been 346...
  10. Case290

    Did Seed dressings kill slug eating Beetles?

    Noticing lots more ground Beetls since I’ve stopped using seed dressings. Any one else noticed this They can eat up to 10 slugs a day. Y have we be lead down this path of seed dressings / slug pellets at all.
  11. Laggard

    Ferric phosphate slug pellets

    Anybody got a preferred brand? Very few slugs here at present, so can’t do a trial, but they can’t be far away.
  12. Mounty

    No worms in DD land

    Probably should post this under the DD categories but felt it may not be viewed by non DD folk. Been soil sampling on a couple of large direct drilled farms recently and consequently dug a lot of holes. One of the farms was about 1200 acres, been direct drilling for about 15 years. Stubbles...
  13. scrubbuster

    Grass seedbed

    Neighbour is coming to sow grass with an Opico harrow tomorrow onto ploughing. Its was levelled with paddle rollers. Its reasonably firm but I am going to heavy flat roll it after. I am just wondering would I be safer to heavy roll before hand? Will sowing onto cambridge rolling and then flat...
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    Ban on the use of metaldehyde announced

    Ban on the use of metaldehyde announced Written by Defra Press Office There has been widespread coverage over the weekend in the Telegraph, Times, Daily Mail, Daily Star on Sunday, Farmers Weekly, Agriland and Farming UK of our announced ban on the use of metaldehyde, a pesticide commonly...
  15. cachivers

    New EU-funded project on pesticides - join the debate!

    Hi all, We've just launched an EU-funded project called 'SPRINT', which is going to develop a risk assessment toolbox to help farmers to use pesticides in a more integrated way to minimise risk to human and environmental health. The project has 11 case studies across Europe and also in...
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    Outdoor use of metaldehyde to be banned by 2022

    Written by William Kellett The outdoor use of metaldehyde, a pesticide used to control slugs on farms and in gardens, is set to be banned in the UK from the end of March 2022 in order to better protect wildlife and the environment. The move was announced by Parliamentary Under Secretary of...
  17. TelesnaAg

    Stock with hold metaldehyde?

    Ive spread slug bait into foot high grass and clover, says stock with hold 5 weeks. Why? Is it sheep eating bait or bait letching into plant? Ant...
  18. Kevtherev

    Grass Renovation thread

  19. G

    ELMS payment for Red Tractor assurance

    Started a new thread on this specific topic, rather than just adding a post to Clive's ELMS 'wish list' thread. So, UK Red Tractor assured farms are ensuring high food and environmental standards, vs imported foodstuffs which have not met the UK's high standards. Can we ask for this to be...
  20. U

    Hung out to dry ?

    I heard a snippet of news this morning on Radio 4 concerning something in todays Financial Times about the proposed trade agreement with the USA & a relaxation of standards to get the trade talks moving and in particular "agriculture ".Perhaps other forum members can put some meat on the bone on...