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  1. H

    Dairy sheep questions

    In the future I'd like a couple dairy sheep just for myself and my family. I have a few questions and any information is appreciated. The points I'm looking for in a breed are easy lambing and high fertility, temperature flexibility (summer here is 30c and winter is -6c), disease and parasite...
  2. F

    Ewe tegs with swollen udders

    Does any one have some comment as to why some of my ewe tegs, 10%, have obvious swollen udders, they are not in lamb before anyone jumps to the obvious, they are in v good condition perhaps a bit fat and I wonder if this is the reason., they have had some good grass this spring which has been...
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    Studies Show How Genomic Test CLARIFIDE® Plus Boosts Herd Health & Profits

    Written by John Swire Results from a recent study into Genomic testing have shown it can significantly reduce the costs of animal health by reducing disease incidence and antibiotic use. It is also shown to increase profitability by accurately predicting the performance and health traits of an...
  4. J

    The what jdunn55 has done wrong thread...

    I'm not going to list everything so far but if I dont move some of the discussion from the pictures thread I have a feeling @Princess Pooper might personally come down to cornwall to hang draw and quarter me... Before we get started, the only rule is there is to be no mention of the words...
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    Take full advantage of buoyant lamb prices – CAFRE

    Written by Agriland Team The College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) is advising farmers to take full advantage of the buoyant lamb prices available at the present time. CAFRE sheep specialist Nigel Gould said: “Sheep producers should draft lambs as they become fit. Young...
  6. pine_guy

    DIY AI and buying semen

    So this year for the first time we are going to do some AI. My headsman is AI trained and just had his refresher course. So we can buy whatever we want and not be tied to one company. The question is, having not bought semen before, where to go for it. We have spoke to semex as the rep called in...
  7. Steevo

    Red Tractor - Mass Balance

    Just read about this new requirement for a calculation. I’m not sure how they think farmers without a weighbridge will be able to estimate accurately the amount of crop that comes in from the field. Is this them getting worried that farmers will start selling 10/20% as non-assured off the...
  8. Cowabunga

    Farming going down with hardly a whimper...

    Worth the effort to listen to this sensible commentary to the end.
  9. NADIS News Feed

    NADIS - Grass Staggers (Hypomagnesaemia)

    Milk Fever (Hypocalcaemia, Parturient Paresis) The average annual incidence of milk fever in UK dairy herds is estimated to be approximately 7-8 per cent but individual farms may have a much higher prevalence when calving at pasture. Milk fever is more common in older dairy cows but can also...
  10. Oneman37

    Rouge or Charollais

    Had my mind set on purchasing a Charollais ram to run with ewe lambs. But from working with some over the winter, put me off somewhat. They are mad and less settled than my other ewes. would a rouge be calmer ?
  11. H

    Will we be ploughing for re seeding in the future?

    With farmers taking the blame for wrecking the planet do you think we will be ploughing up permanent grassland to re seed?
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    Lameness: The not-so-hidden cost on a dairy farm

    Written by Agriland Team Lameness is a significant problem for the dairy industry as it is not only an important welfare issue, but can lead to reduced profits, according to College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) dairy adviser, Judith McCord. Judith said: ”The most common...
  13. A

    Indoor lambing set up costs

    I know it’s a pretty expansive question but how many lambs do you think you save lambing a cheviot flock inside v outside. Trying to work out how long it would take to pay off the extra costs for lambing inside (eg gates, hurdles, feeders etc)
  14. J

    Future proofing

    Been thinking about the new elms scheme, restrictions on slurry and increasing number of dry periods and have come up with somewhat of a decent idea in my head and just want to see what other people think! Because I'm spring calving my thinking is that by the time they're housed in the winter...
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    Reducing the carbon footprint of dairy cows

    Written by Agriland Team One environmental issue on the horizon is climate change and how dairy farms can reduce their carbon footprint. Brian Finch, an agri-environment advisor with the College of Agriculture Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) said: “With more environmental pressures on...
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    Energy, correct fatty acids and protein levels critical to ewe management in post-lambing period

    Written by John Swire With lambing season drawing to a close across most of the country, focus now moves to on-going ewe management, to maintain ewe health, protein and energy levels during the critical post-lambing period. As lactation places the highest nutrient demands on the ewe, it is...
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    Protein crops to surge says Barenbrug

    Written by John Swire Enquiries about red clover have been so strong that the company has released an updated set of guidelines to help growers sow and manage its red clover varieties most effectively. “Soya has been trading at well over £400/t this year,” points out Mhairi Dawson, Barenbrug...
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    Geno introduces trait to support more sustainable dairy cattle

    Written by John Swire Norway’s cattle breeding organisation Geno is introducing a new breeding trait, Feed$aved, in March 2021. It has been developed to assist dairy farmers in identifying Norwegian Red genetics with improved feed efficiency. Based on feed intake and body weight maintenance...
  19. Corteva Updates

    Recognition for maize dent hybrids bred for UK climate

    Recognition for maize dent hybrids bred for UK climate The benefits of new generation dent type maize hybrids are being recognised in a specific Pioneer brand. Pioneer dent hybrids containing a high level of available starch and silage yield gain the new M3 branding. For farmers, these hybrids...
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    Safeguarding milk production through choice of maize variety

    Safeguarding milk production through choice of maize variety With research showing every 1% reduction in faecal starch can produce an extra 0.35 litres milk/cow, finding a way to use maize starch more efficiently makes good business sense. Nearly all maize grown in the UK is the flint type...