1. waterbuffalofarmer

    water buffalo for sale

    6 water buffalo bull calves for sale and 2 big heifers. All have been pre-movement tested. Good temperaments, excellent genetics, from pure Italian milking stock. Pm for more details
  2. Yorkshire lad

    Main dealers fitters

    We had a fitter out from a main dealer last week He has been in the job for twenty years and told me he is leaving the industry after harvest . He had many reasons , pay being one but also the fact he did not feel valued or respected . He sited on example , on the dealers web site there is...
  3. waterbuffalofarmer

    2 water buffalo heifers for sale

    2 water buffalo heifers for sale, surplus to requirements, pre-movement tested ready to go. Beautiful temperaments, easy to handle and from good milking stock. Viewings welcome. Cheers
  4. N

    To cross of go pure?

    Hi everyone. We are new into dairy 18months to be precise farming in Africa. We started with a crossed herd bought from a commercial farm near us (Holstein x Ayrshire). They only cross their lower end of the herd. They have been pretty good we wanted to go the Ayrshire way but not much straws...