1. bobk

    Would you buy an electric vehicle POLL

    Fairly sure of my answer , 2 questions , no fence sitting
  2. C

    Maize cover crops suitable for grazing cattle?

    Hi TFF, Looking to grow cover crops on my maize stubble this year. Aiming to improve soil health, prevent nutrient leaching and... graze cattle? E.g. outwintering youngstock Feb/March. Could supplement with silage bales. Last two years I have used Italian Ryegrass and Westerwolds. But what...
  3. C

    Docks growth stage in silage

    Any thoughts on how far into growth stage a docks seeds become viable and able to reseed when baled as silage ? When seeds are green or red or does the plant have to have properly gone to seed ?
  4. Bojangles

    Winter dry cow rations. Have I been wasting my money

    So I have always tried to feed dry beef cows in winter well being careful to meet all of their dm requirements, best minerals, correct protein etc. then i visit friends who basically give them silage and minerals and free access straw. Their cows look grand and I feel stupid. Am I a victim of...