1. Wolds Beef

    Farmers do not take in to account Natives live cheaper than Continentals.

    Melton Mowbray prices were poor for natives. Why? Natives do live cheaper and will even outwinter rather than spending on shed room and feed. They eat grass and grass products rather than expensive (now very expensive) grain rations. How do we get this across to the commercial suckler man? WB
  2. unlacedgecko

    Global Wheat Shortage due to Ukraine War

    Turns out it's all rubbish and there won't be a shortage at all. Thoughts?
  3. D

    Eating out

    You have popped into town and are feeling peckish. Being 10am Sunday only two eateries are open; McDonalds and an independent vegan cafe. Which one gets your business, and why ?
  4. twizzel

    Improving suckler cow colostrum quality

    We’ve been having a few rumbling issues this winter with calves and rotavirus (which we vaccinate the cows for), navel ill, pneumonia. The cows calve all year round but generally from nov - April. I try to get them scour vaccinated within the 3-12 week pre calving window. Anyhow, the vet was on...
  5. CPM RSS

    Nutrition – A complex picture

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF There’s a keener than usual focus on nutrient plans this spring due to the price rises and potentially tight supply in the fertiliser market. CPM takes a look at the different soil types and their peculiarities when it comes to nutrient supply...
  6. T


    Finding it hard to source , in fact impossible is it now banned ? What are you using as a substitute ? Thanks
  7. A

    Concrete lego blocks for maize clamp

    Been offered a consignment of large precast lego blocks (1600×800×800) Currently on an industrial yard that is being redeveloped. Can get them at keen money, just wondering has anyone ever tried making a silo clamp out of these? Was thinking mostly for maize so wouldn't think the side pressure...
  8. yellowbelly

    f**k Up Fortnight

    'Twas always thus - that 10-14 days in the run up to the start of lambing heralds the onslaught of TLD, prolapses, blown guts, abortions and the 1001 other things that can go wrong with sheep :banghead: Many moons ago, when I was young and keen, an old bloke once told me, "A farm or a piece...
  9. Agriland RSS

    Technology to address environmental constraints on NZ dairy farms

    Written by Rubina Freiberg from Agriland Dairy farming has been the backbone of New Zealand (NZ) for years. Recently however, the number of dairy farms has declined, according to executive chairman of Waikato Milking Systems, Jamie Mikkelson. The main difference in farming systems between New...
  10. will6910

    Few lambing issues

    Iv been lambing nearly 3 weeks now. Iv a range off issues cropping up. I know a lot Is down to feeding issue but wanted to voice my worries as struggling abit. Iv had 2 sheep die with what looks like listeriosis. Have maybe 10 or 12 ewes with twins having to have 1 taken off as lack off milk...
  11. M

    What are we scared of?

    Seems the Russians are the only ones tbat can treaten to escalate,why can't we? They have no right to be in the air above Ukraine, we do if invited by the Ukrainian government. Tell the barstewards that next time they hit a childrens hospital the response will be 'severe' Putin's been let get away...
  12. CWS

    Ewes not doing at all.

    Looking for some advice. Wife's got a handful of zwartbles and this lambing has been a balls up. There's just no go about them, no intakes and not cleaning after lambing. There fit but wouldn't say fat. As soon as we brought them in they went off feed and haven't recovered. There adlib 1st cut...
  13. snarling bee

    Will there be ANY fertiliser available next year?

    Unless the Ukraine situation gets sorted in the next 6 months, will there be any fertiliser of any sort available next year, at any price? But then 5 t/ha wheat at £300, with much lower direct costs, might not be all that bad.
  14. spark_28

    provita lamb response

    a load of shite or genuinely worth it? pretty cheap and if it saves/helps one lamb its paid itself. what does everyone else think?
  15. T


    Ok so 18 days off lambing and had 2 prolapsed , they are fine but it’s a right faff to get them off the far fields , some say they remove all silage as soon as the first ewe prolapse, possibly go into blocks , any advice ?
  16. daveydiesel1

    Russian/ukraine war predictions

    What the general thought on will it escalate in more countries going to war or will putin back down? Any fuel price predictions?
  17. Hutchinsons News

    Remedying Soil Problems After a Difficult Harvest

    Remedying Soil Problems After a Difficult Harvest With the recent challenging wet weather in many areas of the country, farmers should consider what can be done to make their soils more resilient for the years ahead, says Matthew Hyslop, Hutchinsons agronomist, based in Angus and Perthshire...
  18. Cope Seeds News

    Soil health benefits of herbal ley mixtures

    Soil health benefits of herbal ley mixtures The use of herbal leys within an integrated farming system can enable farmers to reduce input expenditure and improve soil health. Herbal leys have become more popular in recent years, although farmers have actually been planting grasses and pasture...
  19. Cope Seeds News

    Herbal leys: How they could help farmers satisfy new ELM criteria

    Herbal leys: How they could help farmers satisfy new ELM criteria Taylor Moore, assistant variety rep at Cope Seeds and Grain, outlines his views on why herbal leys can help to achieve the top three criteria outlines in the new Environmental Land Management scheme (ELM)… "Details on how...
  20. Cope Seeds News

    New herbal ley mixture for improved soil health

    New herbal ley mixture for improved soil health A new herbal mixture is being launched to the market to meet the growing need to improve soil health on farms. The herbal mixture has been formulated by seed and grain specialist, Cope Seeds, which, in addition to Hybrid and Perennial Ryegrass...