1. B

    How to compare feeds

    Looking at feeding from different places as winter starts here. Suckled calves usually wintered here after spending until spring. Feed silage and some cake. Usually has been 16% barley blend. How can I, easily, compare value and feed etc with various companies offerings... Quoted 18%...
  2. H

    Finishing store lambs on maize and brewers grains

    I read earlier that you can finish store lambs inside on a ration of 3.5kg of maize and 200g of brewers grains. Anyone else done/doing this? Any advice appreciated.
  3. Sir loin

    Is it too late to stich in clover.

    Was thinking of feeding clover seed mixed in with some oats/barley to my finishing lambs as a way of stitching in some clover to help combat next years nitrogen costs. With climate change giving us milder winters would this be a waste of time and money?
  4. B

    Sudden Death of Sucklers in This Weather.

    Anyone else had a rough time of time of it? We had a dead cow on Wednesday morning and then two more side by side this morning, all in the same field. Its very mild to bring them in ,which brings its own problems. They look content enough and have plenty straw , molasses and mag buckets...
  5. Agriland RSS

    Controlling heifer mastitis on dairy farms

    Written by Brian McDonnell from Agriland Heifer mastitis can be a significant issue on farms, with it threatening production and udder health in the first and subsequent lactations. The grazing season on most farms has come to an end after a significant amount of rainfall was experienced by...
  6. W


    If a cow is scanned carrying twins what do you do differently? Longer dry period? Feed more cake during dry period? Boluses/minerals? More than usual here scanned with twins. Hate them. Always have trouble with the second cleansing. Every time the wife gave birth, the mid wife gave her a jag of...
  7. S

    Dr Elaine Ingham/compost

    I've been dragged down a rabbit hole and wondered if anyone had already been? Her thoughts to me seem revolutionary but I've searched the forum and there's not a great deal of chatter about her ideas. Just wondering if there are any opinions or anyone seen any trial data?
  8. P


    Got a hefty shock today when pricing Rumevite today compared to last year!! Normally go for sheep super for a batch pre tupping, anyone else faced with the same? Any own label alternatives better on price?
  9. T

    Pig feed

    Ok so it probably has been asked before but here goes. We are red tractor for pigs and cereals. Now I know if I buy in grain it’s supposed to be from a red tractor farm but if I drop red tractor for my own cereals is there a problem with feeding the cereals as we already do.
  10. Full of bull(s)

    Feeding oats whole to cattle

    I am feeding moistened urea treated oats to cattle 6-18 months old. I know many feed them dry whole to young cattle fine as they cud more, when I feed them they are about 19% moisture. I wondered yesterday as my mill broke down would older cattle process them ok if instead of rolling, I soaked...
  11. Direct Driller Magazine

    From ‘No Hope in Heck’ to Regenerative No-Tilling

    From ‘No Hope in Heck’ to Regenerative No-Tilling Ian and Dianne Haggerty are using the concepts of “Natural Intelligence Farming” to build a regenerative enterprise focused on zero tillage, livestock integration and biologically sourced inputs that boost their soil resources and...
  12. H

    Moist Citrus Pulp

    Hello Folk I would like to ask a question to anyone in the south of England on here. Moist citrus pulp is a feed that has been around for donkeys year and in your part of the world you can buy it near enough as cheap as you can grow silage. it is and incredible source of energy at 13.5ME and...
  13. Direct Driller Magazine

    Optimising Soil Biology and Nutrition for Crop Production

    Optimising Soil Biology and Nutrition for Crop Production Written by Joel Williams When we begin to unpack the complex world of soil, of course there are many factors that contribute to the optimum functioning of a ‘healthy soil’ – be that chemical, physical or biological. That said, it is...
  14. B

    The f*****n useless workshy f****n b******rd NSF

    Jeeeeeesus they’re f******n useless. I f******n loathe their sh1t service, their arrogant indifference, their total and utter administrative incompetence, their supercilious nitpicking. Whole RT thing is a pain but these turd flinging windowlickers make it so much worse. Pri*cks. That’s...
  15. Simon Chiles

    Nitrogen fixing bacteria.

    With the recent escalation of Nitrogen prices it has occurred to me that growers are going to consider alternative sources of N. Having been involved with some initial work on N fixing bacteria I thought it might be useful to have a thread on here so that farmers can ask questions about some of...
  16. roseshep

    Lambs on sugar beet tops

    Any advise on lambs going on to sugar beet tops? Lambs have all had a mineral drench and access to rock salt but won’t have any grass run off. Any problems to look out for and will they do well?
  17. Ffermer Bach

    Carbon Neutral Milk

    Meet the British dairy farmers fighting back against the vegan plant-milk boom The creators of a pioneering, carbon-neutral product hope to reignite the nation's thirst for cow's milk BySue Quinn4 October 2021 • 6:00am Francis Clarke, MD of Trewithen Dairy which is pioneering a carbon-neutral...
  18. johnspeehs

    Suckler cow condition

    What 's everyone's opinion on changing spring calving suckler cows condition? Doe's it cause any problems letting them loss condition for a few months after housing for cows calving in February? Reason I'm asking is we had a lot of calving problems this spring and I put it down to the cows being...
  19. ollie989898

    Should essential foodstuffs be fortified?

    https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/sep/19/folic-acid-to-be-added-to-non-wholemeal-flour-under-new-uk-rules Folic acid is to be added to the most commonly consumed flours in the UK to help prevent spinal conditions in babies, the government has announced. Doctors advise pregnant women to...
  20. Matt

    GS4 legume and herb mixes v's a PRG grazing ley

    The people who have planted a GS4 option how are you finding they are performing against a decent grazing ley? Drought resistance/tolerance better I assume? Take Nitrogen prices out of the equation as any crop that doesn't need that looks more attractive at present. we would be medium clay...