1. Goldilocks

    Yield losses using Terpal in Barley

    Historically have used high N inputs and comprehensive growth regulator programmes in winter Barley , targeting 10 t/ha malting barley crops. In last few seasons gut feel is that i am getting significant yield hits from the last terpal application ( last couple of seasons has coincided with hot...
  2. T


    Does anyone grow rye to harvest with a combine. Looking at growing some for next harvest to feed pigs on. Any thoughts greatly appreciated
  3. Sid

    Straw shortener question.

    Read in a thread about straw shorter, which I am guessing is a spray, logic tells me it prevents lodging, but does it decrease straw yield drastically or just make the straw thicker and shorter? TIA
  4. C

    Canopy on Spring Oats

    Growing some Spring oats for first time, hasn't had any PGR upto now due to dry April and May (15mm) but have now had 21mm of rain in last few days and was going to but 0.5l of Canopy on tomorrow but just looked this evening and a good proportion of the plants have boots splitting with upto 8...
  5. W

    Spring oat bushel weight (how to increase)

    Anyone who grows spring oats regularly?, if so how do you influence specific weight in s oats.
  6. Zippy768

    Anybody NOT t2-ing, t1-ing etc because of frosts

    Unusually cold this week. Another frost this morning, so at least 3 this week now. Have T2 on wheat to do, T1 on SB and some beans to tidy up. All mixes containing a herbicide. Anybody not applying with such low night temps?
  7. B

    S barley

    Is it wise to put shortner on s Barley it’s growing well but it’s been and is forecast to stay dry for a while yet ?
  8. Feldspar


    Unless I've missed it, surprised this discussion hasn't started. Just about to start our earliest wheat. Have mid October Extase and Zyatt to do. Was planning CTL + epoxi, but now next week is looking wetter, do I drop some Imtrex in to make it up to equivalent of 0.8l/ha of Adexar?
  9. Robert

    Moddus - “Do not apply if crop is wet”???

    Not really picked up on this before - thinking practically - are we talking bone dry or just not straight after rain but ok as dew is beginning to lift??? Thanks
  10. Steevo

    What are you getting short of or finding harder to get?

    Nothing yet limiting me from doing things, but starting to find some products taking longer to source and/or prices seem to have jumped. I get the feeling some firms have increased their prices due in the main to shortage of stock and increases further back the supply chain.
  11. moretimeforgolf

    T0 anyone?

    All of our wheat was drilled at the end of October and 99% will see the combine. I’m due to spray pgr, manganese and Broadway Star this week and don’t see the point in adding a fungicide. Varieties - skyfall, firefly and extase. No ctl to use up and it’s set to stay dry . Just wondering what...
  12. bobk

    Dominator problem... HELP pls

    No elevator , thought the belt had gone , no , pulley is going , has it got a shearpin ? not had a proper look . tia
  13. T

    PGRs in barley. Please educate me.

    I've come to the realisation that I don't know enough about growth regulators and how they work. In fact I basically know nothing and this means that I'm just blindly following instructions from my agronomist and applying products without any idea how to assess if they are necessarily, cost...
  14. teslacoils

    Flat Corn

    Been to Birmingham today. Woah there's some flat wheat. Before I get excited for a new variety, would anyone care to comment on which of their wheat is on the way down? Out of ours, siskin after grass is going to need scraping up, and also a few patches of gravity. Gravity is not coming back...
  15. Rob_AD

    Salvaging whole crop

    A lot of our rye has gone down this year and we are pondering whether to mow the fields with a Big M and group it into rows. Have been told this is the best way to salvage the crop that’s on the ground but it could be at the expense of some of the heads which could get knocked off and lost...
  16. bankrupt

    Harvest 2019

    Anyone started yet?
  17. T

    Who else is sat waiting to get spraying

    Got a fair bit of spray to do just fed up with either rain or blowing a hooley . So today put boom lighting on the sprayer and a couple of extra work lights so I can just keep going and ain't restricted by daylight .
  18. N

    Barley Lodging

    Which winter varieties have stood up well to the last few days, and which haven't?
  19. bankrupt

    Getting a little wet

    Win some, lose some.
  20. M

    I’m still standing

    Just been to see a field of W Barley which I was worried that it might succumb to having a lie down but glad to see it’s still stood up ,,,,,, for the moment So who hasn’t been so lucky today after some pretty heavy rain