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    Spaldings to focus on tillage parts and vegetation maintenance at the Midlands Machinery Show

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Key products for renewing the performance of tillage implements with fresh soil-engaging parts will be a focus of the Spaldings stand at the Midlands Machinery Show on November 9/10 at the Newark Showground in Nottinghamshire. Spaldings Agriculture...
  2. T

    Case 946 mirrors

    I've got a 2 wd 946. it has the forward opening doors. It was without mirrors when i bought it. Has anyone got any ideas where these could be sourced. Or failing that if anyone has any close up pics of theirs so I can make some up? Couple of images on google but very grainy when you zoom in...
  3. hubbahubba

    Case puma phone holder.

    Hi searching but can find a phone holder that can bolt to the rectangular box section computer screen holder thingy on my case puma? I can find one that fix's to the back of the 700 screen but i would rather it never moved with the seat so charging cable doesnt flap about. Thanks
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    2022 Yamaha range revealed

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Yamaha has launched a new range of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and recreational off-road vehicles (ROVs). New special editions of the Kodiak 450 and 700 ATVs are both available with two tone paint work and alloy wheels, whilst the Grizzly ATV can now be...
  5. Mydexta

    International b275 lift arms

    Does anyone else who uses a b275 in the mounted classes find the lift arms too short, making the plough very close coupled at the back and bringing the front disc assembly very close to the arm and drop arm??? if so, what arms have you used to fix the issue??
  6. G

    NH T7 Cross shaft leak

    Noticed the cross shaft dripping oil yesterday. Is it going to be expensive or is there a seal in there that might be to blame ?
  7. NewlandFarmServices

    Tanco mini wrapper 404eh

    Hi I have recently acquired one of these mini wrappers, its not exactly a tanco one, its the red and yellow one before tanco took them on, but the same principle is the same i guess. Well its taken most of the week to get it working as it didn't come with the control box, so once that arrived...
  8. W

    Case optum. Punching well above its weight

    Sold our old jd 8530 (brilliant tractor) but have to say our new optum 300 is a beast a real pocket rocket. Replaced the 8530 and does the same heavy draft jobs but also nimble enough on a 18 tonne trailer or 3 m mower. Really impressed
  9. lostdog

    Mf gps question

    What does the little steering wheel do on the implement screen in the attached photo? As usual the book that came with the tractor bears no relation at all to what is on the screen
  10. YELROM

    TM gear box fault

    We have a New Holland TM155 power command that will only drive in first gear. It is in the field and i have not been to look at it but the lad says that no matter what gear you put it in it flashes CP for clutch pedal then when you press the clutch it changes down to first gear Anyone any ideas...
  11. SIABOD50

    establishing cover crops.

    Thinking about sowing some oats, and in another field phacelia, got this mad idea of rigging up a small hopper on powerharrow with some pipes to drop seeds down before packer only 3m wide shouldn't need too many outlets. Would this work ? Wouldn't be any depth control but seed should be...
  12. D

    Tank slapped drilling on RTX?

    Hi new to sat nav steering here, all is going pretty well other than an occasional wandering off line ending up in a wiggle unless I take over for a few metres outfit is a 4m combi drill and front ring press with a New Holland T7 in the middle running factory fit system on RTX I am assuming...
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    New look for Yamaha’s 2022 ATV range

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland With 2022 not far off, it’s time for the players in the UTV and ATV sector to strut their stuff ready for the new season, and Yamaha is no exception. New special editions of the Kodiak 450 and 700 ATVs are both available. These come with two-tone...
  14. Ormond

    Vaderstad rollers views

    Looking to buy a set of rollers, just hired up to now, the ones I hire 24” rings 8.3m do a good job especially on dry seedbeds after spring barley. Looking at a set of 10.2m vaderstad , I’d like to do more rolling on winter barley coming out of winter and these would fit well to my 20m...
  15. Farm Classifieds

    TE000330 - 2017 Spearhead 250HD Flail Mower

    TE000330 - 2017 Spearhead 250HD Flail Mower Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Mowers Flail Mower Price: £3500 Condition: Good Description Spearhead 2.80m 250HD Flail Mower, Front or Rear Mounted Rear Roller, Hydraulic Offset...
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    Horstine cascade avadex machine

    Horstine cascade avadex machine Advert added by: Stuart Dyson @Stu1910 Machinery Details Category: Sprayers Tractor-mounted sprayers Price: £27500 Condition: Excellent Description 2017 Horstine 24mtr avadex applicator. Barn stored. Excellent condition...
  17. B

    Wall Mounted Plasitic Bins

    Do you have them? are they worth buying for storing different nails, bolts, etc, if so were to buy from please?
  18. wellingtonfarmer

    Avadex applicator

    Looking for a trailed or mounted avadex applicator, anything considered
  19. Andyt880

    Kiwitech fencing PAC

    Anyone using one of these? Thinking about something to make fencing winter runs a bit easier. Currently just using geared reels. 2 strands is plenty for my ewes in winter but sometimes put out 3 for ewes with young lambs if there’s no hedge behind the fence. If I buy a 3 reel system can I just...
  20. Farm Classifieds

    T808957B - Used Mole Drainer

    T808957B - Used Mole Drainer Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Tillage Mole Drainers Price: £850 Condition: Used Description Own Label Single Leg Mole Drainer Rigid, Mounted How to make contact with the Dealer Click here to read...