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    Case New Holland buys lightweight boom business

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland There are mixed messages coming from the machinery industry over the future role of sprayers as manufacturers wonder which horse to back – conventional pesticide application or novel robotic destruction. Both Lemken and Fendt have stepped back from...
  2. M

    Build a small grain hopper - tips please

    Thinking of making a small hopper (doesn't need to hold more than a ton or so) to feed an old sieve cleaner we've got. Looked at a couple on ebay etc but am quite restricted on height etc. Also width, as would need to be wider than the loader bucket. So if I made one myself would galvanise or...
  3. C

    PTO cover

    As an employer, would you send an employee out working with this PTO?
  4. AndrewG

    Water trough for rotational grazing

    Looking for a good water trough for rotational grazing cattle, I am using a plastic jfc one at the moment moving with the cattle with quick connects on the pipe. Quite often the cattle are knocking the trough making it overflow or messing with the pipe turning the ballcock, looking for any...
  5. D

    John Deere 6150r won’t lower link arms

    Hi, I’ve a 6150r that refuses to lower link arms.. don’t seam to be snagging anywhere and I’ve tried putting weight on them to pull them down but no good.. buttons on rear mudguards won’t move them either.. any thoughts? Thanks
  6. R

    John Deere 3350A front loader hydraulics problem

    Hi everyone!!! Greetings from Croatia. My first post!!! I usually do hydraulics for excavators, but rarely I do work on tractros as well, if I can't wiggle my way out of it :) Friend has 3350A with front loader and wants to upgrade the distributor as original one is leaking and he wants to...
  7. Sole Hill Farm

    2003 Manitou MLA 628 engine cutting out

    Hi all and apologies asking for help in my first post! I have a 2003 (53) Manitou MLA 628 that I bought off of a friend on Friday (20.05.22) that has suddenly started cutting out - randomly. She was absolutely fine for the 5/6 mile drive home & fine for the first day of work but then today the...
  8. Tarw Coch

    Attaching trailer air brakes

    As above, is there a knack to attaching trailer air brakes? Having bought a trailer with air brakes I tried quite hard to attach them to the tractor and failed, it felt like trying to attach a hydraulic coupling under pressure. I must be doing something wrong, I can’t believe it should be that...
  9. tomlad

    'Old ' spud elevator digger

    Pulled out of storage I believe spud or root at least trailed elevator digger, looks complete Will be cut up soon but seems a shame 😕 Ive seen them with retro 3piont hitch so mounted for headlands .... Pr3 preston. 'Offers invited ' 😃
  10. PSQ

    Univoq / Iconiq drip stop issues?

    Anyone having issues with drip stop valve rubbers failing when spraying Corteva’s Univoq, Iconiq or similar? Seems to a bit of an issue among sprayer drivers having widespread DSV failure on FB.
  11. Kernowkid

    Clamp silage through a bale unroller

    Anyone putting clamp silage through a bale unroller? Seen the sheep man from Orkney doing it on YouTube. Looked to work but couldn’t see what machine he was using exactly. Don’t want a feeder wagon and not keen to go round bales. Looking for a simple way of feeding clamp silage either on a...
  12. Bogweevil

    Farm vehicles approaching weights of sauropods

    Interesting that no mention of soil moisture factor: The total weight of laden combine harvesters has increased nearly 10-fold, from around 4,000 kg in 1958 to about 36,000 kg in 2020 (SI Appendix, Table S1), with wheel loads of the front axle increasing from 1,500 to 12,500 kg (SI Appendix...
  13. S

    Opico Nitrojet

    Does anybody have experience of using Opico Nitrojet liquid fert sprayer when planting OSR? Also does anyone know where there might be one for sale second hand? Thanks
  14. Aspiring Peasants


    I know disc mowers are more popular than drum mowers but I really dislike my Krone disc mower. It's on its fifth season, it's unreliable and is hard to get as tidy a job as with the vicon drum mower we used to have. Looking at alternatives, has anyone got a Weaving drum mower which I think are...
  15. Henery

    Recommend me a knapsack sprayer

    Haven’t had on for years and need to do some serious weed control around new hedge plants. Any make better / more reliabl / better to operate?
  16. Farm Classifieds

    AM000266 - 2021 Kverneland FRO280 Topper

    AM000266 - 2021 Kverneland FRO280 Topper Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Mowers Flail Topper Price: £7750 Condition: New Description KVERNELAND FRO280 TOPPER 2.8M FLAIL TOPPER FRONT AND REAR MOUNTED DOUBLE SKIN...
  17. Farm Classifieds

    CM000067 - 2021 Kverneland 9035 Rake

    CM000067 - 2021 Kverneland 9035 Rake Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Rakes Price: £4950 Condition: New Description Kverneland 9035 Rear Mounted 3.50m Rake 1 Rotor, 10 Tine arms per rotor, Rigid, Year: 2021 How to make contact...
  18. M-J-G

    Red Clover

    Who's growing it, and what are the up/down sides. I'm wondering about feeding it to young stock and restricted to sucklers along with straw. TIA
  19. Farm Classifieds

    T2025240 - 2011 Dragone 2.5m Flail Mower

    T2025240 - 2011 Dragone 2.5m Flail Mower Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Mowers Flail Mower Price: £3250 Condition: Good Description Dragone 2.5M Flail mower Front and Rear Mounted Rear roller, Hydraulic offset, Hammer...
  20. B

    Food Banks Whats Going On?

    Im old enough to remember the 3 day week in the early 1970s ( i was at school then), when the country had days without any electricity? miners were on strike, brought the heath govt. down? and other hard recessions up to now? It just seems to me the population has got so soft over the years, and...