1. Massey 6470

    Rear vf tyres

    Xeobib 710/60/38 vs 650/60/42 tyres for a 200 up 4 cyl
  2. its.... only me

    710/60/ x 42 v 650/75 x 38… which is best !

    I am looking at several second hand tractors all same model/ hp. Some have 710/60 x 42 & 600/60 x 30 & one has 650/75 x 38 & 600/65 x 28 tyres. Which would be the better tyre traction-wise for ploughing, sub-soiling, X-pressing etc. ? We have a slightly smaller tractor on the 650/75 x 38 &...
  3. ian828

    VF tractor tyres

    Looking at a set Bridgestone VF 710 70 42. Not had any experience with VF tyres and choose is limited at its a new build tractor so only being offered Bridgestone or Michelin in VF. I could put a set of non VF 710s on and change them to a set of VF of my choice and sell the non VF ones
  4. Stw88

    On line tractor tyres

    Do many people buy tractor tyres on line? look reasonable prices. Which web site is best. Will obviously ring local suppliers as well but thought it was worth having some prices to bounce off them. Sadly need a few 😒
  5. S

    Proven tyres to last

    Don't mind paying a bit extra for tyres for good stuff. Need tyres for a tractor which will never wear them out instead they will perish in about 20 years probably. Which tyres last the longest without perishing out too quickly? They will still probably have 80 per cent on them in 20 years. It...
  6. D

    Tyre noise

    Fitted a set of 650/65r38 tyres to a 23 inch rim,would the rim cause the tyres to be noisy on the road?
  7. S

    John Deere 6130R XeoBibs

    What are people’s thoughts experiences of above? I know a few on here are running 650/60R38 how are you getting on with them? They have slightly smaller diameter and sit a bit “lower” than 600/65R38 standard tires, has this been an issue, annoying for anyone. Have also read that you can...
  8. Big_D

    Used tractor tyre suppliers

    Does anyone have details of used tractor tyre dealers I could try? Looking for a 600/65r38 and a 480/65r28 both around 50%. Have rung round a few but nothing suitable yet.
  9. Charles Quick

    Second tractor - which tyre!?

    Afternoon all, Due to circumstances we have decided to replace the tyres on our 20 year old MF6290. It was on Michelin XM108, 650/65/R38 rears and 540/65/R28 fronts. Great tyres in my opinion. Now our front-line tractor, an MF7480 is on identically sized Multibibs, 60% worn. Again decent tyres...
  10. Ali_Maxxum

    Michelin or Trelleborg?

    Which would you choose? On a new tractor. Any user experiences welcome. Could have Mitas again but happy to pay the extra. Not interested in Firestone. BKT not an option. Have driven tractors with both on 650/540 sizes. I've never felt too safe on Michelins on banks, whether they've been pumped...
  11. Mounty

    Michelin vs Alliance - Worth the extra?

    Got quotes today on a pair of tyres today 650/75/R30. Michelin Axiobib and Alliance 372. The Michelin's work out £1250 more for the pair. They're also offering £250 cashback until the end of the month so makes them a grand more. Worth the extra wedge?
  12. PSQ

    Opinions on Bridgestone VT / VX tyres?

    Considering a set of VF type tyres and wondering if anyone has experience of either the low pressure Bridgestone VT range or the new VX more ‘road oriented’ tyres. Will be used for all arable jobs and a bit of road work. For what it’s worth it’s 600/70-28 fronts and 710/70-38. TIA
  13. Farm Classifieds

    650/65 R38 + 540/65 R28 Michelin Multibib Tyres inc. John Deere Rims

    650/65 R38 + 540/65 R28 Michelin Multibib Tyres inc. John Deere Rims Advert added by: James Thompson @jimt Machinery Details Category: Parts and Maintenance Tyres Price: £4000 Condition: New Description New tyres and rims from a jd 6145r never used bought in 2017...
  14. S

    Tyre pressures

    4.2t Tractor on 540/65’s on the rear and 480/65’s on the front. How low could I drop the pressure in these? Towing rolls on soft reseeds, nothing mounted. Thanks
  15. Farm Classifieds

    Michelin Multibib set

    Michelin Multibib set Advert added by: JB Tyres Machinery Details Category: Parts and Maintenance Wheels Price: £ Condition: Used Description Set of take offs Michelin Multibib 540/65 R30 Tread around 40 650/65 R42 Tread around 30 How to make contact...
  16. Colliedog

    Setting suspension accumulator pressures for the perfect ride.

    *Whilst this post is based around the CNH Terraglide 1 system the principle is the same for all hydraulic suspensions and the discussion is open for various machines.* I have heard from many people that the latest Terraglide on the newer 4B tractors works very well but I think its fair to say...
  17. 6

    New Tyres for 250hp tractor

    Looking to replace a set of tyres on a 250hp tractor... Tractor is used mainly for cultivation and drilling,but does a fair bit of road work when needed....Normally run Michelin Mach x bibs but have spoken to vredestein rep at Lamma that reckons traxion xxl are a better option!!!! But obviously...
  18. Scrambler

    Which 650/65 38 tyres to choose?

    It's a rare event for me to have to replace any tractor tyres, but the original fit Continental 650/65 38's on my JD 6830 have started to crack on the inside and will soon need to be swapped. Looking on-line I can see some tyres have the prefix IF or VP and claim to be able to run significantly...
  19. its.... only me

    MF 7700 series rear wheel weights.

    Is anybody running two weights per wheel on 7700 series - on 650/65 x 42 tyre. A rep. told me he wouldn’t advise on that - or 620/70 x 42 ? We are currently running one/ wheel

    Valtra direct issue

    Any gurus out there that can help me N174 Direct won’t let me make it go faster than 49K got all the forward/reverse settings right and even the speed restricter settings right just won’t let me use the speed limit in dial any further. All full bar the last one. Works fine in A-C but in D just...