1. T

    Loan interest rates

    Just wondering What everybody else’s business loan rates are at? Lowest i have found so far (haven’t looked to deep into it) is a 6% small business government back loan, looking at a fixed rate ,repayment over 5 years, Looking at borrowing £25-£30,000. any body got any recommendations...
  2. W

    T1 winter wheat

    What are people using and when are you starting
  3. Yorkshire lad

    Told off by the bank

    We are a family partnership consisting of parents and two sons we can all sign cheques and need just one signature. My mother and I are the only ones who use online banking and have done so for 10 years , brother and dad have aversions to computers Last week the device that generates a...
  4. H

    Accounts software

    Iam taking over the paying of farm accounts, family farm. what soft ware are people using. require it to be simple and easy to use any help appreciated
  5. Formatted

    Ag/Commercial mortgages

    Does anyone have any experience in low deposit mortgages where there is a high amount of business income but the property is also residental? For example poultry unit with a house. We've found somewhere we could potentially buy but high street banks are struggling a bit as the income to pay the...
  6. Still Farming

    Interest rates on the Up.

    Chancellor raised rates today.
  7. K

    Accounting software - any farming ones recommended?

    Hi all I have a small farm business and have to ‘go digital’ this year for VAT returns etc. Non-farming friends have recommended Xero. Apparently it might have an agricultural package you can add on? Does anyone have any experience of this or is there a good one that most farmers use? I...
  8. Woolless

    Making Tax Digital

    I have swerved going down the digital route until now, just use a spreadsheet and number the invoices to tie in but I need to bite the bullet now. So can anyone point me in the direction of/give me an idiot's guide? Software recommendations? Will my January VAT return need to be digital or can I...
  9. Juggler

    AMC recommendations?

    I currently have no borrowing but could do with raising some money to carry out improvements to the land/buildings and house, good salary coming in from full time employment and decent income from the diversified farm business. The last bank I had a mortgage with need a business plan before...
  10. steveR

    Banks requiring business details?

    I have seen a thread in the past (but cannot see it now!) about teh banks requiring more business details about their customers, under the guise of anti fraud and other legislation. I had one from Barclays last week and am surprised at just how bloody nosey they are being, and also I question...
  11. Little Karoo


    Hello Everyone We're thinking of changing Banks as ours doesn't seem to understand Farmers ! Any ideas? Thanks in advance Heather
  12. nonemouse

    The annual got my BPS thread

    Has nobody started this thread yet? Usually plenty of people bank statement watching by now? Or are all the arable men to awash with money with the high cereal prices?
  13. teslacoils

    No gas suppliers

    21m homes have gas. 4m customers have had their supplier shut / administration after today's announcement. Six months and how many will be left without removing the price cap?
  14. 4

    bps anyone checked status

    can hardly believe what ive just seen in our status ,moved on to prep from checking
  15. Yorkshire lad

    CF Fertilisers

    I’ve had an email yesterday that CF are stopping production of AN at Billingham and Ince, due to the cost of gas . It doesn’t say how long for, but it’s not good news How have government allowed one company to have all the AN production in the uk . I thought there were laws regarding monopolies
  16. Exfarmer

    Digital accounts for VAT and inland Revenue

    I know most on here will have changed over a couple of years ago. It now seems it is the turn of the smaller traders. Any recomendations for best system? I quite literally only do at most a dozen invoices a month
  17. M

    5/10 year Business plans

    Hello, I’m looking for some advise/help does anyone provide a service that can help create a Business plan for a tenancy. We are current young farmers farming 2 small bft but looking to progress futher. We currently have 55 suckers, a small flock of sheep, a few pigs we have about 50 acres plus...
  18. N


    Having banked with them for more than I remember they needs forms filling in to confirm I am who I say I am and business details .Think it all to do with covid
  19. B

    Agricultural banking

    Hi all. Here in Norfolk we've lost our Barclays agricultural managers,and have to use a centralised agricultural team, no more discussing rates over coffee and hobnobs. How are others getting on with banks and are they doing the same thing. Cheers
  20. Av Gorritt

    smartphone locked

    I see there's an offer on S10 smartphones but they are locked to either vodafone or EE . Is this permanent , or could one be changed on to giff gaff if necessary ? My S9 is just looking a bit weary . I'm not worried about the better camera - I'm happy with the one on S9 , so would it be a...