1. Kevtherev

    The countryside

    Now then little thought today whilst hedgecutting and the way the countryside looks today is because it’s a ‘managed landscape’.Whatt happens with rewilding and maintenance of footpaths etc as my pic from today clearly shows? Do ramblers get stranded in the brambles to be left and savaged by...
  2. J

    How to and cost of growing corn 🙈

    Hi all, venturing to a side of the forum I've never been to 😬 I'm looking at growing corn for the first time next year and as daft as it sounds have very little knowledge on how to grow it! I grow wholecrop barley successfully (10tdm/ha) so hoping to do the same but combine it. What yields can...
  3. G

    Match this spline please

    Its 50mm across
  4. C

    Triple K tines. ?

    Sumoed land got 2” rain on it Tuesday and is a bit sad Got the Triple K out of the nettles and it’s pulling the top over lovely..... letting it nap and Vaderstadt drilling going great But Snapped a Triple K tine and only have one spare found Agri-Linc selling them but has anyone any other...

    Kuhn hydraulic piggyback

    A friend is looking for a hydraulic piggyback to fit a 3001 Kuhn powerharrow, anyone got 1 in the nettles?
  6. richard hammond

    Can No-till /Regen Agric survive without glyphosate? if not we are DOOMED!! I think it can..

    Just my thoughts!
  7. R

    Vaddy Ribbed tyres - 690/70/15 - wanted

    Looking for full wheels or tyres 690/70/15 - that all you budding vaddy users probably have at the back of the work shop/ in the nettles now you all have shiny new ones!!!! Prefer around Suffolk/ Essex, but let me know. Cheers
  8. NoHornsTaa

    Ewe with photosensitivity?

    I have a Teeswater ewe that has exclusively scabby ear tips and heels. There aren't any scabs anywhere else on her that I can see, and she isn't losing wool :unsure: No one else in the flock seems affected, just her. I've blue sprayed a couple of times to no effect, though it doesn't look sore...
  9. C

    Best break crop for busting compaction

    Thoughts on whether compaction can be resolved with root crops? E.g. fodder radish. Got some ground that was dug for gravel and topsoil dozed back on (v. thin in some places), decades ago but drainage has been horrendous ever since. TIA
  10. Panzer

    Glyphosate shortage

    Heard there is a shortage of glyphosate.
  11. GAM


    Are thistles like Docks, if you pull them and leave a little bit of root they will grow back?
  12. Agriland RSS

    Controlling grassland weeds now sets up pastures for optimal growth next spring

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland The weather this spring was not conducive to dealing with grassland weeds. Many, such as docks, thistles, and nettles, have grown on, set seed and dominated a greater area than before. However, all is not lost. Recent mild and wet weather means now is...
  13. Clive

    New SFI Capital grants on used machinery etc

    In the recent DEFRA q&a with Janet Hughes we discussed a members question that asked why capital grants were only available on new equipment when most farmer bought used Reason given was it was very difficult to set a mechanism that wasn’t potential open to abuse from dealers etc (or how do you...
  14. F

    Brexit again.
  15. W

    Massey Ferguson 711 potato harvester

    I would to own a M F 711 potato harvester . What are their weaknesses, and are they easy to find?
  16. Sandpit Farm

    How late is it ok to spray nettles?

    We have rain forecast for the next couple of weeks here. I have some hill ground that is riddled with nettles and I have been carefully spraying with a knapsack on dry days in between other jobs. How late in the year would you spray? I feel like some of the more mature plants aren't really...
  17. Muck Spreader

    Unmowable Grass!

    Last field to cut this year, five acres of a second year cocksfoot ley that has been left too late. It's so thick and heavy the can't get though it at all. The mower just wraps grass around the end tophat till it jams on the swath disk and burns the pto clutch. Even mowing with the mower...
  18. TheEarlOfMoray

    Lorry driver shortage

    How bad is it? I asked a rep to get my rape shifted asap this morning as need the space for barley but he said he would try his best but can’t promise anything due to the lorry driver shortage in the country. Personally think he’s at it but could be wrong.
  19. Dave W

    Forschritt swather. Anyone got one?

    Similar to the one pictured. Trying to modify it to front mounted hydraulic drive. Just need some info on how the auger is mounted
  20. Greythundercloudys

    What to charge, Scottish water.

    This won't happen till 2023, but l own an area of land right next to a water reservoir and its going to get major work done on it, probably 3 or 4 months work, so lv had a kinda land agent on the phone about the water people using this area for car park, probably water tanks, etc, what would the...