1. Greythundercloudys

    What to charge, Scottish water.

    This won't happen till 2023, but l own an area of land right next to a water reservoir and its going to get major work done on it, probably 3 or 4 months work, so lv had a kinda land agent on the phone about the water people using this area for car park, probably water tanks, etc, what would the...
  2. N

    EA job advert in FW

    Anyone else read the ad in the FW for a Agriculture regulatory inspection officer.I find the ad reads like bully boys needed,
  3. Phil P

    Are the General public completely oblivious to the dangers of large farm machinery?

    A few of days ago while combining a field with a footpath alone one side I had a very near miss with a member of the public! The footpath was clear as I’d started cutting along it andI was chopping the straw so a lot of dust blowing towards the path. Well, a woman had walked at pace and got...
  4. F

    Ifor Williams Canopy

    Looking for an Ifor Williams canopy to fit a 2009 L200
  5. S

    Howard Dung spreader wheel sizes

    I’ve got a Howard dung spreader that has resided in the stinging nettles for a while and I have a job for the chassis and axles. Due to being in its resting place for a long time needs a pair of new tyres but I can’t read what sizes they are! Anybody got any ideas on what tyre sizes they used...
  6. Yellow Trousers

    Mass Balance sheet

    WTF is this ?? How can I get it done by tomorrow 11am?
  7. Ffermer Bach

    BBC Radio 4 Today Programme

    Just listened to a section on the Today programme about the new report out and interview with Minette Batters and also Helen Browning (I think Soil Association), I thought they were ok in what they said, especially Helen saying the cost of food does not but should include the "society" costs of...
  8. Joe2021

    Furrow press width help

    Hi all, recently got a new to us varri width plough, came with a press arm. I didn’t buy the press with it cos they wanted an extra £4K for it and thought I could pick one up a lot cheaper than that. Anyway…. I’ve got chance of 3m press good condition and ye right money , will I be ok with it...
  9. Selectamatic

    What gets rid of Docks?

    Had a walk around my hay earlier today, mowing Tuesday…? last year there were no docks in it at all, suddenly, this year, loads!! What can I spray to kill them when they start to regrow after a cut of hay? Problem is, I only want to kill the docks, not the clover etc etc…
  10. milkloss

    I can't believe what I just read! BBC

    In a good way........
  11. Old Spot

    Electric sprayer flow valve

    Hi I have a cleanacres (knight) sprayer the flow regulator valve is corroded where do sprayers go to die? do they sell such things does anyone have one on a scrap one stuck in the nettles
  12. Aspiring Peasants

    Topping grassland

    Just after people's opinions. What would you top this with? Rotary topper Flail topper Disc mower I've done it before with a rotary topper but I think it leaves a rough finish so the grass doesn't recover as well . Also used a lot of shear bolts. Cut it all with disc mower first year we had it...
  13. Bignor Farmer

    What bit of kit do I need?

    ….to keep this bank tidy outside my house? Clearly I’ve lost the motivation to keep it strimmed! Probably 60m long x 10m wide and 45degrees. Thinking some kind of pedestrian mower that could run across the slope? Doesn’t need to look like a lawn but would be nice to whiz over it once a month...
  14. bobk

    3m packer roller for power harrow

    Anyone got one in the nettles , cheers
  15. It was already broken.

    Weedwiper clogging up!

    I got a new weedwiper from Logic to tow with the quad this season. I used it with MCPA (pasture master) a few weeks ago no problem. Put some roundup through it to do rushes and some thistlex. Now I am back on MCPA the chem seems to 'curdle' in the tank and block up the filters and nozzles within...
  16. T

    Help needed identifying a flail mower...

    We have recently moved to a smallholding and several of the paddocks have been neglected, with masses of nettles, brambles and bracken. So, to try and clear it, I bought myself a secondhand flail mower to trail behind my quad bike. It has worked great for the two fields.... but the third, with...
  17. D

    violent dog walker

    So what is the best way with these people. In the field earlier loading some insect netting, noticed a guy running spaniels 150 metres from path from one end of field to the other. I stopped tractor asked him to keep dogs under close control, extremely threating & violent. I'm in dry stone...
  18. A

    Boomless ATV sprayer

    Does anyone use one of these? I see you can get them up to 25’ thought it might be handy for steep/wet/rough bits mostly using mcpa. Just wondered if they worked well or do they not carry enough liquid for that amount of coverage?
  19. J

    new small square balers

    is the new incarnation of welger still manufacturing small balers? what other brands are available and at what price?
  20. BobGreen

    Steel price

    Price of steel going up yet again. When you think it’s reached its peak off it rises again ! Have to hope when production finally matchs demand that prices get back to a reasonable level.