new holland t5.105

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    New Holland T5 105 Spool Valve and road bounce help

    I'm newish to tractors so please don't shoot me for the dumb questions. I've a New Holland Boomer 50 which wasnt quite cutting it for what I needed, so have just bought a New Holland T5 105. Two very different beasts I know. The boomer spool valves took my 4 Ton tipping trailer no problems but...
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    New Holland T5.105 pto selector issue

    Hi All, So on the t5.105 you need to pull the black handle up and click the yellow switch to change between 540, 540E and 1000 pto rpm. Unfortunatly someone has pulled the gear selector without pressing the yellow switch to dosengage the pto brake and now the selector doesn't change the speeds...
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    New Holland t5.105 gearbox/clutch problems

    Hi All, Got a bit of a problem with a 1.5 year old New Holland t5.105 with 24 x 24 Powershuttle hi Low splitter. Every now and again when you try and drive in II and second gear the clutch engages and the tractor moves but as the clutch reaches the top it just cuts out as if its in neutral. Has...