new holland

  1. Brisel

    Subtle yet effective Hi Vis clothing

    This might sound like an oxymoron, but bear with me. My boss has been recommended to insist that all staff wear high vis clothing in the farm yard. I have some sympathy with this - we run a commercial grain store and Christmas tree retail operation as well as a large contract farming...
  2. Kildare

    Free flow return.

    I have a trailed sprayer needing a constant hyd flow to operate the booms. The two pipes are plugged into the standard couplings on the tractor. No problem until I changed the tractor to another. I find the return pipe has popped out a couple of times. What's the problem. Worn coupling? Too...
  3. M

    Loader for JXU

    I'm considering selling our 40-something year old 2wd loader tractor and instead getting a loader for our Case JX100U. Don't know much about loaders at all, wondering what the best options are - Quicke/Trima/Case/any other (maybe cheaper) makes worth considering? It won't be doing a massive...
  4. B

    Importing a NH BB950 baler

    Hi, I'm looking to import a New Holland BB950 baler from Europe. What is the paperwork like now we have left the EU?
  5. R

    New Holland 65 baler wanted.

    We are looking for a NH 65 baler in good working condition. Any help in sourcing / locating one would be appreciated.
  6. JR27

    Trimble GFX-350/XCN-750 camera or cable

    Anyone know of a camera that's directly compatible with the '5 pin B code' expansion port on the above GPS? Or a readily available adaptor cable? Struggling to find anything googling, seems it's a different port to the previous generation. Or is it a case of buying a male plug and making a cable...
  7. F


    Could anyone who runs one of these give me any good and bad points about them please? Common faults, output etc. Also does it smash the straw up badly or is that not as bad as is made out. many thanks
  8. B

    Loosening seized bolts

    As in attached photo. The 2 pieces are the tiniest fraction loose, yet the bolts are seized solid, won't loosen or tighten. It's for a 100 series MF Would it be OK to get a welder to join the 2 pieces together?
  9. Farm Classifieds

    New Holland CR9090 Combine Harvester

    New Holland CR9090 Combine Harvester Advert added by: Russell Group and Hallmark Tractors Machinery Details Category: Combines Combine Harvester and Accessories Price: £0 Condition: Description New Holland CR9090 ...
  10. Cowabunga

    Cabs rusting

    While cabs are far better built nowadays than they were back in the 1970's and 80's there is still one remaining black spot. There may be more but this is the only common rust issue I know of. It is the roof of MF tractors. They are made of thin mild steel and they rust like heck. This just...
  11. Cmoran

    John Deere direct drive gearbox?

    I’m looking at a 2013 R series in my local garage but it a direct drive gearbox what are they like?ive only ever had power quad and they are bullet proof
  12. Ormond

    Clocks in machines

    Why does it seem an issue to put a clock in a machine that can keep the correct time.....£60k Manitou..... Clock loses at least an hour and a half every 100 Holland.....not as bad but can't keep the a £1 watch off eBay.....probably try accurate..... Joke
  13. Farm Classifieds

    New Holland TH7.42 Elite

    New Holland TH7.42 Elite Advert added by: Robert D Webster Ltd Machinery Details Category: Loaders and Attachments Telehandler Price: £ Condition: Excellent Description Elite spec 500/70 R24 tyres, Boom suspension, Pin and Cone carriage, Pick up Hitch, Approsimatly...
  14. UTV Products

    Road legal LED headlights

    We have our road legal UTV led head lamps in stock to suit a wide variety of tractors and models as listed below: New Holland TM, TM Supersteer, TL, TS, 40/60 series, L. Massey Ferguson 300, 3000, 3100, 3600, 4200, 4300, 6100, 6200, 8100, 8200 series John Deere 00, 10, 20 series. Also suit 30...
  15. Foregoneconclusion

    Changing my Puma. For 140 hp with Loader recommendations!

    As title says. Its time to change out to fresher machine and would like to get a tractor with a loader. My puma is my front line tractor doing anything from trailer work through to primary and seconday cultivation and grass seeding. So don't want a big lump of a machine but would like to try...
  16. Steevo

    Trimble GPS - preferably 750

    Case or New Holland version considered too. EZ-Pilot would be interested too.
  17. Case140

    XCN (tmx) 2050 convergence issue

    Hi guys, I have a xcn (new holland flavour) tmx 2050 running Rangepoint rtx. I have updated the firmware but am having random non convergence events this year. Usually takes full 5- 10 mins on startup to converge..Generally once going it is fine. But sometimes drops out and again wont converge...
  18. T

    Howard rotovator input shaft

    Evening all, Got a HR 40 rotovator with a sheared input shaft. I can get a new one from new Holland but it's strong money to say the least and kramp have a long lead time. Does anyone know of a breaker of such machines or anyone carrying new old stock from when either Howard or dowdeswell...
  19. C

    New Holland TX - CX Combines wanted

    New Holland TX 32 -34 New Holland TX 62-63-65-65 New Holland CX 760-780 New Holland CX 8040-8050
  20. Jack Russell

    Skid steers

    Evening, Just thinking about getting a skid steer to make mucking out the awkward spots in the pigs a bit easier. I’m sure there will be other work come along as well. Having never h-ad anything to do with them, what makes are there that are worth looking at and where’s a good place to find them?