new holland

  1. Ali_Maxxum

    Electric fan on tractor engine?

    Pros/cons? Has anyone retro fitted an electric fan to a machine? Or specced a new one with one? Have always thought they should work more efficiently? Assume great in a car with good continuous air flow on the road but certainly maybe not so with a tractor in the middle of a hot dusty...
  2. The Ruminant

    Best jumper

    I like a good, chunky woollen jumper. I’ve tried woo lovers but find quality v poor. I’m currently wearing a Samuel Windsor - poor finish but ok once you’ve sewn up the badly sewn seams etc. What is everyone else wearing, Jumper wise?
  3. bobk

    Should schools and uni's go back , Not a POLL now

    Imo no , hold em back for 6 weeks and get the vaccine rolled out Poll hasn't appeared ffs :banghead:
  4. C

    Typical power/size vs. acreage?

    Hey all, I hope you don't mind indulging this non-farmer but I'm very curious about the typical size and power of tractors - plus the size of implements - you use vs. the size of fields/farm that you're working on? I've been reading through a lot of machinery threads and trying to collate the...
  5. S

    Career change

    Hello, I am in my mid 20s and am currently in the final year of a Bsc Psychology degree. My initial aim was to use my degree to work towards a career related to psychology or healthcare. However, I have always had an interest in the countryside and rural life, with a yearning to spend my days...
  6. J

    mower conditioners pros and cons

    thinking of changing my 8ft kuhn mower conditioner for a9ft or 10ft one. any thoughts on sizes and makes.
  7. Ninjago

    4m Combination Drill weight

    Currently run a 3m Amazone super power harrow and drill combination but looking to move to a 4m setup. Probably either a Kuhn, Lemken or Amazone. All heavy duty models (260hp tractor) with a rear tank. Is there much difference in their weights? Thanks