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    New Holland BR7060

    New Holland BR7060 Advert added by: Russell Group and Hallmark Tractors Machinery Details Category: Balers Round baler Price: £6750 Condition: Description New Holland BR 7060 Super feed year 2010 Rotor feeder No crop cutter Net wrap only Bale...
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    New Holland T7.210

    New Holland T7.210 Advert added by: Russell Group and Hallmark Tractors Machinery Details Category: Tractors Farm Tractors Price: £72400 Condition: Description New Holland T7.210 Classic StageV Range Command, 50kph, 2021, Exhaust Brake, 1000kg Block, 650/65R38, 540/65R28, 3...
  3. JJT

    Rotating beacon motor

    Beacon on my new holland beacon stopped wizzing round, so tool it apart and the motor is knackered. Googled the number on the motor and came up with the company who made it. Emailed them in China and got a reply that yes they could supply that motor at a cost of 0.92c (y) only down side is...
  4. F

    Best tractor you owned

    What’s the best tractor you ever owned and reason. For me it’s a challenger 765. Bought by mistake in an online auction. While browsing thru auctions listing one morning at breakfast the wife asked if I was interested in buying it as I was looking over the pictures. My comment was it would be...
  5. N

    NH CX860 Straw elevator lower shaft dishes

    Going through the combine this week, and I've noticed that the straw elevator chain has worn one side of one of the idler dishes (pictured). The others all appear ok, so it seems daft to replace the whole lot. The dishes appear to be spun, and are welded on the tubular shaft. New Holland don't...
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    T H White group completes acquisition of Murley Agricultural Supplies

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland The T H White Group has now completed the acquisition of Murley Agricultural Supplies Ltd, including its agriculture, construction, garden machinery and smallholders & estates operations at Warwick and Stourport. Murley’s Vehicle business is not part of...
  7. Cloonpotatoes

    8*3*3 baler

    Preferably a mf, new holland or similar as we already run a 1010. Condition is more important than age.
  8. D

    Damaged camshaft bearings

    Hello, Looking for advice please. Low oil pressure light was flickering when warm. Replaced oil pump and crankshaft bearings, which were not too bad and pump working well. But did not cure the problem. Removed camshaft and discovered the bearings were not good (picture attached). Hoping...
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    NEW HOLLAND TS100 4WD with CHILTON POWER LOADER Advert added by: CRG NICHOL Machinery Details Category: Tractors Farm Tractors Price: £19995 Condition: Used Description 2001 Y REG NEW HOLLAND TS100 4WD TRACTOR C/w CHILTON POWER LOADER, 8250 Hrs. TEL...
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    New Holland 650

    New Holland 650 Advert added by: Mason Bradshaw Machinery Details Category: Balers Round baler Price: £1500 Condition: Used Description Spare/repair, last used 2019, needs new belts and pickup slip clutch, but all was working when put away. Always been barn stored. How...
  11. S

    Case Puma cvx transmission

    What are they like? Is it their own or zf or another make ? user opinion, is it user friendly Thanks
  12. O

    I remember when.............

    All this canter about electronics, powershift transmissions, computer control etc just makes me smile when I cast my mind back to 1966 when a new Nuffield 10/60 arrived to boost a fleet of 460's. My Gosh - 10 gears instead of 5 just with another lever! Whatever will they think of next?
  13. tomcat67

    Situation Vacant Skilled Farm Machinery Operator

    Experienced Sprayer Operator/Drill Driver/Fertiliser Spreader Operator required for family run, predominately arable mixed farm on Romney Marsh, Kent to operate Sands Vision Sprayer, Quad Trac/Sumo DTS and New Holland/Kuhn Axis, all equipped with GPS. Variety of combinable crops and potatoes...
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    Stoll fz45.1 NH TM150 brackets

    Stoll fz45.1 NH TM150 brackets Advert added by: @ih1455xl Machinery Details Category: Loaders and Attachments Front-end loader Price: £5000 Condition: Excellent Description Stoll fz45.1 profiline loader with brackets come off New Holland tm150 everything is included joy...
  15. J

    Case RBX 452 baler

    Hi I need a baler to bale silage, haylege and hay. Would a case 452 baler suit me or does anybody know of any issues with them. thank you in advance for any information.👍
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    New Holland CR960

    New Holland CR960 Advert added by: Russell Group and Hallmark Tractors Machinery Details Category: Combines Combine Harvester and Accessories Price: £0 Condition: Description New Holland CR960 2005, 24ft HC Header, Cheval rape ext, 900/60R38 , 2336 & 2003 Hours...
  17. onesiedale

    Who was the idiot......?

    .....that drove a tractor and 30' trailer from Stoke to Shrewsbury today and didn't pull in once to let traffic past. (That's over 30 miles on a single carriageway trunk road) All the good PR that so many in our industry do without any gratitude just gets dumped on the roadside when a pillock...
  18. Greythundercloudys

    Had it with my 250.

    That me finally going to give up on my class 250rc, spent 1200 on it 10 days ago, roller repair and guy fitting it, only for that 3 roller pressure thing to break a roller today, so after spending thousands on it over 10 years that's the last sort, have to find a contractor to bale the rest...
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    Are machinery price hikes purely a result of production problems?

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland New machinery price hikes may not be solely the result of rising material costs and component shortages, according to the president of the French major machinery trade organisation. A report from a press conference in the magazine La France Agricole...
  20. J

    v 660 control box

    is there a small battery in the control box to hold the time and net meters from previous use?