new holland

  1. L

    New holland cr 980 operators manual

    Hello! Where can i buy a new holland cr 980 operators manual? It will help if it s a download link, not a cd or a book.
  2. A

    New Tractor

    Looking to buy a new 150 hp ish (plus boost) tractor. Massey, Deutz, Case or New Holland? Thoughts and experiences please? TIA
  3. T

    New Holland Dealership Re-Shuffle

    A lot or rumours going around that New Holland are about to Re-Shuffling the Irish dealer network, I wonder is this true or just rumours ???
  4. A

    New Holland T5050 rear linkage dropping

    Hello, I have a problem with my T5050. I noticed that rear linkage does not stay in the same position and it is dropping. Maybe some seals are leaking or the main hydraulic valve under the cab is bad. Do you have any idea what it could be or have you ever had the same issue? thanks
  5. Rob_AD

    What 150hp+ appreciating classic

    Looking for an extra tractor, main job to drive a lagoon mixer, needs 150hp and won't do many hours in a year. Age and road capabilities not important. Main criteria is that it won't depreciate and may in fact gain value over time, perhaps after a little restoration work, what would you go...
  6. Fragonard

    4cyl vs 6cyl

    What's the thoughts on Case/NH 145 4cyl vs 150hp 6 cylinder. Case 145 vs Case 150 NH T6.175 vs NH T6.180 Mixed work load. Thanks.
  7. Katarina

    Tractor demo

    I had a tractor demo a few weeks ago from a dealer with the intention of buying it if liked it. Had it for 4 days where on the 4th day I took it to get a load of straw bout 40 miles away from our farm . Tractor broke down on the farm where I was picking straw up. Electrical problem . Dealer had...
  8. Clive

    livestock producers- Red Tractor question ?

    I recall reading sone where on here or twitter that if livestock spent a certain number of days on a uk farm it could become RT assured ? is this correct? the RT wikipedia pahe suggests not as does a lot of their advertising and FAQ’s on google etc can someone explain if / how this all...
  9. Chae1

    Drilling advice needed

    Drilling with autosteer RTk on new Holland tractor. Up until now on 24 m tramlines I have had to overlap a half run with our 4m drill. This has been enough to take out any small kinks in the field. Gone to 28m now so won't have to do half width overlap. Will drill the first tramline in...
  10. B


    Leaking lift ram on our Deere. I have run out of Hy-gaurd. Could I mix UTTO in the rear end of our 6506 which has always been on Hy-gaurd. Need tractor to go on plough The spec does match Hy-gaurd. Thoughts please.
  11. M

    Supersteer or not

    What's the low down on a new holland supersteer? Decent system or an added extra just waiting to break?
  12. G

    Freeflow return port on T7

    Need to fit a 1” female return coupling on a T7.315, which is the best port to use ? There is one on the top behind the top link but it looks too close to the top link for my liking
  13. I

    fiat 110-90 buying advice

    I am considering to save and buy a fiat 110-90 but im not sure of prices. If i were to buy something fairly tidy around the 6000/7000 hour mark. Also would there be much price difference on a similar model such as fiat 90-90 or 120-90
  14. S

    What’s the equivalent Case

    What’s the equivalent Case to New Holland T5120EC
  15. D

    New (to me) Tractor Decision Time: which option? Package with a Loader or buy better Tractor Now and Loader later?

    I have finally got all my ducks in a row for purchasing a tractor in March 2021 for £11,500 - £14,500. A few years ago I asked which one I should look at and got an avalanche of advice. I am going to use the tractor for moving heavy pallets about the yard as well as for the 15 acre farm. I am...
  16. Fragonard

    MF 8s

    Any new models at work yet?
  17. Danllan

    Where will the Dutch go?

    50% of the Netherlands is less than a metre above sea-level, and there is no way that global warming is going to come to a dead stop even if everyone stopped using fossil fuels today. The Dutch have made fighting the sea an art form, but they aren't going to win forever, and that will start...
  18. Manny

    Kv geospreader tellus go connection to trimble.

    Hi just looking at a kv geospreader which has a isobus plug on it. The tellus go box has a short lead with it but it doesn't connect to the iso plug. What do I need to fit this to a new Holland T6.175 which does not have isobus plug and is running a trimble fm750 screen and auto steer. I just...
  19. S

    New Holland expert required.

    Got a 2018 New Holland t6 175 steering ready. Want to get auto steering going. Wanting to know how I can tell if my tractor has a CAN system or not. Any give away signs. Thanks
  20. N

    Mc Connell axle brackets to suit NH Tm125

    Looking for a set of axle brackets for Mc Connell hedger for a new Holland tm125