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    Northern Isles food producers meet with Eustice and Gove to discuss Brexit

    Written by William Kellett Following a meeting chaired by Michael Gove, with George Eustice and Northern Isles food producers on the upcoming end to the EU transition period for Brexit, Orkney and Shetland MP Alistair Carmichael welcomed the opportunity for business leaders to put their...

    Government upholds manifesto commitment to maintain current budgets for our farmers

    Government upholds manifesto commitment to maintain current budgets for our farmers Written by Defra Press Office Following yesterday’s (25 November) Spending Review, titles such as The Scotsman, Nation Cymru, The Pig Site and Financial Times have reported on concerns over continued funding...
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    £100 million funding shortfall ‘a bitter blow for farmers’ – NFU Cymru

    Written by William Kellett A possible near £100 million shortfall in funding for Welsh agriculture is a “bitter blow at a critical and extremely uncertain time” for Welsh farmers, according to NFU Cymru. The Chancellor’s Spending Review announcement earlier today appears to show a £95 million...
  4. G

    Working platforms (non integrated) on forklift trucks. IS IT THE LAW?

    Was reading the HSE guidance note PM28 on this subject - in practical terms for me, man baskets on telehandlers. Read all the guidance and want to work safely and legally. My question is, is this guidance the law, or just guidance?
  5. Niall310

    EBAY 20T Bottle jack?

    I need a new bottle jack, there's several on ebay from £25 up with no real differential between them. Has anyone any recommendations for whats what? TIA
  6. H

    Hydraulic folding flat rollers

    Thinking of upgrading our ancient F H Burgess triple gang flat rollers for a set of hydraulic folding ones. Seems to be between walter watson and heva, are there any other brands to look at? Anyone got the heva 6.3m 'farmers model' set? Nowhere near as heavy as the Watson's but probably going...
  7. Chapelton

    Quad Bike Running Costs

    Just wondered how people were getting on with repair costs for young quads that aren’t being abused? We’ve always kept them young and avoided expensive repairs, but we’ve had a couple of issues now with bikes at under 2yo. Mostly seem to be suspension rather than drive train or electrics.
  8. Stw88

    Blue merl foot rot drench

    Has anyone used blue merl‘s homeopathic foot rot drench? We use the orf drench with good results just wondering if the footrot drench is as good.
  9. F

    Countryfile & Tree Planting How Many Will Grow?

    Am I the only one who was horrified by tonight's worthy Countryfile program about tree planting and the inaccurate statements made about woodland. Living in the second most wooded county in England I like to think I know a bit about growing trees and how to plant them. The first piece where the...
  10. Farmerpickle

    Borrowing money for a farm

    I'm currently looking to buy a farm. I intend to sell the one I currently own for planning later on down the line. However, I could with a decent bank manager to lend me the money to buy the farm. I was going to go with my bank which is Lloyds but the bank manager, who I've never liked, keeps...
  11. SIABOD50

    Why cant i post a photo on forum

    I've tried in vain to post a photo I've taken but cant get it to work. Samsung a3 I thought you just long press image get options and off you go . But long press gets nothing no options to do anything . What am.i missing thanks .
  12. Tarw Coch

    Roller shutter door question

    Is it possible to have a roller door that doesn’t need to be opened from inside?
  13. aled1590

    Rivet nuts

    Has anyone used m10/12 rivet nuts for fitting feed barriers to posts? I have 120mm box posts and save drilling through both sides and using a long bolt I could use a rivet nut? I’d make sure the brackets on the cattle side of the post so they’re pushing against the post if you get me. TIA
  14. spin cycle

    icelandic ram wanted

    as title
  15. Greythundercloudys

    Metal, digger, bulldozer toys on Facebook.

    Our 8 year old nephew is madfor digger, has anyone bought any of those dozers etc from America, they look smart.
  16. T

    Rotating Log Splitter

    Wondered if anyone had made something like this as have quite a lot of up to 4” branches I want to chop up. Looks effective. I’m thinking a car differential and either on to an electric motor or off tractor pto. I have an old Mcconnel saw bench I could butcher if it goes on the tractor and...
  17. Badshot

    Tm150 NH. Electronic issues.

    This tractor is a peach. Owned from new. Always serviced by myself once warranty was out. Everything works still. Except the Ruddy thing has dementia, the lift loses its memory, so it tries to lift constantly even though it's right up, sometimes it recalibrates itself so you can't get a trailer...
  18. MX7

    Disconnecting day light running lights on pickup?

    Would it be illegal to disconnect daylight running lights on a pickup? I only ask as day light running lights on a dark coloured pickup let trespassers,poachers, hare coursers and thieves know you are about ,there by allowing them all to scarper before one has a chance to creep up on them to ask...
  19. Av Gorritt

    TV licences

    Just had my second "dunning" letter from the TV licensing people - quite polite , and no threats - as yet . It just grieves me to pay it , when they splash millions in salaries to absolute non entities like the Walker's crisps man , and the idiot woman with black hair , black eyes and a black...
  20. Robt

    Steve Jones F1

    Does anyone actually rate this guy! It’s cringe tv. He is a twit! Even mums nett agrees with me... is it just me or does anyone actually like his style