1. Kevtherev


  2. jimmer

    quick fixes, bodges and creations

    thought i would start a thread for us all to show off our home made masterpieces and in many cases probably, bodges here is one of mine to start used to be used daily to transport feed to calves , now a good string and plastic carrier
  3. roscoe erf


    As title the little things in life that make you think w.t.f
  4. Penmoel

    Today at work

    Just mentioned in Agricultural Matters it might be interesting if everyone just took a picture today of what you were doing, however mundane it maybe, would show the variety of work carried out, will start tomorrow.
  5. TFF

    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Another thread to help TFF members track prices. The official AHDB prices can be seen here: Please include sale location in all your prices if it differences from the location on your profile.