1. L

    Farm insurance

    Renewal has come via email this morning.. it’s due Wednesday. 🤬 it’s gone up 25%. Is this down to the increase in material costs or are they profiteering? thoughts please before I go into battle. We have never claimed
  2. Paddington

    Loss adjusters

    Does anyone have trouble with them, or is it just us ? We have had contractors doing some repair work for us under insurance. Every step of the job has had to be cleared by the loss adjuster before work is carried out. There is probably a couple of hours work needed to finish the job off, which...
  3. Clive

    NFU Mutual in trouble ?

    so what’s all this about then ? any TFF members part of this group action ?
  4. MrNoo

    Insurance, want to leave NFU, recommendations please ideally Glos

    As above, been with the mutual for many years but cannot support them due to their support of the NFU and it's support of RT. Time for change.
  5. Yale

    Insuring young drivers/workers to drive farm vehicles.

    What are others doing? Our eldest is a year off driving however some of her older friends will be taking their test and hoping to drive the farm pick up etc. as part of working on the home farm. If you look at the prices to insure the likes of a 17 year old on a pick up say the prices seem to...
  6. onthehoof

    Tax investigation insurance

    We currently have insurance for this through our NFU business insurance but accountant wants to take out insurance with them aswell for not insignificant sum. Accountant says with NFU insurance the insurers can appoint a third party accountant to act and that they (our accountant) would then...
  7. Grass And Grain

    Guy Smith's response to FW article on AIC rules.

    What's he talking about. I don't get his argument. We say we want AIC to allow UK grain to have same intake requirements as imports. Guy is waffling on about government, neonics, and watering down RT rules to lowest common denominator is bad. We're not talking about lowering RT rules, we're...
  8. JJT

    Management Liability insurance

    At our last insurance renewal the insurance co. was trying to sell us management liability insurance. This is an overview that they e mailed us: The current insurance policies protect the partnership if anyone makes a claim. However, people can also make a claim against you personally for your...
  9. holwellcourtfarm

    Recommend me a house insurer

    The House policy is due in a few weeks. We insured with someone else in 2019 but went back to NFU in 2020 as we were dealing with a claim in the adjoining yard. They've jacked up the premium 12% this time though to £985 for building and contents on a 3 bed brick bungalow. Who else do you use...
  10. D

    The Relationship between NFU and Red Tractor – The Facts

  11. Addington Fund

    #MindYourHead Campaign - Get Involved

    The Farm Safety Foundation's 4th annual "Mind Your Head" campaign kicks off today, reminding us how to keep safe on farm and how to look after our well-being too. The past year has been challenging for everyone & farming is no different. Now, more than ever, we should look out for each other...
  12. W

    Cancel your NFU membership now

    There’s loads of threads about Red Tractor and within them loads of moans about various quangos within all the Ag sectors. Guys and Gals for christ sake just cancel your NFU memberships tonight. Send emails to you local secretary informing them you are cancelling because of the likes of Red...

    Insurance cost

    Not sure this is the correct section Business Insurance cost Customers vehicles covered Fire theft Road test Tools Stock Public liability Any company that you use that I should know about Had a few quotes, I thought with Xmas partys not going ahead the premiums would be cheaper 🤣 but...
  14. G

    Business interruption Insurance

    Following the ruling made last week by the Supreme Court that insurers are liable to payout I called my local NFU office. I was told that NFU isn't affected by this ruling and they will not be paying out. What is everyone else hearing?
  15. Clive

    The Red Tractor ACCS referendum

    The Red Tractor logo or brand does not appear on products that UK cereal growers supply the ingredients for so unquestionably has no value to end consumers of bakery and other cereal products The processors of these products including the likes of Hovis and Warburtons have stated that they have...
  16. Mark Hatton

    New Dealer on Farm Classifieds

    We are very pleased to welcome Farol Ltd to Farm Classifieds and The Farming Forum As one of the premier John Deere Dealers in the UK, their six branches service an area from West Sussex/Hampshire, through the middle of the country unto the Leicestershire/Warwickshire boarder. With a broad...
  17. britt

    Farming is Changing

    I've just read the latest DEFRA booklet that came in the post this morning. It all sounds great, I just hope it live up to expectations.
  18. C

    Tractor Insurance . A bit dear or No ?

    Just been quoted £1010 for a JD 6430 08 and a Case Luxxum with a combined valuation of £70,000 . This is from Cornish Mutual who's service has always been excellent . I thought it looked a bit expensive at nearly £15 per thousand of value . I don't do any contracting and have had no major...
  19. Jerry

    Farm Insurance

    Any one used Towergate for farm insurance? Been with NFU for a couple years and time for a change. Its not just farm insurance, all property rental, caravan site, caravan storage and a few other bits and bobs. Will also contact Cornish Mutual.
  20. Grassman

    Cesar datatag

    I have one tractor with a Cesar security sticker. Is it really worth the effort to get the other machines done? Can't criminals just peel it off?