1. S

    Towing vehicles

    Just wondering if I should swap my defender 90 for a better towing truck the 90 is wobbly when towing cattle trailer was thinking maybe buy a defender 110 utility or go for a pickup maybe Toyota or Mitsubishi any advice
  2. Farm Classifieds

    Nissan Navara NP300 2016 *LOW MILAGE*

    Nissan Navara NP300 2016 *LOW MILAGE* Advert added by: nick makey @einstein Machinery Details Category: Farm Vehicles Pickups and Vans Price: £13750 Condition: Good Description Navara NP300 pickup registered on the 29th of July 2016.Manufactures warranty is till the end of...
  3. H

    High horse power four cylinders can’t sustainably do the same job as a larger six pot of similar HP. Tell me I’m wrong

    If used as a replacement to a larger six cylinder tractor of around 160 HP with the same kit. Increased engine wear, brakes and transmission. Turbos blown? High service costs ? Overall will they take the wear and tear as well as a larger six ? I know a lot are buying these four pots to replace...
  4. snarling bee

    Genuine parts prices

    Can anybody beat this outrageous mark-up. Air seat compressor - genuine over £700, (when she said seven hundred I was too aghast to catch the rest of the price) - seat specialist £89. The only significant difference is there is no plug on the alternative model. Thats a 780% markup
  5. W

    4x4 tyres

    255 55 R19 on an Amarok. Never got on with general grabbers before on a navara and did 3 sets in 45k miles plus half a set of normal road going tyres. Thinking about road noise as 90% of the driving is roadwork. Standard tyres only do 12-15k miles. Cooper evolution? BF Goodrich ?
  6. rusty

    New car garage

    I am looking to replace an old concrete block and rotten tin sheet roof garage with a bigger one to hold 4 cars. I am thinking of a steel portal frame mono pitch of 2 18 ft bays about 25ft deep. I am interested in auto garage doors but have never had anything to do with them. I will also run 3...
  7. B

    VW Amarok future prices

    Anybody that read a previous thread about a vehicle quandary I have, have a view on the future values of Amarok’s now they’ve been discontinued. Anything on forecourts are now big money upto £70,000 inc vat for 20 plates ex demonstrators. I’ve found one on a 20 plate with 8,000 miles for...
  8. W

    Cancel your NFU membership now

    There’s loads of threads about Red Tractor and within them loads of moans about various quangos within all the Ag sectors. Guys and Gals for christ sake just cancel your NFU memberships tonight. Send emails to you local secretary informing them you are cancelling because of the likes of Red...
  9. B

    Major vehicle quandary

    So I presently run a Amarok doing 15,000 miles a year. It’s leased and going in June this year. It ticks all the boxes for me as it’ll travel across fields, tow a trailer, carry stuff in the pickup bed, takes the kids to and from school and is also happy travelling to the coast on holiday. I’ve...
  10. J


    Hi Everyone!! I hope you're all having a fab January? Have you forgotten the colour of your car because of the mud? Too many stains on your back seats to even consider cleaning them? Then WE WANT YOU!! I am currently working as a Casting Researcher on a brand new online digital web series for...
  11. A

    Single Market / Customs Union - A Tragic Loss

    As humans, we have an innate tendency to take what we have for granted. Very often, we don’t appreciate the true meaning or value of something, until it’s gone. Then sadly it can all too often be too late. Barely two weeks into the final Brexit trade deal, I dare say there are many, many...
  12. Grass And Grain

    L200 auto for towing

    What are peoples' views? Specific thread please on the auto box for towing loaded livestock trailer. Think they are only 5 speed, are they up to the job with only 5 cogs. Feel free to compare with auto version of dmax or hilux. The 2009 defender 90 hardtop has been good, but time to upgrade...
  13. D

    Did your Navara come with rac roadside cover?

    Anyone who has bought a new Navara what cover was it sold with? Will the RAC recover trailers? Will they provide a like for like replacement?
  14. Selectamatic

    What Pick Up Truck...?

    I know, I know! Almost as strongly debated as Forager's v's Wagons... Im thinking of a new pick up, but as I don't have much experience with them, I thought I'd ask the collective! :) Shopping List I cant justify a proper double cab really, but one of those extra cab versions would suit, I...
  15. Farm Classifieds


    NAVARA NISSAN BED/RUG/LOAD LINER/CARPET D40 KING CAB NEW FULL 2005-15 .BOXED FIXING KIT Advert added by: Michael Raynham Machinery Details Category: Farm Vehicles 4x4 Vehicles Price: £95 Condition: New Description Bed Rug is the ultimate in pick-up bed protection. Bed...
  16. Fendt

    Hilux clutch knackered

    As per the title, just slightly surprised it has gone so soon. Truck is 5 years old with only 36,000 miles. Has done some towing but not much. Noise from thrust bearing already, shudders when pulling away, and i was trying to climb out of a very shallow furrow the other day and had smoke pouring...
  17. Jerry

    Swapping 7 pin wiring for 13 pin

    I’ll be picking up a new livestock box soon and it will come with 13 pin wiring fur things like reversing light and internal lights. Truck only had 7pin socket on board from new. (Hilux) How big a job would it be to convert the truck wiring to 13pin to get full functionality on the box? I...
  18. DieselRob

    Navara NP300 4x4 issue

    When you put your navara in 4wd does it drive smoothly when turning? Mine feels like there is something binding up making it not go round smoothly or as tight as you’re steering, in at Nissan garage and they think it is normal but I’m sure it wasn’t like this from new
  19. davieh3350

    Oil project

    Used to muck about running veg oil in the old 110. I settled the oil, let the water sink to the bottom along with a lot of the fatty crud, then I would pour it through a tube rammed with sheep wool (though sometimes I would just pour the settled stuff straight in and stop when the crap appeared)...
  20. Juggler

    Disco 3 - What's the alternative

    Had my Discovery 3 for 6 years now and it's fair racked up some spending on it in that time, with a few more costs already 'in the post' that I know of (Torque converter and potentially g/box) Trouble is, it's sooo bloody good when it works... I'd love a D4 but don't really want to go through...