1. H


    Can people please give me real mpg of the Nissan Navara tekna and the 3.2 litre Ford Ranger Wildtrak ? tia
  2. Farm Classifieds

    Bedrug Nissan Navara 05-15 D40 Double Cab Pickup Doublecab Load Bed Rug Liner

    Bedrug Nissan Navara 05-15 D40 Double Cab Pickup Doublecab Load Bed Rug Liner Advert added by: Michael Raynham Machinery Details Category: Farm Vehicles 4x4 Vehicles Price: £149 Condition: New Description Bedrug Nissan Navara 05-15 D40 King Cab Pickup Bed...
  3. M

    For Sale Bedrug Nissan Navara 05-15 D40 Double Cab Pickup Doublecab Load Bed Rug Liner

    New Bedrug Nissan Navara 05-15 D40 King Cab Pickup Bed Rug Double Cab £149 + p & p . Fixing Kit Inc Boxed Retail £450 07443 252474
  4. Clive

    Tesla Cyber Truck redesign

    that’s better ! will be good this
  5. G

    New toy day

    New toy
  6. Farm Classifieds

    Nissan Navara D40 Tekna

    Nissan Navara D40 Tekna Advert added by: Tony Binks @Renaultman Machinery Details Category: Farm Vehicles Pickups and Vans Price: £8500 Condition: Good Description Fuil spec Leather seats, sat nav, Bluetooth, reversing camera. I bought this vehicle 3 years ago off a...
  7. Chris F

    New Nissan Pickup?

    I saw this on Facebook recently but can't find more details - it had the led lights like below: Anyone have any more links or see more pictures? Still not a good as this one:
  8. Chris F

    New Defenders Group on Facebook?

    Is anyone else on it? I got kicked out for pointing out that half the posts were from JLR staff pretending to give independent comment on how great it was. It had got to the point where I was clicking on the poster checking where they worked before reading, it wasn't very subtle. I guess JLR...
  9. JP1

    The Ineos Grenadier thread

    I still am not sure whether this will surface as a reaity but as I keep getting marketing snippets, I thought I'd post a few of them...
  10. H

    What double cab for £10.000

    Looking at a isuzu d max are the autos any good? Rangers sound fuel heavy and don't want a l200 any other recommendations
  11. S

    Pickup lease

    Good evening on this lovely night,after recommendations of lease companies for a Nissan Navaro.Please don't turn it into my pickup is better than yours just after some reputable firms.Will just add already lease a car so know about the pros and cons.Thanks in advance
  12. Bogweevil

    Pesticides - I think I am going mad

    Pesticide regulations clearly apply to marketing of plant protection products. Only approved products containing authorised active ingredients, wetters, synergists and other additives can be sold. I am not clear on the situation if you want, say, to use common salt as a herbicide. It is not...
  13. Jerry

    What’s the speed limit?

    Is the speed limit(s) on various roads for a current Hilux the same as a standard car? I was told it was when I bought it but better half has been in a speed awareness course today (oops ?) and said they put the Reg in and I should be doubt 60 max on motorway for instance.
  14. melted welly

    2012 navara good buy or risky?

    Looking for new truck (well, new to me) found 2012 navara with sub 30k miles, looks like it’s spent it’s life in town. What’s experience of these trucks? its quite far away and not been to look at it yet thanks
  15. colhonk

    MB pickup

    AutoExpert TV. The MB X class has been canned because they have discovered there arn`t as many Stupid people as they thought to buy it. :D:D
  16. Derrick Hughes

    Pickup Engine

    Why when car engines are getting smaller my little A200 gives me 150 BH from a 2 L D , is there and need to go V6 or even V10 unless you are doing a lot of heavy towing , seems an awfull waste of expesive fuel, ?
  17. N

    Nissan pick up

    About to buy navara 16 model auto Are they OK for towing compared to manual
  18. L

    Small economical car

    Help please, theres a chance we may have to start doing the school run when the eldest changes school this year, as there is a good chance we won't be able to get school transport as our chosen middle school is not in the catchment area and all of his class who live slightly closer are going to...
  19. Lincs Lass

    Headlights on landcruiser

    Is it legal to swap the standard 55-65w bulbs to 100w Xenon ,,truck is 21yr old but the lights are dull as dish water ,,they are not corroded and the lenses are not fogged up ,just not as bright as I would like...
  20. Will Wilson

    Company car - advice please

    Morning - this is a Q a company agronomist or vet might be able to help with. Looking at a new car for the business (me as the driver) to replace a Ford Ranger. Dont want/need a new pick up. Must be - Good MPG (45 mpg + minimum) diesel Ready for 40,000 miles a year on mostly motorways...