1. Sonoftheheir

    N Max calculation

    Where on line can I work out our N Max calculation? PLANET seems to be forgotten about? Not sure it works on I-Mac either? Is there an online tool? Also any info how I can work out a Nitrogen Plan? Is there a template online? TIA
  2. Will 1594

    Cover crop graze or plough in

    Its oat mustard oil raddish ,and some stubble turnips ,which is better flail off plough in , or eat it off and have a bit of money , will go take a pic of it later ,its a good thick crop ,coming beet , stubble turnip grazing man does not want it as not near other fields and ,costnof moving...
  3. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Why Black Sea tensions matter for wheat

    Political tensions in the Black Sea are a big part of why wheat prices have bounced in the past few days. The latest news relates to comments by the US Secretary of State about the number of Russian troops near Ukraine’s border. Political and/or economic events often have more impact on grain...
  4. Agriland RSS

    Fertiliser planning webinars for beef, sheep and dairy farmers

    Written by Michelle Martin from Agriland AgriSearch, the Agri-food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) and the College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) are joining forces to hold two Fertiliser Planning webinars on Wednesday, January 26, at 8:00p.m (dairy) and Monday, January 31...
  5. tr250

    Can I spread fym on grass?

    Can I spread fym on grass ley now? It won’t travel but assuming it would is it classed as high nitrogen I’m a bit confused with the new rules.
  6. M

    Massey 6180 powershift problems

    I have a massey 6180 that will not powershift when it is moving. If the tractor is stopped it will move through the powershift gears just fine. Once it is moving it will not shift unless it comes to a full stop again. I have changed the filters and checked the wiring the best that I could. Any...
  7. B

    digested on potato land

    hi as the price of chemical fertiliser has goen sky high this year im thinking of applying digested as a sorce of fertiliser and was wondering is there any1 on here has used it before on potato land as ive never used it and looking information about it ie how did crops grow with it and would it...
  8. bankrupt

    N 1

    Kicking off today on Hybrid WB. As to profitability, recently seen lot of advisory nonsense about reduced applications due to the price of cereals having risen slower than the price of N. Here, straw yields linearly correlate with N (up to the point of lodging) so straw sales still finance N...
  9. S

    Is spreading slurry allowed now??

    Yesterday there was a strong smell of slurry spreading, I thought it was not allowed this time of year because of new regulations
  10. Aspiring Peasants

    Grass vs cake

    Talking sheep here. It's been a largely accepted doctrine that grass is good and cake is bad. I've always thought this is over simplistic because the cost of grass should include rent field maintenance etc. However ignoring that, with fertilizer at £700 to £800 per ton the cost of producing...
  11. cousinjack

    Anyone good with numbers ?? Can you explain this to me ?

    Two charts taken from farmers guardian. I get the idea of what they are trying to say…. I just can’t see where the actual figures come from ??
  12. Soil Association

    Farmer-led research crucial to sustainable farming

    A decade of field trials has shown that farmer-led research could improve the health of thousands of animals, eliminate tonnes of harmful chemicals, and save the farming industry millions of pounds. Now in its 10th year, the Innovative Farmers network is celebrating the success of more than 120...
  13. TFF

    RB209 Section 3 Grass and forage crops

    The Nutrient Management Guide (RB209) helps you make the most of organic materials and balance the benefits of fertiliser use against the costs - both economic and environmental. It explains the value of nutrients, soil and why good nutrient management is about more than just the fertilisers you...
  14. Agriland RSS

    PDA updates fertiliser recommendations for oilseed rape

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland The Potash Development Association (PDA) has acted to update its fertiliser recommendations for oilseed rape crops. A new advisory leaflet, published at the very end of 2021, relates the latest potassium (K), phosphate and sulphur requirements for...
  15. TFF

    RB209 Section 2 Organic materials

    Profitable farming requires continued development and use of a wide range of skills. Good nutrient management is an important aspect of this and can contribute to business efficiency and reduce environmental impacts The Nutrient Management Guide (RB209) helps you make the most of organic...
  16. Agriland RSS

    NRM offer NFU members soil carbon measurement discount

    Written by Michelle Martin from Agriland Agricultural analysis laboratory NRM has teamed up with the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) to offer its members a discount to measure their soil carbon. As part of the agreement, NFU members get 10% off NRM’s CarbonCheck and CarbonCheck Plus packages...
  17. Agriland RSS

    Don’t forget – peas and beans are legumes

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland It’s sometimes easy for any farmer to overlook very basic facts, one being that peas and beans are legumes. The relevance of this last statement is brought into sharp focus given the prospect of many Irish tillage farmers looking towards the...
  18. K

    We would love to hear your feedback on a new Severn Trent Fertiliser we're developing

    Hi all My name is Katie Meehan and I work as a Product and Service Designer for Severn Trent. As a company which is constantly striving to do the right thing in order to help respond to our ever changing climate, we have identified an opportunity using new technology to develop a new...
  19. Hutchinsons News

    Managing Nitrogen with a Realistic Eye on Yield Potential

    Managing Nitrogen with a Realistic Eye on Yield Potential With Nitrogen prices at an all-time high, it is more important than ever that growers realistically evaluate the true yield potential of their crops. Chris Hoskins, Hutchinsons Digital Farming Manager for the South, shares his views on...
  20. Farm Business RSS

    NRM partners with the NFU to improve accessibility of soil carbon measurement across the UK

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business The UK’s leading agricultural analysis laboratory NRM has teamed up with the NFU to offer its members a discount to measure their soil carbon. As part of the agreement, NFU members get 10% off NRM’s CarbonCheck and CarbonCheck Plus packages. Earlier in...