1. Fendt News

    New level of precision for the Fendt Rogator 300

    New level of precision for the Fendt Rogator 300 Three years after its market launch in 2017, Fendt Plant Protection Technology is now introducing an innovative automatic nozzle control system, Fendt OptiNozzle. The Fendt Rogator 300 series comes with a unique single-wheel suspension and new...
  2. oakleaf

    Combine driving position.

    The first combine l had was an MF 788. Like all MF's up to the Dronningborg takeover, the drivers platform was offset to the nearside. So l just got to wondering what other marques used this configuration? My dad had a Dania that did and a neighbour had a pre axial flow International (841?)...
  3. Chae1

    Sprayer problem.

    Went to spray off some barley for a neighbour snapper glyphosate, chaperone wetter. Used that mix for him several times already without problems. Yesterday started, most of nozzles blocked. Went home took them off unblocked them all and went to start again. Same again, most blocked within...
  4. G

    What moisture would you start at

    Just looked at my wheat 24.4% not as bad as I thought it might be after all the wet thinking 20% give it a go
  5. Farm Business RSS

    New intra-nasal vaccination kit for early life pneumonia vaccine

    Written by John Swire MSD Animal Health has launched a new injector and nozzle kit to facilitate simpler administration of its BOVILIS® INtranasal RSP™ Live calf pneumonia vaccine to multiple animals. The kit contains the ergonomically designed Henke-Sass Wolf injector with adjustable dose...
  6. C

    Cab cleaner

    What's the best thing to use to clean plastic trims in the tractor cab and pickup. Who is best to tag? @Robert K @ColinV6 @slim shiny they seem to have immaculate cabs
  7. Rs chunk

    Pedrotti/master drier nozzles

    Just been servicing the drier and took out both nozzles a 6 and a 4 now I can’t remember what one was where? Should the larger one be first at the igniter? Thanks