1. jerseycowsman

    Is it going to rain again or is this 1976 mark 2??

    As the title says!
  2. danpwll

    Anybody fitted a retractabel air line on a tractor ??

    fancy fitting a air line on the fendt, got a line in a bag which we can through in cab but be easier have it bolted on tractor for tyres, blowing combine out , anybody do anything similar?
  3. Flat 10

    Beet herbicide water volumes and nozzles

    What are most using these days? Used to be sub 100lit/ha and flat fans but thinking of buying some new nozzles and wondered what others were at. And no don’t get excited won’t be going for quite a while!
  4. H

    What sprayer?

    Hello, I’m looking at taking back our spraying in hand. We’ve had a contractor for a number of years but the timing of applications is getting worse and I think it’s expensive. Basically it’s a total workload of 3000-3500ac per year depending on rotation. We’re paying between £12,000 and £14,000...
  5. Syngenta UK

    Early moves to target wild oats

    Growers and agronomists now face the dilemma of an early application to remove competition from emerged wild oats, or holding off to allow more weeds to germinate. Syngenta grassweeds technical manager, Georgina Wood, urges Axial Pro treatment as soon as conditions allow, once weeds are...
  6. F

    How do you spray around poles and trees

    Do you. Fold up or drive around in a circle
  7. vulcan

    Which quad bike sprayer with a boom?

    Looking at getting a sprayer with a boom anyone any recommendations?local firm sell enduramaxx sprayers.what size of boom are people using?guessing I can spray with a quad of my tractor spraying licence?
  8. N

    fodder beet for ewes and lambs

    Hi all. This may be a stupid question but if you don't ask.......! We have a small but expanding lleyn ewe flock. For several years we have bought in fodder beet to feed ad-lib to the ewes 4/5 weeks before lambing to coincide with max lamb growth. We have also grown stubble turnips of...
  9. czechmate

    Fungicide in a bag

    Only curious, I was thinking back and I used to use a fungicide that came in a soluble bag that you just put in the tank, whole. I recon it was Maneb, Zineb and something ... Like furban??? Just out of curiosity can anyone fill any blanks, like it’s name? And ingredients? I think it was mainly...
  10. KUHN Farm Machinery (UK)


    MAKING BEST USE OF STRAW With straw from the 2020 harvest likely to be relatively scarce, and some in the trade predicting a 15-20% increase in costs, livestock farmers will be looking hard at how they use it for bedding. For those still adopting a manual approach, there is an immediate win...
  11. Bloders

    Ink jet printer

    I need a new printer. I cant decide whether to go for a cheap printer with cartridges, or a more expensive printer with "tanks" Im erring on the tank printer. Can anyone recomend a decent printer witht he following spec colour printer scanner duplex printing wifi/ethernet connection thanks!
  12. W

    4m drill and 24m tramline

    Iam sure it’s been asked before. Does a 4m drill work with 24m tramline?. If so how do you do it???
  13. RLC

    Shot blasting

    Keep thinking about buying a blaster. Just for my own use really. Are the smaller pots you see on eBay etc any good? Anyone on here running a set up that can give me some advice?? Thanks
  14. S

    Fertiliser nozzles

    Presently using chafer dribble bars but a potential change to a different sprayer means that nozzles would be the way to go. What are you using and how do you get on with them?
  15. S


    I had an email today, informing me how many points I need to get in the next 12 months. Considering we’ve been in the pandemic since March, and some of us have also been shielding, with no events, field trials or even close contact with agronomists . Don’t you think they would’ve rolled things...
  16. Robert K

    Lely 12m 3 point linkage sprayer booms and 500 Litre tank

    Tank is in good condition complete with lid Booms are completely stripped down and could be used as a avadex applicator or be put back as a sprayer. I do have the original pump but that would need work. £150 for the lot 07531574681
  17. phr49

    Beet yields 2020

    How are we finding early yields did see some optimism on FWI site saying yields better than anticipated ........?!BS predicting 10-15% reduction in yields as an average . Had a colleague lift a fair tonnage Norfolk way with a disappointing 18 t acre adjusted . Not looking forward to lifting...
  18. A

    Best British trailed sprayer

    Being looking at knight and team Sprayers trailed sprayers around 3000l and 24m, wanting to keep it British, thoughts and opinions on these two Chafer look a good sprayer but the weight is putting me off them
  19. mixed breed

    Himalayan balsam

    In trouble with landlord, Is there a pesticide that kills it?it's just starting to flower.. tia
  20. Jack Russell

    Measuring out of IBC’s

    We are probably going to get the roundup for dedicating the OSR in an IBC. Is it really just the wisdom fastran closed transfer system for these? Has anyone else got a better solution? cheers