1. Greythundercloudys

    New spray but no licence.

    Guy along the road got a new sprayer this week, he's spraying rushes etc on his farm, but l can bet he's not got a licence or what ever you need to use it or does grandfather rights still count if its only used on your farm.
  2. Sonoftheheir

    Spraying Weather 🤔

    How come local mr big farmer can spray in any conditions? -
  3. G

    Should AHDB charge a levy on imported grain?

    Was suggested earlier today in another thread. Thoughts?
  4. Syngenta UK

    Early moves to target wild oats

    Growers and agronomists now face the dilemma of an early application to remove competition from emerged wild oats, or holding off to allow more weeds to germinate. Syngenta grassweeds technical manager, Georgina Wood, urges Axial Pro treatment as soon as conditions allow, once weeds are...
  5. T

    PA1 and 2, Sprayer MOT and NRoSO

    Are PA1 and 2, Sprayer Mot and Nroso all necessary LEGAL requirements for people outside crops assurance?
  6. W

    AHDB cereals poll and Red Tractor

    Would you support a cereals exit vote if ahdb do not “fix” the marketplace distortion caused by Red Tractor? AHDB financially support Red Tractor every year to the tune of £250,000.
  7. D


    Is anyone else struggling to get their NRoSO points?
  8. G

    Poll: Should NFU be lobbying AIC to change their rules?

    So, as we know, AIC have a set of rules which make market access for imported grains into our UK mills relatively easy. Yet the AIC rules make it much more difficult for UK produced grain to access these UK markets. Crazy isn't it. This is a straight forward issue, and one which is...
  9. B

    pa1 certcificate

    My son has lost his pa1 and 2 certificates. ( god knows how he managed that). How do i find out his certificate no, (needs it for assurance)? Used to be city and guilds were cert body not sure now. Any advice please.
  10. Syngenta UK

    Guide your way through spring agronomy decisions

    The incessant and extreme wet conditions are now presenting huge challenges for every farm’s spring agronomy and cropping decisions. Plans are being urgently reevaluated and rejigged to set priorities for treatment, with a watchful eye on deadlines for timely spring crop establishment when a...
  11. Clive

    The UK Farmers Union - is it time ?

    First off lets get this clear - TFF is a independent knowledge exchange platform for farmers, it has no remit or ambition to lobby or represent UK farmers is any way. Topics discussed by members on TFF are led by those members, of which I am just one. The below post is my opinion solely as...
  12. Clive

    Todays Red Tractor Webinar - My questions

    Lets see if any get asked ............ do not hold your breath !! Q1 -"Guy Smith stated in the Farmer Weekly podcast: “Clearly that [Red Tractor Assurance] is over the top where routine co-mixing is happening.” “Co-mixing will always be a problem.” “I want to investigate the possibility of...
  13. W

    Cancel your NFU membership now

    There’s loads of threads about Red Tractor and within them loads of moans about various quangos within all the Ag sectors. Guys and Gals for christ sake just cancel your NFU memberships tonight. Send emails to you local secretary informing them you are cancelling because of the likes of Red...
  14. Agrovista News

    Webinar: Should you be undersowing maize?

    Should you be undersowing maize? Wednesday 17th February 2021 11.00am Join Agrovista Agronomists Dan Knight and Phil Campion, along with Head of Rural Consultancy Phil Edenborough, as they discuss undersowing maize. The team will cover the benefits to growers, how to practically achieve...
  15. Brisel

    What does Red Tractor cost you in cash terms?

    As per the title really. This started elsewhere, so @Chris F thought this was a thread in itself, so here we go. Based on the statement from Jim Moseley in the NFU meeting on Red Tractor that the average fee per farm is £50, what are the direct costs to you as farmers? RT levies CMI/SAI etc...
  16. Farmer Fin

    It’s official. Ploughing is good for soil OM!

    From today’s SRUC webinar. I’m not brave enough to post it in the DD section of the forum.
  17. W


    I don’t like slating anyone involved in ag, but the Guy smith reply to the red tractor debate was dire. of course they have to mix products and that is why we are fed up with this nonsense of being gold plated for us and not for everyone else who supply’s part of the supply chain. Guy smith...
  18. A

    Combine and tractor replacement policy

    In the 2000's replacement policies were easy. You could buy high end machinery as reasonable prices and they would halve in value over 5 years. Financed over 5 years you could then px for the newer model and costs per acre would be similar. Today. Machines halve in 3/4 years and second hand...
  19. TFF

    How has the way you get advice and information changed since Covid 19 restrictions? What has been the biggest difference?

    We are working on a project with ADAS, University of Gloucester and others to look at the impacts of Covid on farmers. There are a number of threads on here about NRoSO, BASIS, shows but would be interested to hear from individual farmers and how things have changed for them personally...
  20. Badshot

    This year's nroso course

    Who's tried it? I'm part way through. Multiple choice questions. So far can't see an easy way to go back through the lesson text to find the answers so you have to guess if you don't know. Then module two starts with qualifications for cultivator mounted applicators, (new module so more money to...