1. D

    Farm assurance cost

    Yep it’s well known I’m not a fan. But it looks like we’re stuck with it for now. can anyone tell me the ballpark cost for a combined arable/beef audit on a 300 acre farm? just looking to see which outfit offer best value (if that’s the correct term😂😂) cheers.
  2. CropTec

    The CropTec Show 2020 still on track to be a face-to-face event

    The CropTec Show 2020 still on track to be a face-to-face event After months of event cancellations, postponements and transitions onto virtual platforms, farmers and agricultural organisations can rest assured there is at least one event still on track to take place face-to-face in 2020. Last...
  3. madbrains

    Looking For Work Wanted

    Experienced tractor/combine and sprayer driver with 35 years experience Wide range of skills with all combinable crops , fodder beet , daffodils and potatoes, Pa 1,2 and 4s and g Nroso member Fsooty finalist in 13 and 17 360 and dozer driver Full clean license Telehandler certs Chainsaw...
  4. Arable Scotland

    Collecting NRoSO and BASIS Points from Arable Scotland

    If you missed any of the sessions then please see the Arable Scotland Website or the threads below for all the webinars and our virtual field tours. We would be grateful if you would take the time to complete this feedback form to allow us to improve any future online events -...
  5. Arable Scotland

    Arable Scotland - Event Launch and Introduction -10am 2nd July

    THURSDAY 2 JULY 2020, 10:00 AM Scotland's newest arable event is taking place online, with webinars, live Q&As and a virtual site to tour. Welcome to Arable Scotland 2020 - here are the launch videos from the Organisers: James Hutton Institute Introductory Video for Arable Scotland Chris...
  6. Muddyroads

    Running a 7.5 tonne truck

    When we start picking our veg later in the summer I’m going to have to do 60 mile round trips to deliver it. My original plan was to use the pickup and trailer, but now wondering if a 7.5 tonne flatbed or curtain slider would be more efficient in time. Anybody know the score on running costs and...
  7. Arable Scotland

    Arable Conversations 2nd July - 8pm Live Stream Plant Health Q and A

    8pm Live Stream Plant Health Q and A – the challenges and opportunities of implementing best practice, with contrasting New Zealand and UK experiences on new products, pesticides and sustainable practices. The similarities and contrasts in Scottish and New Zealand crop health issues will make...
  8. Michelle_Nuttall

    Arable Connections 2020: Ultimate guide to the Recommended List Webinars - Wednesday 24 June, 9am and 7pm

    Visit the Arable Connections website to book on to our 'Ultimate guide...' webinars at 9am and 7pm where we will discuss how the wheat, barley and OSR lists are put together and their use in selecting the best varieties for your farm. There will also be the chance to ask questions on varieties...
  9. P

    Nroso points

    So I've watched a few webinars last night all very interesting can anyone explain how to claim points it's about as clear as mud?
  10. CerealsEvent

    BASIS and NRoSO Points Available Webinar - 11th June - Precision Farming Technologies - 16:45 to 17:30

    Precision Farming Technologies Chaired by Hadyn Craig, Department of International Trade This session explores the current and new technologies that might be available to assist arable farmers to target pests, diseases and weeds more efficiently. Jonathan Gill, HAU: Hands Free Hectare is...
  11. Agricology

    BASIS and NRoSO Points Available Webinar - 10th June - Non-Chemical Solutions - 13:00 to 13:45

    Non-Chemical Solutions Chaired by Tom Allen-Stevens, CPM Editor With the pesticide armoury available to UK arable growers shrinking fast due to regulation or resistance, this session explores other cost-effective solutions to tackle weeds, pests and disease. • Dr Roma Gwynn of BioRationale...
  12. Chris F

    Cereals Live Webinar BASIS and NRoSO points

    So you all know, as the Webinars are being added to the Cereals section they are being tagged whether they have points available for attending them. Hopefully that is helpful to those who need points. You can collect up to a maximum of 6 BASIS & NRoSO points per day.
  13. CerealsEvent

    BASIS and NRoSO Points Available Webinar - 10th June - Getting More from Less - 08:00 to 08:45

    Getting More from Less Chaired by Karl Schneider, Editor of Farmers Weekly With resistance to pesticides increasingly compromising control, this session explores new strategies to get ‘more from less’ in managing weeds, pests and disease. • AHDB’s Paul Neve looks at smarter solutions for...
  14. CerealsEvent

    Join live webinars and collect CPD points

    Cereals LIVE, the digital edition of Cereals launched due to social distancing, offers something for everyone. Hear from experts in thought-provoking webinars Watch online demonstrations with the latest technology on display See the newest crop varieties Collect up to a maximum of 6 BASIS &...
  15. Agrovista News

    Project Lamport 2020

    Project Lamport, now in its seventh year, is the UK’s leading R&D trials event. The original concept aimed to develop a cultural approach to blackgrass control, but has since evolved over the years. The site now explores improving soil health, as well as a comprehensive research project that...
  16. CerealsEvent

    Cereals LIVE direct to your screens 10 - 11 June

    Cereals LIVE direct to your screens 10 - 11 June Cereals LIVE is almost here, with brand new exhibitor content, high profile speakers, a broad seminar programme and the opportunity to socialise and earn CPD points. Whether farmers are looking to see the latest crop varieties, learn about...
  17. TeresaM

    Strategic Cereal Farm Week 2020

    Join us for Strategic Cereal Farm Week 2020! This year AHDB’s Strategic Farm Week will be delivered direct to your farm office. Watch from there, from your tractor cab or listen whilst crop walking and get involved. We have brought together the research taking place on our Strategic Farms with...
  18. PSQ

    NRoSO points - missing in action.

    Just checked my NRoSO points tally and it's missing 4 of the last 6 events attended. - I called NRoSO, and their line is that I need to contact the people responsible for organising each event and get them to contact NRoSO to confirm attendance. I can't see that being a fruitful or quick...
  19. M

    Looking For Work Self employed Hertfordshire

    I am a 22 year old self employed and just looking for any extra work in Hertfordshire and surrounding area's. I am happy to work on livestock and arable enterprises. I have experience with cultivations, hay/ silage operations, fertiliser applications and general farm work. I have my PA1&2...
  20. Banana Bar

    Self propelled to Trailed

    Who has gone from a self propelled sprayer to a trailed unit? We are currently spraying just over 4000 ac of mainly cereals with beet, beans, peas and some dreadful OSR. Mix would normally be 2/3 winter crops 1/3 spring. Almost all hanslope series clay with undulations rather than hills. We also...