1. Chris F

    Face Masks and Agricultural Shows...

    Government advice is to wear face masks in enclosed environments (shops and supermarkets) so given the outside nature of most Ag shows, do you think wearing a mask to a show would work? I don't think it will effect all the shows that are cancelled so far, but plenty later on in the year too...
  2. CerealsEvent

    Collect all your CPD points at Cereals LIVE

    Cereals LIVE, the digital edition of Cereals launched due to social distancing, offers something for everyone. Hear from experts in thought-provoking webinars Watch online demonstrations with the latest technology on display See the latest crop varieties Collect BASIS & NRoSO points all in one...
  3. Michelle_Nuttall

    Webinar: Tyres, Traction & Compaction

    AHDB Webinar: Tyres, Traction & Compaction Wed, May 6, 2020 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Speakers: Harry Henderson, AHDB and Stephen Lamb, Bridgestone Register here. In this session we will be looking at tyre technology and soil compaction, focusing on: • Tyre Choice • Benefits of a VF (Gen3)...
  4. T Hectares

    Bee Watch

    I was alarmed to receive this letter today, I wonder how many of you have also received it?? I found it alarming and containing non proven claims presented as fact and a clear sign of where anti direction will be focussed next I would like to send a reply, would any of you more learned members...
  5. Clive

    NROSO Points

    If you have an operator short of points how are you supposed to get any right now ? have the relaxed the scheme? I know you can get a couple TFF etc but there are certainly no courses et or show to get any at right now?
  6. Phil P

    Life after serviced agronomy.

    Some may remember a thread I posted last year about moving away from serviced agronomy and shopping around for ag chem or possibly joining a buying group. It was a tough decision to make after dealing with the same...
  7. D

    Situation Vacant Tractor driver wanted on Hertfordshire farm

    Job description A and D Mackay are looking to recruit a skilled arable operator to work on a 1000Ha farm in Hertfordshire. The role would include spraying, combine driving and some drilling. It would also include maintaining all machinery and managing the yard throughout the year – liasing with...
  8. glow worm

    Red Tractor Virtual Audits

    Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere and I've missed it. Red Tractor Virtual Audits. I've just been reading the requirements for this new way of doing a Red Tractor Audit and I'm wondering if anyone on here has been involved in the trials or had practical experience of one? As someone...
  9. Jfwfarms

    Pre emergence spray

    So I plant just about 14 acres on my family’s small farm. Gonna plant conventional corn seed. Got the field ready and was gon spray with trizmet and atrazine pre emergence. Does this sound acceptable? Then do I have to wait 7-10 days before planting the conventional corn? Any input would be...
  10. Romeogolf

    From Self propelled, to trailed, back to Self propelled sprayer

    Curious to know if anyone has gone from self propelled sprayer, to trailed, and then back to self propelled and been pleased they did. This does not need to be a comparison thread discussing the merits of each. I went from a self propelled, to a 28m trailed with larger tank on a 200hp tractor...
  11. Agri J

    Telehandler legalities

    Evening all, so I was wondering, I have held a full driving licence for 4 years now and since then have used multiple telehandlers. I've driven on the road and round yards. However I do not hold a telehandler certificate. I'm a bit confused as so many people I've worked for have said you don't...
  12. CerealsEvent

    Cereals 2020 goes online

    Cereals 2020 goes online The Cereals Event is to move online for the first time ever to support the industry during the Covid-19 pandemic. Producers may not be able to physically visit the Cereals Event this year, but they won’t miss out on any of the content as all the key features will...
  13. Sid

    Go on prove it, that your an actual farmer

    Plenty drive around in 4X4s plenty have a few acres and a sheep. How would you prove if stopped you are a bonafide farmer?
  14. T

    PA 1 & 2 courses shut down?

    I need to get another employee on the course for back up. Given the circumstances, does anyone know if they are still running these courses. What happens if a sprayer operator is short on points if lock down. I want to just ignore all this rubbish and get on with the job. Has all this...
  15. J

    Coming back into work.

    After quite a long time away from being actively involved as a full time worker I was asked by a friend if I would be prepared to stand in for him in case the worst happens with this Coronovirus pandemic. Over the years I have done a fair bit of spanner work and setting up various machines for...
  16. Greythundercloudys

    Supplies, fertiliser, feed, etc,

    I wonder what this will do for supplies, l defo think in a week or 10 days you won't be allowed to move in this country, l wonder if you will be allowed to bury dead sheep etc and what about vets etc. I was told l may not get my fertiliser that's to come next month till mid May. Maybe l will...
  17. H

    R T. Visits

    This is very relevant to us and starting this thread to see a wider opinion. We have our 93 yr old at very short notice come to live with us RT want to do an inspection . To safe guard our 93 yr old FIL we have stopped visitors etc as he is deemed 'at risk' If we fail to allow the inspection...
  18. Grassman

    Glyphosate free roundup

    Saw this in costco. Didnt know roundup could be had in different active ingredients.
  19. czechmate


    The cereals that have managed to survive (quite well thankfully) the last 4 months are all pretty clean. By far the most widespread weed, and the only one worth thinking of controlling is cranesbill. I am struggling for advice over here :( What is recommended as a cost effective but effective...
  20. jh.

    No till and cover crops in Scotland

    Keep getting told it'll never work up here but I'm convinced it will be the direction we get forced down in coming years. Cover crops after harvest might not get sown until mid to late September, is this too late to get a decent stand going into winter ? Spring crops later drilled into...