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    Grain analysis and benchmarking service reveals the cost of ‘guesstimating’ crop nutrition

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine Results from YEN Nutrition shows that over 80% of crops submitted have nutritional concerns, as ADAS warns that farmers can no longer afford ‘guesstimate’ crop nutrition. With fertiliser prices remaining high, and grain prices still rising, crop...
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    Microplastics in sewage: a toxic combination that is poisoning our land | George Monbiot

    Microplastics in sewage: a toxic combination that is poisoning our land | George Monbiot Written by George Monbiot from the Guardian Policy failure and lack of enforcement have left Britain’s waterways and farmland vulnerable to ‘forever chemicals’ We have recently woken up to a disgusting...

    Media coverage of Government plans to introduce Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) bill

    Media coverage of Government plans to introduce Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) bill Written by Defra Press Office The Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) bill is to be introduced in the House of Commons today and enables researchers to more quickly develop plants that are...
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    Government introduces Genetic Technology Bill

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland Legislation in the form of the Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Bill, which aims to cut red tape and support the development of innovative tech to grow more resistant, more nutritious, and more productive crops will be introduced in Parliament...
  5. muleman

    Wet May, plenty of hay.

    Only trouble is we are wanting to get a start turning cattle out, if the fields get poached up this time of year they are ruined for summer.
  6. H

    Spring barley gross margin

    Anybody got a spring barley gross margin? Thinking of putting it in the rotation.
  7. Lallemand Animal Nut.

    Top tips for offsetting spiralling input costs by maximising the use of fibre

    Pasture to profit consultant, Piers Badnall and Lallemand technical sales support, Lientjie Colahanoutline some of the key areas which could help offset rising external costs. 1. Ways to graze grass efficiently Even with the rising cost of fertilisers, grass remains the cheapest feed source...
  8. Lallemand Animal Nut.

    New hydrolysed yeast provides a highly digestible alternative feed source which can increase performance

    Lallemand Animal Nutrition launches Yela Prosecure to the animal nutrition market. This specifically designed hydrolysed yeast is higly digestible and contains functional nutrients that support animal performance, digestive care and feed palatability while contributing to the feed protein...
  9. cb387

    Gene Edited crops coming to the uk

    Never mind that the technology must be years away but : The production of gene-edited crops is to be sped up to help guarantee British food supplies in the wake of the conflict in Ukraine. Russian blockades are preventing the export of key goods such as wheat from the country, leading to rising...
  10. MX7

    The conflict of growing crops for biomass or food.

    The looming world tight supply of cereals/ maize(corn), makes me question the growing of crops , worldwide, for biomass to feed AD facilities , versus using the same amount of ha’s to grow cereals for human /animal consumption. Worldwide I wonder how many ha’s of biomass crops are grown to feed...
  11. Phil P

    Spraying milk on crops

    Just been reading the post on Twitter from chap whom sprayed milk on some pasture to give it a boost and promote soil bacteria. Think the rate was 10L/ha (100L/ha water rate). Pictures look good compared to the next pasture that didn’t get sprayed. Has anyone tried this on arable crops? Maybe a...
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    North Yorkshire project improves river water quality

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland New wetland habitat, reduced pollution and a restored river bank are just some of the enhancements made in a three-year £230,000 project to improve water quality in a North Yorkshire River. The wide ranging ‘Wild Wiske Revival: Clean and Green’...
  13. Col555

    GCSE biology

    I haven’t got the full story but apparently the in todays GCSE biology exam, one of the questions was based around something like explain why a plant based diet was better than meat based diet. Not sure if anyone has the full story or question and obviously there won’t be photos of the question...
  14. A

    Ah, bless him…

    Isn’t the gaffer such a cuddly guy. Signs the nation up to complex deals, expecting the other side not to apply what has been agreed to by him. He of course, has no intention whatsoever to implementing what has been agreed, and so has no apparent difficulty in believing or hoping, others would...
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    Crop Doctor – All to play for

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF The Crop Doctor team go back on tour to assess disease development across the country just as T1 fungicide programmes swing into action. CPM gets an insight into how the dry April has affected disease pressure. It’s wet with dew in the mornings and...
  16. Farmdeals

    rise p & L-CBF BOOST still available on

    3 years of trial data with The Maize Growers Association. Rise P stimulates root development & quality, L-CBF Boost (by QLF Agronomy) feeds soil biology. This combination leads to better root development, improving the uptake of nutrients & water leading to increased resilience, improved...
  17. T

    How to boost direct drilled spring barley

    I’ve got a problem with some spring barley drilled with a 750 into spring wheat stubble on March 30th. The barley has no go in it, it’s all got spindly leaves and no tillers and despite an 85% establishment it still hasn’t covered between the rows after emerging about a month ago. I’m not sure...
  18. Hereford21

    Is it worth fattening store lambs on forage rape?

    Last year we harvested spring barley in a 20 acre field then moved straight to winter barley in the same field. After the winter barley harvest this year we want to rotate the barley to a different silage field and grow grass on it again, but my dad mentioned growing forage rape on this field...
  19. G

    chemical cost for spring barely?

    hi so i'm pricing out a new venture for next year and i'm wondering what is the cost of the sprays for spring barely per acre? i wouldn't be using round up as id be more then lightly crimping the barely. thank you for your help
  20. casemx 270

    Micro nutrients

    Working on the basis that a healthy crop is the best way forward I hear of people using mirco nutrients on their crops thinking mainly of wheat and osr what products do you use and can you actually see a difference between treated and non treated to justify the application ? Currently we do use...