1. H

    Spring barley gross margin

    Anybody got a spring barley gross margin? Thinking of putting it in the rotation.
  2. S

    Back to minimum tillage ?

    We have a big issue with grass weeds and it’s getting worse. We are ok if we have a big spread of crops but it simply just doesn’t pay due to poor yields of spring crops such as spring linseed, spring barley, spring beans spring wheat. We’ve also tried grass but without our own livestock we get...
  3. Jerry

    Non brassica grazing crop after spring barley

    Looking for ideas for a non brassica winter forage crop to go in after spring barley and ahead of maize next spring. Can be grazed with sheep or cattle. Light sandy free draining ground. Don’t want brassica as it was stubble turnips ahead of the spring barley. Suggestions? part of the fiend in...
  4. Bigjon44

    Too late for oskar?

    Skyfall out in ear.is it too late to tidy up a few wild oats with oskar?
  5. Jerry

    Best month for your farm?

    I always love May here. (As long as we get a drop of rain). Wheat looks good, spring barley is motoring, lambs are getting close to being fit. Hedges and trees are all fresh in leaf with plenty of colour in the hedges.
  6. ffukedfarmer

    Permanent pasture to winter barley - cover crop?

    I’ve got an unproductive field of grass that’s mainly meadow brome. The plan was to hay it this year but with it being so dry I can’t see there being anything there worth mowing. I’m still an amateur to growing cereals and a cover crop virgin so be gentle… I’m thinking: Burn off the grass in...
  7. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    How are margins looking for harvests’ 22 and 23?

    We are fast approaching harvest 22 and looking now to harvest 23 for cropping decisions, but the cost and margin picture looks very different to this time last year. UK feed wheat new crop futures (Nov-22) closed yesterday at £340.10/t. This is almost double the price from this time last year...
  8. HarryB97

    Cutting winter barley now, nutritional value?

    I have about 5 acres of winter barley that is full of blackgrass that I want to mow rather than let it seed. The barley is out in ear but no grain fill has occurred yet. What sort of nutritional value could I hope for from it? Top quality silage like grass or more gut fill?
  9. D

    AB7: Wholecrop Cereals - herbicide restrictions

    We're in a CS agreement this year forward. One of the options I reluctantly agreed to was the wholecrop option. It didn't seem that difficult to comply really but I didn't fully investigate the rules. There are only 5 active ingredients allowed with AB7. The fields we've put in as AB7 fields are...
  10. super4

    Winter oats pgr

    My Mascani winter oats are just coming into flag. They have had a total of 125kg nitrogen and .3 medax max at end tillering. We've had 25mm rain this last week and they are looking strong..Would it be to late to put another pgr on now?
  11. Bignor Farmer

    Red Tractor non conformance

    I don’t usually have too many problems with my audit but I do put in a huge amount of work in advance. Am I wasting my time? What is the consequence of lots of lots of non-critical failures? Sorry Mr Inspector I don’t have any grain temperature and moisture records this year but it all sold...
  12. H

    Whole crop Rye

    Anyone fed wholecrop Rye to cattle. What are the feed values ? Tia
  13. T

    How to boost direct drilled spring barley

    I’ve got a problem with some spring barley drilled with a 750 into spring wheat stubble on March 30th. The barley has no go in it, it’s all got spindly leaves and no tillers and despite an 85% establishment it still hasn’t covered between the rows after emerging about a month ago. I’m not sure...
  14. Farfrae

    Could you employ 174 people on 240 acres?

    Isn't it amazing what you can do with public money. No mention of what the Welsh government paid for the farm either https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-61424705
  15. le bon paysan

    Manure management

    I'm mucking out the sheds at the moment and got to thinking( dangerous I know), should I turn the muck 3or 4 times and make compost, or should I leave it as is. If fertilizer is still expensive how many tonnes per hectare. Probably have a couple hundred tonnes. Normally spread 12 to 15 tonnes...
  16. M-J-G

    Red Clover

    Who's growing it, and what are the up/down sides. I'm wondering about feeding it to young stock and restricted to sucklers along with straw. TIA
  17. W

    Feed Oats for Sale

    2.5 tons of Feed Oats to clear up. Farm Assured. Weighbridge ticket supplied. Bulk when for Milling. Nice dry, bright sample. Can deliver locally. North Shropshire.
  18. Kevtherev

    Forage Crops

    Thought I’d start a thread on what members are/have been putting in this season to fill the forage gap with rising feed costs. Brassicas Arable silage mixes Rye etc
  19. snarling bee

    My direct drill and cultivation trial 2022

    I have split a heavy clay field into 4. Direct drill, shallow cultivation, Plough and shallow discs with low disturbance to 200mm. This is the first year. 5th winter wheat, straw removed, FYM and compost applied April 2021 in previous crop. Unfortunately the grass weeds seem to have suddenly got...
  20. T

    Phew glad George has our back … not