1. MX7

    Implement tyre/bearing specs and tractor road speeds.

    Are you finding that as new tractors are capable of higher road speeds ,you are having more blowouts with implement tyres as the implement tyres are not rated for the speeds that the tractors are capable of?
  2. Agriland RSS

    Machinery Focus: Video – Kverneland sets continuous pace with round baler

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland The round baler has made a terrific impact on the farming scene over the years, playing a large part in displacing the small square baler and reinventing the silage making operation on many farms. This is despite the one major drawback of the machine...
  3. L

    No till seed drill

    I'm after some advice on buying a seed drill with a maximum 3m working width. I'll be looking to use on land with a high clay content, mainly on pastures. At most, it will have a yet to purchased disc harrow through it first. I was looking at the Massey Ferguson 130 as I think they could do the...
  4. Jsmith2211

    Spray license

    Hello all, I'm looking at digging our old sprayer out of the shed and fixing the pump then using it for spraying off grassland and round the borders of fields with roundup. It's only a 12m sprayer so can't do the arable with it. Do I need a sprayer license for that? I was thinking I could...
  5. CPM RSS

    Fertiliser spreading – Get wide, keep precise

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF New trials are highlighting how some solid fertilisers can be spread with accuracy to the wider widths usually associated with liquid fertiliser systems. CPM reports. Having spreading equipment checked and tray tested is vital at any width. By Rob...
  6. H

    Front end loader query

    We need another loader mainly for bale carting but instead of a telescopic I’m wondering about a front end loader to go onto a large frame case Puma 220hp. All it’ll do is move 1200t of straw from fields to the yard. Any pointers please as I’ve never even used one before.
  7. shakerator

    £200/t wheat ...

    Buys you less than £140/t wheat 2 years ago .... Official inflation 2.8% Discuss
  8. Rob5150

    Balers; second hand br7070 or new roll belt 150

    Morning all, I’ve currently got two offers from my local case dealer for a new round baler, the first is a second hand 2014 new Holland br7070 crop cutter with only 4000 bales, obviously it’s pretty immaculate, they’re asking 18.5k€ for it. the second is new case rb455 ( nh roll belt 150) it was...
  9. 7

    operator timeout on JD 1800 display

    Can the operator timeout alert be altered as its going off on every round at the moment ?
  10. Sid

    John deere 8RX

    Popped in to see son at work for Stuarts contracting at Exeter, driving John Deere 8RX 370 10 leg sumo Amazone fender 2200 drilling rape. Says its only one 8RX in the SW Pretty easy to drive so he even let me have a go......its still in one piece!
  11. Agriland RSS

    Case comes up with new cabs and comforts

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland Case has brought in some significant updates to its three higher powered Optum CVXDrive models which range from 273hp to 313hp. The major changes have been made to the cab and to the electronics, with more space for the operator and the fitting, as...
  12. Bald Rick

    4 more bank holidays?

    I see that Frances O’Grady, General Secretary of the TUC, has called for another bank holiday between now and Christmas and wants an additional 4 to add to the 8 England & Wales already have. Scotland have 9, N. Ireland 10 She cites the fact that the EU average is 13 Thoughts?
  13. Jackov Altraids

    Farm assurance premium

    There are plenty of threads discussing Red Tractor and it is well documented that the vast majority of farmers join through compulsion because there is no premium. When freedom foods assurance started, a couple hours extra work to show I was complying with legal requirements, was fine to earn a...
  14. B

    Post knockers…. Thoughts and opinions

    I have been pondering buying a post knocker for a couple of years. Working on my own on an all grass livestock unit I have plenty fencing to do. Looked at telehandler mounted models and was put off by the possible long term damage to the handler, and lack of weight. Have looked at basic tractor...
  15. Agriland RSS

    50 solar farms across Ireland and UK to be financed by German bank

    Written by Agriland Team from Agriland 50 solar farms across Ireland and the UK are to be financed by German bank Berenberg. Berenberg Green Energy Junior Debt Fund III has entered into an agreement with solar and storage developer, Elgin Energy, to finance late-stage development of 1.36 GWp...
  16. Farm Business RSS

    New 6 tonne wheeled excavator from Bobcat powered by fuel efficient stage V engine

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business A new Stage V compliant version of the 6 tonne E57W wheeled excavator is now available from Bobcat. The E57W is powered by a Bobcat D24 Stage V engine, providing 42.5 kW (57 HP) of power at 2400 RPM, with efficient Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) and...
  17. young-entrepreneur

    Common farm problems to solve via tech/app

    Hey!!! I am a young enterpreneur/software engineer. I am doing a research in farming, finding ideas and asking opinions from more people in the field. Which common issues/problems farmers facing and what could be useful to solve by creating/building an app or platform. It could be potentially an...
  18. L

    Cvx or active drive8

    Looking at case maxxum 150. Most time would be used for mowing with 2x10ft plain mowers, baling, carting 22ft baler trailer and 10t tipper. Dont need no fancy led’s, screens or electro spools. What are the pros and cons of both transmissions? Currently dont use any cvt transmission.
  19. Agriforce

    JD S680i Combine Header issues

    Afternoon, I am usually a Lexion Operator, but am running a 680 this season, Trying to locate the Manual for the X600 front. But thought would try here, The Wobble box is running Very Warm is this normal ?. There is what appears cold to be a very thick grease which I think it needs more of will...
  20. Jerry

    Best solution for stand in footbath?

    This year is the worst I can remember strip leading to foot issues in lambs. I’ve been running them through formalin and spraying with Terramycin but still not cleaning things up fully. They moved onto fresh ground couple weeks ago on forage rape and I hoped that would help but still got too...