1. Case290

    Batch grain dryer set up

    Building a batch grain dryer shed. I have few ideas of how it’s going to go but any ideas would be good. Portal frame building Next to the grain store 7m high 14m wide split into 3. dryer in the middle wet store one side unload the other.. drive through unload.
  2. Selectamatic

    Cage Wheels, are they really that bad?!

    Just thinking out aloud... Little David Brown and Box Seed Drill, would I see any benefit from adding a pair of cage wheels to the tractor for either winter or spring sowing? What's the good and bad things about them?!
  3. Villagefarmer

    Inter row cultivating

    Hi, Appologies if this topic has been covered. Has any had any experience of intro weeding ( mechanical type) if so what are your thoughts. I'm not an organic farmer but now im running a Mzuri i have a wider row in which to work with. Jonathan
  4. P

    MF 590 power steering oil?

    Hi Everyone, Can't believe I can't find the answer on the internet but can anyone tell me what oil is suitable for an MF590 steering system? Also what capacity is the system as may as well do an oil change at the same time. I'm trying to help a farmer friend prep it for sale. They are the...
  5. rdr123

    Opico Vari Disc Cultivator

    Looking at trading back a few bits of kit that we don't use anymore for a disc cultivator. We put in alot of grass after maize and one pass with one of these looks to do a decent job. Would also be used for working down maize ground. You can pick up a 3 metre one for around £2500, is this the...
  6. Farm Classifieds

    Opico GT 380 Grain Drier

    Opico GT 380 Grain Drier Advert added by: TJ Young Farm Machinery Machinery Details Category: Combines Harvesting Equipment - Grain drying and handling Price: £2800 Condition: Good Description OPICO GT 380 Grain Drier, 9:ton capacity, 3 Phase Electric, or Pto, Gas...
  7. Cuthbert

    Opinion vari discs

    Hi just wondered what sort of job they do, are they ok on ploughing for maize/corn prep
  8. D

    Subsoiler for flattest finish.

    Which subsoiler leaves the flattest finish? Ransome 2 leg , no. Paraplow , no. Something with a roller on the back and discs in front? I am trying to get to a no till situation but some will need subsoiling when it’s dry I the autumn. However, if it doesn’t leave it level then it’s not good.
  9. Chrisw

    Mobile grain dryer

    Looking for a 9-12t lpg fired, electric dryer, preferably with a hopper. Older is fine but needs to be in good usable condition with decent central tube and auger. Anything about?