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  1. J

    Winter forage

    Got the chance of an arable farmer to put some stubble turnips kale drilled in once fascila been topped around august time, just after thoughts regarding payment if I should pay by acre or per head I fear it may not come to much with being planted in back end just wanting to put some fertility...
  2. S

    Golden Nuggets....the 'fake meat' revolution is on its way....

    Anthony Browne MP, chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on the Environment writes in this week's Spectator, "Britain could be at the forefront of the revolution. We love animals: we are pragmatic about new technology". Further he writes "The FSA should now consider a fast - track...
  3. D

    ELMS in the real world.

    Have just been having a read of some current threads:
  4. D

    How Do I Avoid the Wet Winter Slump?

    The wet winter has really tested us this year on the heavy clay land. We have different scenarios: 1. Ploughed nicely late summer, drilled a bit late in the autumn, November. Not terrible but a low plant population in the worst areas due to drowning. What had survived looks good but it’s too...
  5. Agriland RSS

    NIAB Soil Hole to be demonstrated at Cereals

    Written by William Kellett Most farmers will dig a hole to assess their soil health, but it’s not often they get the chance to literally get below ground to assess the impact of different crops on soil structure. However, at this year’s Cereals Event (June 30 – July 1) in Lincolnshire, farmers...
  6. Agriland RSS

    ‘Guardians of the Welsh Land’ campaign to highlight positive impact of farming on the environment

    Written by William Kellett The Farmers Union of Wales (FUW) has said that the increasingly negative narrative around livestock farming and its portrayed impact on the environment and climate change has led to farmers in Wales standing up to tell their stories, and highlight the positive impact...
  7. Agriland RSS

    ‘Per plant farming’ with Tom, Dick and Harry

    Written by Justin Roberts ‘Per plant farming’ is the rationale that underlines the creation and ongoing development of the Small Robot Company based near Salisbury in the UK. Rather than look at a tractor and work out how to automate it, the company has started with the question of how...
  8. T

    Retirement Options

    Due to minor ill health and couple other issues i'm considering the future. 200+ acre upland farm, 30 cows 5-600 ewes I'm early 50s, couple years left on mortgage One child flown the nest and doing their own thing I have interests outside farming and could be a chance to visit friends and see...
  9. Ffermer Bach

    Vegetarian Eats Meat - Great Daily Telegraph Article

    ‘I gave up being a vegetarian and started eating meat again – to save the planet’ When food writer Clare Finney looked into the environmental impact of the meat industry, the findings challenged all of her preconceptions ByClare Finney25 May 2021 • 5:00am Clare Finney had turned her back on...
  10. Bossfarmer

    All grass with straw for muck deals OR all cereals!

    The direction of travel with farm support in the uk seems clear it seems i was right about brexit, that said what is now the way forward on mixed farms? no support leaves a big cut in net profit, whether your still making anything or not depends on prices either way nobody wants to make less...
  11. beardface

    The future of arable farming

    I've been thinking lately about the debate around food production and how arable farming seems to escape the negativity at the moment. Are large monocultures grown intensively on the best acres the answer to sustainable food production? I don't think so. The reality is that an allotment...
  12. Direct Driller Magazine

    Putting Covers into Context

    Cover and catch cropping may work well for many managing lighter and erosion-prone soils but for those on heavier and more difficult ground they remain very far from the answer to any sort of maiden’s prayer The right covers managed in the right way can help structure even the most challenging...
  13. Direct Driller Magazine

    New Analysis aims to Unlock Soil Health

    Written by Dan Robinson from Eurofins We have created new soil tests that will help farmers and agronomists understand their soil in a more detailed way than ever before. The tests have been launched in the UK and Ireland to provide chemical, physical, and biological insight, offering farmers...
  14. Bald Rick

    U.K. dairying and “Climate Change”

    “Meat and dairy consumption must fall if Britain is to meet its 2050 net zero target” No doubt we will see strenuous attempts to achieve this perhaps even by legislation. So the question is: How are you, as dairy farmers in the front line, going to react? What do you think will be coming...
  15. Andrew B

    Soil carbon is a highly flawed climate policy ?

    These two articles by By David Pannell ( from Australia) has certainly made me think The comments section is worth reading too as I believe these policies are going to...
  16. D

    Black grass 2021

    Up until now we have not had a problem with black grass. But one field seems to have got away on us. It’s first wheat after osr and would expect it yield about 10t/ha. There is not enough grass to effect the yield but too much to pull by hand. The area is about 12ac which would be about 4% of...
  17. onesiedale

    Maybe ploughing is the answer?

    :unsure: According to the Irish experts, 16" deep too!:eek:
  18. Defra Farming

    In conversation with a soil health pioneer

    In conversation with a soil health pioneer Written by Janet Hughes In this month's Future Farming podcast, Janet Hughes talks to Gabe Brown. Gabe has been named one of the...
  19. Princess Pooper

    Importing sewage or similar 'fertiliser'

    Cautionary tale... suspect this is a big legal case.
  20. C

    Climate change issues: Is vertical farming the answer?

    Climate change is a pressing challenge to current and future food production. To continue to feed a growing population, it is clear that food production methods will have to adapt to become more resilient. I am studying for my MRes in Urban Agriculture at Harper Adams University. I am keenly...