1. TFF

    Rodale Institute Launches Online Course for Regenerative Organic Consumers

    Rodale Institute Launches Online Course for Regenerative Organic Consumers On-demand, free course serves as an introduction to regenerative organic food, farming, and impact Rodale Institute, the global leader of regenerative organic agriculture, has launched “Being a Regenerative Consumer,” a...
  2. Chasingmytail

    Organic just not paying

    Im struggling to find any organic groups on FB/net. Wondering if there is anything where you can have a chat/moan? With the hike in organic feeds for the inlamb ewes, lick bucket costs etc. Not getting the return on the stock. Lambs go as conventional (only a small flock left) and 35 suckler...
  3. F

    30% Increase in CS Payments

    George Useless (aka Eustace) made the statement at the OFC that CS Payments were to increase by 30%. Now any increases are always appreciated but I thought I would look more closely at this and discovered that our payments will increase in 2022 by around 23%. Now this will be 9 years from when...
  4. Chasingmytail

    value of weaned organic angus calves

    To make a profit on the calves sold at 9 months old. What value do you put on an average steers and heifers? beef cross angus sire named. grass fed. Sold privately not through mart. Avail end of Feb. Havent weighed them yet. Seen a few on Breedr but some are extremely low in price. Got...
  5. S

    Lambing experience wanted

    Hi, Is there anyone local to South Staffordshire who would be happy for me to join them and get some lambing experience? I don't have any experience currently, but I am looking to learn as much about sheep farming as possible. Even if it's just a few hours one weekend I would be extremely...
  6. topground

    SFI and Farm Assurance ‘Earned recognition’

    This extract lifted from an email received yesterday. I understood from Janet Hughes posts that there was no plan to link SFI with farm assurance. If I am correct then either Janet Hughes speak with forked tongue or there are parts of her team publishing stuff with contrary information. What do...
  7. Extreme Optimist

    German Meat Policy

    Some interesting thoughts on meat production in Germany.
  8. Bogweevil

    Beet neonics back Defra has today approved an emergency temporary authorisation for the use of a neonicotinoid pesticide treatment on the 2022 sugar beet crop in England only due to...
  9. Rowland

    California to ban small engines

    Californias government wants to ban small engines - lawnmowers chain saws etc - Forward thinking or not ? Few articles about it
  10. Lofty1984

    Tofoo advert wtf

    Feel free to move this to off topic but thought I’d put it here. 1) am I just being an old fashioned fart but what the hell is the thinking behind the drag act why is it being forced onto our youngsters I saw the ad on afternoon tv on channel 4 in amounts to a child’s tv programme? Seems like...
  11. O

    Can anyone advise on renting arable land?

    Good evening all, I'm a keen vegetable gardener who is hoping to rent 1/4 to 1/2 an acre within 35 minutes of Birmingham for growing heirloom: tomatoes, chilli's, and vegetables. Land in Birmingham seems to be rare/expensive (an acre of scrubland was offered me for £6.5k a month yesterday) at...
  12. M

    OLMC are there any members on here?

    Just looking to see if their are many members on TFF and seeing how people get on with the co-op. Looking to start finnishing this summer our first big mob will be ready at 24/26 months. any feedback would be very welcome.
  13. Agrovista News

    Innovation Range - Phosphorus Liberator

    Innovation Range - Phosphorus Liberator A soil-applied product that dissolves existing phosphorus locked up in the soil, making it available to plants and improving soil health. How it works Phosphorus Liberator contains carboxylic acid salt – an organic compound with the ability to break down...
  14. TFF

    What Is Regenerative Agriculture?

    What Is Regenerative Agriculture? A Review of Scholar and Practitioner Definitions Based on Processes and Outcomes Authors: Peter Newton, Nicole Civita, Lee Frankel-Goldwater, Katharine Bartel and Colleen Johns Regenerative agriculture is an alternative means of producing food that, its...
  15. Mark Hatton

    YAMS 2022

    “Yorkshire’s biggest agricultural machinery show is all set to go ahead with organisers reporting a surge of tradestand bookings as further coronavirus restrictions look unlikely to happen. The Yorkshire Agricultural Machinery Show (YAMS) which is due to take place at York Auction Centre on...
  16. S

    Is spreading slurry allowed now??

    Yesterday there was a strong smell of slurry spreading, I thought it was not allowed this time of year because of new regulations
  17. Laggard

    Sulphur fungicides

    Used Thiopron on sugar beet last year with good results. Anybody use it on cereals? Vertipin been used in Europe and has approval here this year, anybody had any experience of it? Could we use these sulphur products instead of multisite fungicides like Folpet?
  18. Aspiring Peasants

    Grass vs cake

    Talking sheep here. It's been a largely accepted doctrine that grass is good and cake is bad. I've always thought this is over simplistic because the cost of grass should include rent field maintenance etc. However ignoring that, with fertilizer at £700 to £800 per ton the cost of producing...
  19. TFF

    Root Exudation of Primary Metabolites

    Root Exudation of Primary Metabolites: Mechanisms and Their Roles in Plant Responses to Environmental Stimuli Authors: Alberto Canarini, Christina Kaiser, Andrew Merchant, Andreas Richter and Wolfgang Wanek Root exudation is an important process determining plant interactions with the soil...
  20. Agriland RSS

    Temporary emergency pesticide authorisation approved to protect sugar beet

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland Defra has approved an emergency temporary authorisation for the use of a neonicotinoid pesticide treatment on the 2022 sugar beet crop due to the risk to the crop from yellows viruses. Emerging sugar beet seedlings are vulnerable to predation by aphids...