1. Ducati899

    Deceiving the consumer

    Bought what we presumed was 100% British (Somerset) Gammon steaks today from a local shop..... but it would seem not once we spotted a label underneath the top one,which although blurry says “midland meat company made using EU&British pork”
  2. teslacoils

    Fym or Digestate?

    This autumn I will be starting to rotate the grass on the farm. My nvz / organic manure year is 1st sept to 1st sept. If you were ploughing / cultivating out a grass ley, and had the option of 40t/ha fym ahead of the plough and bagged fert in spring, or Digestate and a bit of urea in the...
  3. M

    University Project

    Hi everyone 👋 I am completing my university project and am investigating the impact of agricultural land management practices on bumblebee populations in rural areas of the UK. If you are a farmer or land owner, please could spare 5 minutes to complete my survey of 14 short questions I would...
  4. W

    Flea beetle again !!

    Anybody else finding flea beetle larvae in the growing point of the plants . I thought there was less pressure this year but can find them easily .
  5. M

    What’s the point in straw merchants?

    Discuss that? We are occasional straw sellers depending on price. If we can achieve £70/t and over we will bale and sell. If it’s less we chop it. Normally we’d sell to a merchant for ease. However this year we’ve sold direct to end users mainly because they are coming direct to us. They’ve...
  6. CPM RSS

    Fertiliser advice – Keep the faith

    Written by cpm Good oilseed rape establishment and a strong market could mean things are looking up for growers who kept their faith in the crop. CPM gets advice on matching fertiliser inputs to crop potential this spring. It’s always easier to manage a big crop backwards. By Rob Jones and Lucy...
  7. G

    Letter to Agricultural Industries Confederation about UK produced cereals

    This email has gone to Simon Williams AIC Technical Manageer for FEMAS, FIAS and UFAS assurance schemes. Mr Williams has acknowledged the email and says AIC will consider its contents and respond in due course. Dear Mr Williams, I am writing on behalf of a group of UK cereal farmers. We have...
  8. Farm Business RSS

    The year ahead: AHDB gives farming forecasts for 2021

    Written by Iain Hoey AHDB has launched its biannual forecast of UK production, consumption and trade across livestock and arable sectors, putting Covid, Brexit and the the pervasive influence of China on global commodities markets under the microscope to determine their impact for the year...