1. Pasty

    Small Ragwort

    I've just noticed some small plants, about primrose size that look like ragwort in a wooded part of the farm near a stream. Not the tall stemmy jobs you would expect but fully in flower. Is there a kind of junior version? I'll keep an eye on it over the year. So far off limits from animals.
  2. Loadabullocks

    Weaning Cade Lambs

    When and how? Any tips or tricks? thanks

    Effluent run off

    Can anyone tell me what the crack is with effluent run off into a water course please? How much of a problem is it?
  4. kfpben

    Lamb skinning success rate

    I reckon my lamb skinning adoption success rate is about 20%. I spend a bit of time and effort making a nice wee jacket for a young orphan lamb only for the ewe to start battering it after a few minutes. Wet fostering is more like 90% success rate. Any tips to improve?
  5. Agriland RSS

    Great British Beef Week is ‘going green’ for its 11th year

    Written by William Kellett British beef farmers are to receive industry-wide recognition at the end of April, with their support for sustainable production practices being the focal point of Great British Beef Week 2021. The campaign is to take place between April 23 and April 30, with...
  6. JP1

    Kennel Club spokesman says farmers should help stop sheep worrying by making gaps in fences and gates secure .........

    Heard this chap sympathising with farmers but saying we can help ourselves by "securing gaps in gates and fences" to help prevent sheep worrying ; played once in the week on the radio and again on BBC Farming Today Surely if the gates and gaps were not secure the lambs would get out the other...
  7. Farmer Fin

    Small scale sheep electric fence advice

    The wife decided it would be a good idea to get some bottle lambs for the kids and now I need some sort of fence to keep them in. We are all arable here and don’t do livestock fences. We have some grass for horse paddocks and the plan was to graze them after the horses. Each paddock is about 50m...
  8. toquark

    Shelter and rotational grazing

    I’m about to launch a small rotational grazing trial this year. Everything's set up and ready to roll, the only concern I have is the lack of shelter in some of the paddocks. The field is relatively flat and uniform (why it was chosen). Wouldn’t be an issue on days like today but when it’s 2...
  9. Thefarmingpilot

    How much HP do you really need?

    So, today my neighbour took deliver of a new Fendt 1050, and keen to show it off he brought it over for me to have a look. That got me thinking, what benefits does having 500bhp have? My 8330 is tuned up to 350bhp, pulls my 8m Mounted Tine drill comfortably along with my Vaderstad Tempo R. No...
  10. Agriland RSS

    Beef Focus: Sticking with traditional suckler breeding in Co. Cavan

    Written by Agriland Team When you walk into the suckler housing belonging to Brian Brady from Co. Cavan, there are no signs of your typical commercial Limousin, Simmental or Charolais cow. Instead, the shed houses good traditionally-bred Angus cross cows with a mixture of Shorthorn breeding...
  11. C

    Rotational grazing

    Sorry I know this has been covered many times but cant seem to find the answer to my question so was wondering if anyone could help Got about 100 ewes with lambs and about 10 dry heifer that run stock set on roughly 37 acres old permanent pasture. Could easily divide up it to 8 paddocks with...
  12. GoodEgg

    Can farms become sheep sick?

    -03-21 06:41 PM Can farms become Sheep Sick?
  13. T

    Keeping Ewe costings

    Hello. Would anyone be willing to share there true costings for keeping a ewe for a year? We are considering putting on a ewe flock and are just working through numbers at the moment to see if it’s a viable enterprise. We are thinking - 500 Blackface ewes/blueface leister rams Lambing...
  14. R

    New reseed - what would you use?

    Morning We have a North facing steepish bank to reseed end of spring, coming out of swedes. Will not be silageable so solely a grazing ley. Has been down to poor pp for a long time and grazed with sheep. So, potential is unknown but I imagine it will be slow to get going in Spring. What mix...
  15. Farmer Roy

    Tenant or landowner ?

    Hey As an Australian, it’s something that I’m not that familiar with & probably don’t have a good grasp on, but reading TFF it seems that a lot of farm businesses operate on leased / rented land ( owned by the Duke of Westminster, or the C of E or some other massive aristocratic landowner )...
  16. Becs

    Renting out a field for dog exercising......

    Having just finished indoor lambing alone and realising I’m getting too old/decrepit to carry on much longer, but needing another income to take over, I’m considering renting out a deer-fenced secure field by the hour to local dog walkers. If I graze a few sheep on it in between dogs, in order...
  17. H

    Fibreglass Electric Temporary Electric Fence Posts

    I have been paddock grazing yearling cattle for a few years now. I just us a single polywire, and white plastic posts. I was wondering about trying some fibreglass posts with the metal clips, what are peoples opinion on them? do they last longer before becoming brittle/ faded. Do they snap...
  18. Somerset Farmer

    Comfortable wellies

    I have developed sore painful heels when working in wellies . At the moment I wear 'nora' boots and find them very durable ,but they have now become uncomfortable to wear despite using inserts, as there is no softness in the sole or heels. Has anyone any recommendation for a comfortable pair of...
  19. paul&mandy

    Sheep keep

    Hi, I have lots of farms we winter sheep on, do a licence on and off and pay for the keep. Simples. I also have some small places I feel we do the more of a service instead of them mowing it in the summer, all very local no money changes hands but I run the hedger round anything and keep the...
  20. S

    Paddock land to residential. Is it possible?

    Hi everyone! I am thinking of buying a paddock land and applying for change of use to residential. I was wondering is this possible? The land is not in Green Belt, it's located in a residential area in East Midlands, it is accessed from the road that is surrounded by residential properties. If...